In any form of business, regardless of its size, its reputation, or its number of employees, the use of a logo is very important to be able to create a brand or an identity for themselves. In other words, a business doesn’t necessarily have to be big to be able to utilize a logo, even small businesses that are being managed by not more than five people have the right to be represented by a logo. The reason behind this importance, as mentioned earlier, is to create an identity for the business that makes them distinguishable from their competitors.

That said, you may be wondering where you can find professional-grade logo designs that you can use even for small or even personal businesses invitations, and the answer is right here on our website. We looked around all over the Internet for the best and visually outstanding logo designs for any kind of business and gathered them here so you won’t have to stress yourself out in looking for them. In this article, there are over fifteen personal logo designs that you can download and use. If you want to see them yourself, go ahead and scroll down.

Money Lending Personal Logo Design

Being in a cash lending business can be done even by simple individuals who are particularly good at handling money. It requires a great amount of commitment and responsibility just so you will become trustworthy in the eyes of your clients. If you are in a money lending business, then you may want to use this personal logo design to represent yourself. The modern logo design above bears an image of a hand holding a money bill, which is symbolic to the business’s image in being trustworthy when it comes to financial support. After all, one purpose of a logo is for creating an abstract visualization of the business, and this design is able to do that effectively.

Fitness Trainer Personal Logo Design

When people go to a fitness center, they would often hire a fitness coach or a personal trainer to assist them in making the most out of their exercise sessions and the entire program. An advantage of having your own professional trainer when you enter a fitness program is having someone look after you with regards to your exercise and diet, ensuring that you observe proper posture when executing the movements, and that you eat only the required type and amount of food. Aside from those, trainers are also able to motivate people to push to their limits, which is something that not everyone can do for themselves. From just looking at the fitness logo design above, the silhouette itself makes it clear that this logo is intended to be used by personal fitness coaches or trainers, and this design is perfect for printing on business cards.

Professional Driver Personal Logo Design

Nowadays, there have been people that offer their vehicles and their driving services for others. These have collectively been referred to as ride-hailing services, and examples of these include Uber, Lyft, and Gett. While this has gained popularity over the recent years, especially for people who prefer not to be on the driver’s seat, there are also those that would rather hire their own personal drivers to drive their vehicles on their behalf. If you are a freelance driver trying to promote yourself, then why not do it through the use of this personal driver logo design? This minimalist logo is best used for printing on business cards or other advertisement tools.

Professional Consulting Personal Logo Design

Caricature Side Portrait Personal Logo Design

In the world of logo designs, you will rarely find a logo that would trade the symbol for a portrait of someone in the business instead. Also, there are also businesses that add a little twist to this kind of logo design, wherein instead of an actual photo of a person, they would use a caricature illustration instead. In the case of the personal logo design shown above, it actually includes an illustrated portrait that is done in a rather cartoonish fashion. This cool logo design, even with the absence of colors, not only stands out because of its unique feature, but it is also visually attractive in appearance, which is more than enough to garner the attention it deserves.

Shield Lock Personal Logo Design

In life, there may be times that we will need to handle some documents that contain some of our private information. Sometimes, we will also be tasked at handling other people’s documents. Nowadays, instead of having the need to stress yourself in securing your documents, you can now find businesses that offer this kind of service. If you think you are trustworthy enough for this kind of industry, and you have what it takes to get the trust you deserve from the general public, then why not represent yourself with the flat logo design shown above? From the symbol alone, which is a hybrid of a shield and a lock, people can already determine the purpose of your business.

For those who are looking at this symbolic logo design and asking what it means, the symbol actually represents not only one person but people. How? As you can see from the image above, the symbol contains two colors, and each color represents a different person. When taking this symbolic logo design as a whole, it actually means people that are being united, and unity on this design is being represented by the ring that surrounds the image of the people.

Star Head Personal Logo Design

Lettermark Personal Logo Design

When designing logos, you will need to be careful with how you will create a symbol for your business, and you need to make sure that the symbol used is somehow related to your services. But you can also go for the safest bet in logos, which is to use text-based designs. There are two types of text-based logo designs, these are the wordmark and the lettermark. The former is more on spelling out the name of the business but is written in a rather artistic and visually appealing fashion, while the latter focuses only on the initials of the business’s name, as in the case of the letter logo design shown above.

Typographic Pizzahouse Personal Logo Design

Pizza places have become one of the most visited food establishments in the world, not only in its native home in Italy but the entire world. Correct me if I’m wrong, but pizza has been considered as one of the most demanded comfort foods in the world, probably second only to hamburgers. Then again, its probably the other way around in European countries. But the point is that pizza is just as heavenly as hamburgers that there have even been variations of pizza that even those on a strict diet can enjoy, such as the vegetarian pizza, or those that use whole wheat as its dough. If you are managing a pizza place, then you may want to use this text logo design to represent your business.

Rustic Grill and Steak Personal Logo Design

When we think of either grilling or steak, we often associate that with rustic imagery, which is exactly the case with the logo design shown above. This design fits perfectly for the kind of business not only because its wooden look makes it rustic-themed, but also because of its creative presentation.

Do you own a pastry shop? If you are, then may we show off this colorful logo design that contains a watercolor-inspired illustration of a mouthwatering cupcake. This logo design needs no other explanation since it is already very self-explanatory. When people see this logo design, even from a distance, they can already deduce what this logo is trying to imply or what products this business is offering. And from the way this creative cake logo design is presented, it’s not only appropriate to the business, but it is also very enticing in the eyes of the general public.

Set of Six Artistic Personal Logo Designs

Check out the set of different logo designs above, for as low as $20.00, you will be getting not only one or two designs, but a total of six creatively designed personal logos. Whatever business you own or are managing, we are sure that at least one of these business logo designs could work for you.

After looking at all those personal logo designs, you are probably wondering now which of these designs is the best one for your business, and we hope that you were able to pick at least one that’s appropriate and also effective. It would be a waste for these beautiful personal logo designs not to be put to good use. In addition to why we think that you should download and use any of these designs, for one thing, these logo designs were collected from various reliable websites. Another is that these have been created and contributed by today’s most talented graphic artists from all over the world.

Editing these designs is almost like a walk in the park, and it’s all thanks to the format being used. These logo designs are mostly in vector format, which makes them not only very easy to edit, but they are also able to retain their sharp quality even after being edited or resized. This way, you won’t need to worry about losing quality from “too much editing.” With regards to the price that you are required to pay to download any of these designs, you will only need to pay a significantly reasonable amount to be able to get your hands on these. Now that we have said our part, it’s time for you to do yours and start downloading your own personal logo design.

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