There are different types of photography that it can be difficult to understand which of photography you would like to try, or which type of photography would be ideal for the image that you have in your head. This list has put together the many different styles of photography in order to help you find the best niche for your image so that you can create the project you have been designing.

Nature Photography

Nature photography is a particular style of photography that focuses on animals or beautiful natural spaces.

Black and White Nature Photography

black and white nature photography

Vintage Nature Photography

vintage nature photography

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography focuses on the product that it is trying to sell to the consumer, and usually has a clever or interesting spin on the product.

Food Advertising Photography

food advertising photography 1

Still Life Photography

Still life is a style of photography that looks at real life objects that have no life or movement, usually flowers or fruits, and creates a beautiful picture out of the everyday scenes.

Still Life Flowers Photography

still life flowers photography

Music Still Life Photography

music still life photography

Funny Still Life Photography

funny still life photography

Infrared Photography

Infrared photography focuses on the negative and positive heat sources within a picture in order to give it a higher resolution and a better texture.

Black and White Infrared Photography

black and white infrared photography

Digital Infrared Photography

digital infrared photography

Infrared Night Photography

infrared night photography

Spring photography

Spring photography focuses on the elements of spring that we hold in our memories, such as blossoming flowers and leaves budding on the trees. This image, in particular, is a high-resolution close-up of cherry blossoms, which is one of the first flowers to bud in spring.

Spring Flower Photography

spring flower photography

Vintage Spring Photography

vintage spring photography

Smoke Photography

Smoke photography uses smoke and steam in order to create a clever and dramatic effect within a photograph.

Colored Smoke Photography

colored smoke photography

Smoke Bomb Photography

smoke bomb photography

Grunge Photography

Grunge photography is a very urban style of photography that looks at urban decay and distressed images. This image looks at an overgrown sign with a harrowing message it give a dramatic effect.

Vintage Grunge Photography

vintage grunge photography

Grunge Fashion Photography

grunge fashion photography

Soft Grunge Photography

soft grunge photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography focuses people and personalities. They capture the personality of a person or a group of people.

Family Portrait Photography

family portrait photography

Black and White Portrait Photography

black and white portrait photography

Environmental Portrait Photography

environmental portrait photography

Kids Photography

Kids photography is a great way to capture the precious memories of your child when they are young.

Kids Sports Photography

kids sports photography

Kids Beach Photography

kids beach photography

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography looks at natural and beautiful landscapes in order to create a wonderfully eye catching photo.

Night Landscape Photography

night landscape photography

Urban Landscape Photography

urban landscape photography

City Landscape Photography

city landscape photography

Pet Photography

Pet photography is a field of photography that focuses on pets and animals that we know and love so that we can cherish out furry friends for years to come.

Underwater Pet Photography

underwater pet photography

Professional Pet Photography

professional pet photography

Pet Portrait Photography

pet portrait photography

Beach Photography

Beach photography is the photography of beaches and ocean images to create a summery feel to the image.

Beach Wedding Photography

beach wedding photography

Vintage Beach Photography

vintage beach photography

Water Photography

Water photography plays with the effects and illusions of water and water droplets in order to create these beautiful and striking images.

Water Splash Photography

water splash photography

Water Droplet Photography

water droplet photography

Blue Water Photography

blue water photography

Flower Photography

Flower photography focuses on floral plants, and can sometimes be made up of a close up image of some of these floral plants.

Lotus Flower Photography

lotus flower photography

Vintage Flower Photography

vintage flower photography

Lily Flower Photography

lily flower photography

Sunset Photography

Sunset photography is taken at the time of day when the sun is setting and the sky is full of colours.

Beach Sunset Photography

beach sunset photography

Sunset Photography

sunset photography

Food Photography

Food photography is focused on food, and is usually used in advertising or recipe books in order to give an idea of what the food should look like and entice customers.

Fast Food Photography

fast food photography

Street Fashion Photography

street fashion photography

Night Street Photography

night street photography

City Street Photography

city street photography

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography focuses on the every day lives of normal people, creating funny and beautiful pictures.

Lifestyle Product Photography

lifestyle product photography

Family Lifestyle Photography

family lifestyle photography

Travel Photography

Travel photography consists of images that are seen around the word and are not typical to your home country.

Black and White Travel Photography

black and white travel photography

Dance Photography

Dance photography is a live action photo of dancers as they perform.

Hip Hop Dance Photography

hip hop dance photography

Underwater Dance Photography

underwater dance photography

Street Dance Photography

street dance photography

We are confident that this list has all that you need to create the perfect photography project, portfolio, or simply the perfect photograph to use as a wall hanging.

Why is photography important?

Photography is important because it shows us different parts of the world and the beauty that we live around but do not appreciate every day. Photography is useful for wall decorations, keeping memories, and developing advertising and projects so that we can communicate with others around us through image rather than language. It also serves as a valuable hobby and career for many of those who have the skills of a professional photographer.

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