Among the first things that come to the mind when you think of a bull is raw strength and aggression. They are imposing creatures too, one that makes for a solid presence. All of these qualities make the bull the preferred subject of a logo for any company that would like to maintain a dominating stance over its rivals or to project power. Further, when it comes to the various ways the bull is depicted, it’s the creature’s ready-to-charge stance that perhaps gets projected more than anything else in a logo. The bull’s head with the formidable horns too can be a nice theme for bull logo designs.

Stunning Bull Logo Design

stunning bull logo designs

Amazing Animal Logo Design

amazing animal logo design

Bull City Logo

bull city logo

Among the companies that have successfully implemented the bull logo design is Lamborghini that is well known for its range of super cars. Taking things further is the twin bull depicted in the Red Bull logo that promotes energy drinks.

Mechanical Bulls Logo Design

round shape bull logo

Bull Energy Logo Design

business advertiosing bull logo illistration

Chicago Bulls Logo Design

3d bull logo design

Bull Logo Design for Management Company

bull logo design for management company

Bulls can be a favoured theme for use in the sports arena as well. Among the more prominent is the Chicago Bulls that represent an American professional basketball team based in Chicago.

Awesome Logo Design for Restaurant

flat advertising bull logo

Bull Logo Design For Inspiration

pack of sports bull logo design

Fighting Logo Design

vintage bull logo design

Bradford Bulls Logo

sports league symbol bull logo design

Amazing Bulls Logo Design

cool set of baseball bull logo

 Awesome Sports Bull Logo

amesome sports bull logo

Red Bull Logo Design

best sports bull logo design

Cool Bull Logo Design For Gym

cool bull logo design for gym

Bullox Logo Design

strong bull logo design

 Bull Logo for T Shirts

bull logo design for t shirts

Bull Studio Logo Design

solid bull studio logo design

Sea Bull Logo

stylized water with anchor shape bull logo illistration

Creative Bull Face Logo

creative bull face logo

Gold Bull Logo Design

gold bull logo design

Bull Horns Logo Design

bull horns logo illistration

These apart, bulls can be associated with companies as diverse as the dairy or culinary business as well. This has led to the adoption of the bull logo by several restaurants and food chains. Among the more prominent restaurant chains to implement the bull logo is the Black Bull Steakhouse.

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