When choosing a logo design, one of the most important things to consider is how a logo manages to encapsulate everything that your business or brand may stand for. For instance, a startup in the organic food business targeting the working class young adult market may need a logo that will incorporate all these descriptors while being appealing and easily recognizable.

In this article, we provide ten logo design ideas featuring the infinity symbol (?) or the lemniscate. This symbol is often used to signify things that are everlasting, limitless, boundless, even cyclical – characteristics that can be attributed to a dynamic working environment and may even stand for power. If you are looking for logos that show these qualities, you will not go wrong with using any of the infinity symbol logo variants that we’ve compiled below.

Gold Infinity Symbol Logo

gold infinity symbol logo

The gold color represents success and wealth and when it is paired with the infinity symbol, it becomes a power-packed combination of sophistication and reliability. These qualities often work well for brands in the automotive, professional services, and appliance sectors among others.

The four looping strokes in this lemniscate design may also signify partnerships and working with other people (preferably customers). It gives off a strong customer-oriented vibe that may also be useful for brands that deals with many front-end clients. This logo design may work well with other business logo designs.

This infinity symbol logo is also available in a gray on white version that can signify calmness and professionalism. You may even try out different colors for these logo designs depending on how you want your brand to appear.

Deconstructed Infinity Symbol Logo

deconstructed infinity symbol design

The infinity symbol was first suggested by John Wallis in the 1650’s to signify potential infinity in mathematics. But the symbol or some variation of a sideways number eight has been found in relics and books made before that time.

In mainstream culture today, the infinity symbol has taken to denote the idea of infinity and all its modern day symbolism like longevity. If you want a logo that represents both the symbol’s ancient meanings while still maintaining a contemporary yet different approach, this deconstructed infinity symbol logo may be up your alley.

This logo design showcases only a few masterful strokes in writing the infinity symbol. This design leaves room for interpretation of what the logo really is that can appeal to a some highly targeted audiences. But it may also work if for brands and businesses who want a logo that will go well with minimalist themed graphic designs. Depending on your preference, the symbol may also be customized in different colors.

Infinity Sound Logo

infinity sound logo design


At first glance, the infinity sound logo design can certainly capture one’s attention because of its fiery color combination. Its curved strokes follow a yellow, orange, and red gradient and its strokes ends at the symbol’s center – all in a vignetted gray to black background.

This logo design may fit brands operating in a dynamic industries like gyms, music retailers, recording studios, and even musical bands themselves. This logo design’s color combination may be changed to match your organization’s needs. As long as you maintain analogous color gradients in your color scheme, your logo designs will continue to exude an active and serious effect.

Flashy Infinity Symbol Logo

flashy infinity symbol logo1


This lemniscate logo design offers a refreshing take on infinity symbol logos due to its colorful loops. The logo also features disproportional curves that look like butterfly wings. It also helps that the logo is oriented a few angles to the left because it creates the illusion of movement in the still image.

All these design characteristics help the logo exude a growth-oriented aura. There are elements of movement, happiness, serenity, and being friendly with this logo so it will benefit a myriad of business brands who wish to stand for all these qualities.

As with all professional logo designs in this list, you can further customize the logos to match you company or team’s official colors, for example. The colorful original version of the logo is best used with an all white background but you may also make further changes on it if you decide to purchase it.

Infinity Road Track Logo

infinity road track logo design1


If you want a serious approach to logo making, you can take a look a this Infinity Symbol Road Track logo. As its name suggests, the symbol’s strokes recreates a cemented gray road track with white lane markers on the middle. This logo gives off a businesslike feel with all its neutral color scheme and straight lines. You may still change the symbol’s color scheme to lessen the logo’s rigidity. Note that the availability of this feature varies on the purchase license that you get.

This logo may best be used as part of a set for road side signs that you can incorporate for specific projects that your organization may need. As a standalone brand logo, it may suit businesses that require calmness, security, and following rules.

Infinity Love Logo

infinity love logo1


The Infinity Love Logo design features the infinite symbol with a heart accent on its top right loop. The entire logo is in black on a white background. This color scheme may appeal to those who seek minimalist logo designs. The Infinity Love logo design also maintains a quirky effect due to the addition of the heart accent. This balances the somber tone that the plain lemniscate symbol gives off.

Together, the logo shows a friendly and approachable effect. There is a sense of joy and a little bit of hopefulness in looking at the logo that can be leveraged for use in health care and wellness oriented industries.

For example, this design may suit as logos for private clinics, health spas, health maintenance organizations, even massage and acupuncture parlors. The infinite love logo design may also work as the trademark of a flower shop, novelty stores, and thrift shops.

Infinity Wave Logo

infinity wave logo

This infinity symbol logo design is made up of shades of light blue layers crafted over each other to recreate a wave. The logo emanates a sense of calmness and uniqueness with hints of nostalgia of the sea.

The Infinity Wave Logo will suit brands who seek a professional looking design while remaining true to their business’ active pursuits. This also works well with both all white and all light blue backgrounds.

This logo design is fully editable and ready to print. You may choose different color schemes to suit your brand’s style but just make sure to also include different hues of a color in order to achieve the same wave-like effect. This also goes well with other water-themed concepts like beach themed wedding invites.

Elegant Gold Infinity Logo

elegant gold infinity logo

This infinity logo makes use of elegant curlicues reminiscent of customized metal works found in old mansion gates. The infinity symbol’s loops end on pointy strokes at the top portion of the symbol. There is also a half-leaf embellishment found on the lower right loop. The entire lemniscate logo is colored in gold radiating both luxury and elegance. If you are looking for elegant logo designs, this one is a perfect example.

This type of infinity logo design can be found in most engagement invitation designs or other projects that want to follow a calligraphy theme. As a logo concept, this Elegant Gold Infinity Logo will suit most brands that are into the fashion, lifestyle, event organizing, and other creative industries.

Brush Stroke Infinity Logo

brush stroke infinity symbol logo

The infinity symbol is closely related to a very old Egyptian pantheon emblem of a dragon or snake biting its tail called ouroboros and symbolizes the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. The Brush Stroke Infinity Symbol Logo design shown above can be considered as a modern interpretation of this symbolism.

The Brush Stroke Infinity Logo is a unique version of the lemniscate symbol since it shows the symbol drawn/written using paint strokes. In this specific iteration of the symbol, black ink/color is used for drawing and in creating uneven sizes of the infinity loops. On top of that, this logo design shows the wide unpainted gaps, the different intensity used with each portion of the stroke to create texture, the effects of colored and uncolored parts– all the perfect imperfectness of a brush stroke captured in a single logo.

This logo design, despite being in a black and white color scheme, strongly signifies a sense of creative individuality. It may appeal to those looking for a simple logo design while making sure that the logo can represent a brand fully. This logo design may become iconic for a company who uses it a potent marketing campaign.

Examples of businesses that may use it are: clothing brands, painters, painting materials manufacturers, footwear brands, even technology companies.

Which Infinity Logo Design to Choose

Your choice of a logo design will greatly depend on the type of design project that you are working on. In the same way, the logo design needs of a business entity will also greatly differ from that of a band who is looking to distinguish themselves from other bands.

What is important is that you (or your organization) makes the logo into your own and that you enjoy the entire creative process of designing and customizing logo designs. This article provided ten unique examples featuring the infinity symbol but you may also choose from multiple logo design ideas in this site. The choice is in your hands now. Choose well!

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