A Thanksgiving wallpaper can be a fun and graphical way to give a jump and pump to your Thanksgiving preparations. Whether you are looking for something funny, beautiful, gracious, yummy or just plain cute, we have today compiled a list of 10 best Thanksgiving wallpapers that will give all your screens and home a festive upgrade.

1. Apple Harvest Pie by WallpaperStock

apple harvest pie by wallpaperstock

This mouth-watering Thanksgiving wallpaper shows an apple pie and apples ready to be eaten after the turkey. The wallpaper with its taste titillating visual presence is definitely one of the savoury picks to download for your device. This free Thanksgiving wallpaper is available in lots of different sizes including normal, widescreen or HD monitor.

2. Pumpkin Centrepiece by Blue Mountain

pumpkin centrepiece by blue mountain

This beautiful wallpaper features mini pumpkin as the centrepiece. You can download the wallpaper in 800×600, 1025×768, 1280×1024 and 1600×1200 sizes after you have registered with Blue Mountain.

3. Smiley Pumpkin Pie by Blue Mountain

smiley pumpkin pie by blue mountain

We know you would agree that nothing can reflect and say ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ better than this little pumpkin pie. With the pie grinning back at you, the wallpaper can also act as a great conversation starter. The wallpaper can be downloaded in varied sizes after registering with Blue Mountain.

4. Turkey Wallpaper

turkey wallpaper

If you can’t wait to gobble down the best (edible) part of Thanksgiving, then this beautifully roasted Thanksgiving turkey will definitely keep you satisfied and lusting for more at the same time. Download the wallpaper and let your device serve you the dinner in advance.

5. Thankful Wallpaper

thankful wallpaper

With a subtle and meaningful visual, the wallpaper takes a u-turn to the core purpose of the holiday that is being thankful for everything in your life. The striking combination of colours and carefully picked elements make the wallpaper a comprehensive choice for the grand dinner.

6. Thanksgiving Pumpkins by DesktopNexus

thanksgiving pumpkins by desktopnexus

Vibrant and impressive few colourful pumpkins, acorns and fall leaves adorn the centrepiece of the table in this Thanksgiving wallpaper. The wallpaper along with being radiant can be automatically sized to your background preference.

7. The First Thanksgiving by WallpaperStock

the first thanksgiving by wallpaperstock

The wallpaper features a painting of the first Thanksgiving, where the pilgrims and Native Americans shared their first meal together. The free wallpaper can be downloaded in HD resolutions for the computer, tablet, mobile phone or social media cover photos.

8. Patterned Thanksgiving Wallpaper

patterned thanksgiving wallpaper

This patterned Thanksgiving wallpaper is the best fit if you are looking for something sleek and modern. The Fall inspired colour and elegant typography will help to bring a subtly themed upgrade.

9. Thanksgiving Dinner Wallpaper

thanksgiving dinner wallpaper

This delicious Thanksgiving cookie wallpaper couldn’t get any cuter. In the sweet and soft shape of chubby turkey, the cookies wallpaper will definitely inspire you to bake your personal set for the dinner.

10. Thanksgiving Day by WallpaperStock

thanksgiving day by wallpaperstock

Slightly vintage in its appeal, the wallpaper features a collection of gourds and Indian corn decorating the farm table in this Thanksgiving wallpapers. Download and bring a timeless touch to your screen.

Download the most preferred and enjoy your Thanksgiving from all the screens and sources.

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