In contemporary photography, taking pictures of the streets can give you the most incredible examples of life. In chance encounters, the photographers choose the right light angle and snaps away beautiful designs that can be used in many projects. The designs might range in style, color and theme however the main subject of their content focuses on human life. So without further ado, here is a collection of street photography ideas to get your imagination going.

Black and White Street Photography

black and white street photography

This black and white photography has the most charming look with strong vibes to accentuate your projects. This photography is available in twelve different sizes to choose from and comes in jpg format giving you easy use as a background.

Night Street Photography

night street photography2

In case you are interested in graphic streets then this photography of Florence’s street at night will give you exactly what you need. The lights add a charming effect creating a stylish design that is available in jpg format file.

Street Fashion Photography

street fashion photography

You can get this design to use for personal and commercial use. It is a gorgeous photography with a main focus on the woman standing in the center while the background fades artistically. It is available in jpg format file.

Urban Street Photography

urban street photography

This design has a strong sense of the urban life theme. The street nut seller has the main focus here depicting the true life on the streets. You can find it in six different designs with 72 and 300 dpi.

Travel Street Photography

travel street photography

This design is depicting a day of the life in India during afternoon hours. The animals as well as the carriage add a traditional touch to a classic setting in the city. It is available in many sizes for editorial use.

Street Wedding Photography

street wedding photography

Wedding photography incorporates various themes and one of them is street photography. This beautiful black and white design of wedding photography is available in eleven sizes to choose from and to use in various projects like web sites and blogs.

Street Food Photography

street food photography

In case your focus is on the food then this street food photography will give you incredible use. It is available in two resolution categories of 72 and 300 dpi with jpg format files to choose for your food projects.

Street Light Photography

street light photography

If you want an abstract look then you should consider photography like this one. The lights on this design have a stylish lack of focus giving you a fashionable addition for projects like brochures, posters, web sites and greeting cards. You may also see Night Photography

Vintage Street Photography

vintage street photography

This vintage photography is sure to make you fall in love with old European towns. The colors play a great role in the way the street is represented to you binding together the graphic architecture in six jpg format files.

Street Portrait Photography

street portrait photography

This street photography’s main focus is on a woman. This can allow you to use in a wide choice of projects like posters, brochures and web sites. It comes in nine different sizes to choose the one that fits your needs.

High Line Street Photography

high line street photography

Street Rain Photography

street rain photography

City Street Photography

city street photography1

Monochrome Street Photography

monochrome street photography

Colorful Street Rain Photography

colorful street rain photography

Modern Street Photography

modern street photography

London Street Photography

london street photography

Small Street Photography

small street photography

City Night Street Photography

city night street photography

Fountain Street Photography

fountain street photography

With a style that ranges from urban to vintage photography you can find a vast selection for many designs. You can choose the right one based on the style alone, or you can go for photography with certain subjects or focuses to add a different feeling to your work designs.

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