Over the past two weeks, the entire globe was exposed to adrenaline pumping finals and heartbreaking losses. The motivating and promising sportsmanship along with the best talent in varied sports was exhibited in the leading international sporting event, Olympics, from August 5 to 21 in Rio. Along with the love for the sports, some photographers captured the vast essence of the games and preserved it in these 10 iconic photographs from the games. Look below for the photographs that captured more than just the movement of the sport.

1. Bolt Out of Smile


World’s fastest man, Usain Bolt showed his ease and comfort in the game while he sped fast in the 100m semi-final on August 14 pacing way ahead of his competitors. What was iconic was that during his effortless run he gave a quick smiling glance towards the camera. It is no doubt that this sweet and cheerful moment became viral across the internet in no time.

2. Cultural Diversity in Rio

Another iconic photograph that went viral was of beach volleyball. The striking comparison made between the uniforms worn by the Egyptian team versus their competitors. One team covered in hijab, leggings and long sleeves and the other in the two piece uniform reflected the cultural diversity that the Games always manage to bring out.


3. Sportsmanship in Rio

Photographers were able to capture the moment of true sportsmanship between New Zealand’s Nikki Hamblin and USA’s Abbey D’Agostino. When D’Agostino tripped and suffered a cramp during the women’s 5000-metre heat, Hamblin stopped running to help her up. In the former segment of the same race, D’Agostino was helping Hamblin up after they tripped over each other. Praised for their spirit, both the players were granted a position in the 5000 m final on August 19.

sportsmanship in rio


4. North and South Korea Selfie

Capturing the friendly essence, the photo caught two gymnasts from South and North Korea coming together to take a selfie. The incident virtually moved the internet with the true sportsmanship.

north korean olympic athletes

5. Majulah Singapura

The photograph is not just extra special for Singaporeans as Joseph Schooling from Singapore steps on to the podium after winning the first gold for the country in the men’s 100 m butterfly on Aug 12. But the moment was extra special with three of the world’s best butterfly swimmers tieing for second place. This was the first time ever in Olympics and swimming that there was a three-way tie for second place.


6. The Successful and All Laps Completion

19-year-old Katie Ledecky brought all the more glory to the team USA in the pool by completing the 400m freestyle way ahead of her competitors. Her finish time of 3min 56.46 sec broke the previous world record. She is the third female American female swimmer to win all the four golds in a single Olympics including winning 200m freestyle, 400m freestyle and 4x200m free relay.


7. The Iconic Dive

Bahaman’s Shaunae Miller won the women’s 400m gold with a dramatic dive that helped her reach out the finish line just 0.07 ahead of the USA’s Allyson Felix who got the silver. The rules of the game state that the runner has won the race even when any part of his torso touches the finishing line.


8. This is for Home

Judoka Rafaela Silva won Brazil’s first gold medal of the Rio 2016 Olympics in the women’s -57kg category on Aug 8. The player’s training had begun at Instituto Reacao, a non-profit organisation in Rio’s Jacarepagua neighbourhood that promotes social and human development through its chosen sport of judo.


9. Charm of Rio

The scenic and ever beautiful view of the city is captured through this glowing sunset, silencing all the threats that were circulated to threaten the sanctity of the games.


10. Beauty in Fencing

Photographer captures the action-packed beauty in fencing from the sidelines.


Hope reviewing these iconic moments reinstated the memory of the games along with its true energetic spirit and universal nature.

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