No Man Is An Island“, a saying that we keep hearing over and over again, especially during those times when we tend to claim all responsibilities to ourselves without thinking that we can always ask others to help us out. This saying also reminds us of the importance of teamwork, which is the fundamental aspect of many things that involve people and tasks. There is teamwork in school when pupils are being grouped together to accomplish a specific project, there is also teamwork in sports wherein the members help each other in order to win the game. Teamwork is also to employees since it is very important for them to coordinate with each other to achieve a common goal.

Below are some wonderfully created team logo designs that you will very likely find interesting. Some of these logo designs have been made to specifically represent something (e.g. company, sport), and some are also generic and can be used as a logo for anything. Whether you want your logo to be printed on a document, a business card, on the packaging of your product, or even on an apparel, we guarantee that the logos below are so well made, that they will look visually stunning on any medium. So, if you are already familiar with the elements of a great logo, scroll down below to see the designs yourself.

Flat Bike Team Logo Design


The first team logo design on this gallery is for a bike team, and if you are in one, this would be a great logo design to represent you team. The design itself is very simple, bearing only a flat image of a bicycle with an image of a large gear behind it. There is also a minimal use of colors on this design to keep it from looking cluttered, but even with the limited number of colors, this flat logo design can still be appreciated because of the sufficient spaces provided in between elements.

Swimming Team Vector Logo Design

swimming team vector logo design

Swimming is another sport that is often played as a team, similar to the relay in track in field. At most, swimmers will be teamed up according to the school they represent, or it could also be the country that is being represented by the swimming team. On this logo design, it shows us an illustration of a male swimmer, and over him is the text where you may be able to write the name of your swimming team. The color on this sports logo design can be easily changed depending on your team’s color motif.

Soccer Shield Team Logo Design


Flashy Dream Team Logo Design


The “dream team” was the nickname given to the Men’s Olympic Basketball Team that represented the United States in 1992, and this is because it was considered by many as the best team assembled in the history not only of basketball, but of sports, in general. If you think you can come up with a team that you think is the best that you have ever assembled, then you are very welcome to call your team a “dream team” and use the vector logo design above.

Surfer Silhouette Team Logo Design


Social Media Marketing Team Logo

social media marketing team logo

When we hear the word “team”, we can always associate it with a group of people working together for a common objective. This business logo design appropriately represents what a team is, since it shows us a group of people in different colors, but are connected to each other according to their goal. Their act of holding on to each other’s hands on this image is a symbolism of their unity and teamwork, which is the core of what a team is and should be.

Colorful Baseball Team Flat Logo Design

colorful baseball team flat logo design

Baseball is another sport that is most-watched by people all over the world, especially in the United States. For those fans of the Major League, or are part of a baseball team, this team logo design may be perfect for you. This baseball logo consists of different layers to come up with a single design. On the bottom-most layer, it shows us an image of a baseball field, otherwise known as a “baseball diamond”. Over it are two baseball bats that cross each other in the middle, where a base ball is seen on top of the bats. On the top-most layer, the text can be seen indicating the name of your baseball team.

Sniper Team Company Logo Design


Spiked Skull Horror Team Logo Design

spiked skull horror team logo design

Here is another generic team logo design that you can use for whatever purpose, and this logo contains horror elements that is appropriate to the name indicated below the symbol. This logo design bears an image that resembles a skull, and has a ring of spikes surrounding the upper portion of the skull. Somehow, this logo design reminds me of the insignia used by the Marvel comic book character, The Punisher. We would also recommend that you stick to the black color of this minimalist design and have this printed over white or any light-colored surface.

Cricket Team Emblem Type Logo Design

cricket team emblem type logo design


Howling Wolf Team E-Sport Logo Design

howling wolf team e sport logo design

Sometimes, the act of intimidation towards the competition is an effective strategy. When trying to intimidate the competition, you don’t necessarily have to do it head on, you can do it in a rather discreet way, such as making use of an intimidating image on your logo. On the logo seen above, it shows us an image of scary, muscular wolf that is ready to hunt its prey, and by prey, we mean the opposing team. Download this intimidating wolf team logo design to get the other team off their game, and give you a higher chance at winning.

Simple Football Club Team Logo Design

simple football club team logo design

Football, otherwise known as soccer, is another game that the entire world tunes on, especially when the FIFA World Cup comes. With famous players that include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and even David Beckham, football has been regarded as one of the biggest sports in history. If you are putting together a team of football players and are in need of a logo to represent it, why not trying out the straightforward football logo design shown above? You may also want to check out a separate list for more soccer logo designs to choose from.

Colorful Smiling Team Logo Design

colorful smiling team logo design

Abstract Strokes Moto Team Company Logo Design


Check out the interesting and somehow abstract logo design shown above, you don’t necessarily have to assemble a motorcycle team or actually be in one to be able to use this logo design. Since all these logos are easily modifiable, you can just use the icon as it is and simply alter the text according to where and how you intend to use your logo design. You may be able to use this logo to represent a company or a business that you are managing, most especially if your business involves dealing with motorcycles and its parts and accessories.

Football Goalpost Team Logo Design

football goalpost team logo design

Moscow Hockey Team Logo Design Template


The National Hockey League, home of the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks, though not as famous as basketball or football, is still a very popular sport, ranking 9th in the Ten Most Popular Sports according to Total Sportek. Just a small fact, the Anaheim Ducks, used to be known as The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, was founded by The Walt Disney Company and was only added a year after the movie, The Mighty Ducks, was released.

Now, back to this logo design. If you are putting together a team of skillful hockey players, you may want to consider using the artistic and symbolic team logo design shown above. The design itself is pretty self-explanatory, since it simply shows a hockey puck with the team’s name written over it.

Vintage Basketball Team Logo Design


Finally, a logo design for a basketball team. Basketball is being considered as the second most popular sport in the world, with the first one being football. But according to a list of the most played sports according to PledgeSports, basketball only comes in fifth. The circle logo above has a vintage look with its worn out appearance, but this effect on the design will definitely turn out stunning when printed on shirts or on basketball jerseys.

Flat Hollow Volleyball Team Logo Design

flat hollow volleyball team logo design

Shown above is a logo design intended to be used for volleyball teams, but if you are looking for more designs, check out our other gallery of downloadable volleyball logo designs.

So, after looking at all those team logo designs, were you able to pick at least one that you could use to represent your team? We sincerely hope you did. As mentioned earlier on this article, these team logo designs are very well made, and were created by outstanding graphic artists from all over the world. We, ourselves, took the liberty of choosing only the finest logo designs from over hundreds of the best ones in multiple websites. We wanted to take the hassle off of you from looking for the best designs by bringing it together for you.

These team logo designs are very easy to download as long as you have a good and stable internet connection, and they can be yours for a very reasonable rate. But just because these designs are affordable, it doesn’t mean the quality has been compromised. We assure you that these designs are of excellent resolution, and since they are in vector format, you won’t have to worry about ruining its quality when enlarging the design. Speaking about vectors, these designs can be edited very easily. You may be able to individualize each element on the design so can edit only specific sections without altering the rest of the logo design. For an updated list of guidelines to help you out, we suggest you read about the strategies in designing a logo before you actually start making one.

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