As important and creative it is to design your own trends, it is always beneficial to keep up to date with the recent developments. And, this marks true in all the creative fields, especially photography, to be more precise, wedding photography. Having an idea of the upcoming or current trends will help you click the perfect moment in the ideal setting making the final result timeless and special. We have today collected and listed the top 9 trends that will definitely be big in the coming year.

1. Authentic and Real Moments

authentic and real moments

It is time to move over the classic ‘posed’ pictures and make way for the real and authentic moments. Be it a family photo, wedding, or any other gathering you are going to photograph, keep the real in and the reel out.

2. Black and White Pictures

black and white pictures

Earlier black and white photography was just preserved for artistic shots, now the trend has begun to change with black and white photography becoming more mainstream. Complete black of white photo shoots for family pictures and weddings might just bring a classic turnaround to the wedding album.

3. Flash Photography

flash photography

Flash photography done with some hard shadows is becoming one of the very popular ways to photograph the late night events. Bringing that extra edge, flash along with multiple light sources has made its way to the weddings.

4. Drone Footage

drone footage

The coming year will see a big use of drone footage in the weddings. The drone allows you to capture moments, people and places all in one go which would otherwise be very difficult from the ground. The drone shots also help to accentuate and enhance the creativity of the conventional photographs.

5. Unusual Cake and Locations


unusual cake and locations

The current trend reflects the rise of unconventional cakes and locations. A creative location helps to build the composition and in turn, create interesting photographs and videos of the wedding. Don’t ever overlook the importance of the environment and its correlation with the subject.

6. Vintage Post Production Edits

vintage post production edits

One of the most popular trends in wedding photography today is to enhance colors, add faded washes and highlight certain tones with post-production edits. The photographers with the help of editing can help to give the photos a vintage feel with de-emphasizing certain colors and adding the required texture and grainy effects. This will help to transform the look into a more classic ambiance.

7. Classic Film

classic film

We know it is a digital era, but film photography can provide a distinct flavour and character to the special day. Although digital photography and videography might be very convenient and fast but the beauty of the day can sometimes be lost in the polished luster of technology. If you like the look of vintage or are planning to have vintage themed wedding, classic film photography is the best way to add depth to the photographs.

8. Smoke Bombs

smoke bombs

Looking for ways to create an impressive wedding photo? You can do it with the help of smoke bombs. If you want to have this as the exit photo, make sure the backlighting is appropriate for the colours to shine through.

9. Wedding Hashtags

wedding hashtags

Of course, social media plays a significant role in the big day of bride and groom. Therefore, create your own wedding hashtags for the funniest, sweetest and interesting events and compile them together in one digital place. Choose a unique and special #hashtag, otherwise, there is a good chance yours will get lost in the endless stretch of posts.

Embrace the trends and make your special day count and capture.

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