By now, we are probably already aware of the relevance of a logo not only for business or companies but also for organizations. For businesses, the main reason behind the use of a logo is to create a branding identity for themselves that they can also use for incorporating their identity on to their products. For organizations, since not all of them involve business, the use of logos for them is simply for creating their identity for them to be easily distinguished from other organizations.

But for this article, we will be focusing more on logo designs intended for businesses. Below are fourteen of the most impressive brand logo designs that you can ever find on the Internet. When we speak of brand logos, these are those that businesses use for their product packaging and advertisement tools. If you are in need of such, then you don’t have to look for them someplace else because we have already gathered them here for your convenience. To see the business logo designs yourself, go ahead and scroll down.

Minimalist Box Letter Brand Logo Design


For the first brand logo design on this list, it features a lettermark icon surrounded by a thin border. This lettermark logo actually consists of a solid-colored block, and the slightly inclined letter is written using the block’s negative space. In addition to the lettermark icon, you may also include the name of the business either beside or below the icon to further establish the identity. If you want a rather simple and minimalist text logo design, then this one would be an ideal choice.

Luxurious Decorative Brand Logo Design


Colorful Kids Community Brand Logo Design

colorful kids community brand logo design

For those businesses whose products are intended to be used either for or by children, and this could either be material things or consumables, the colorful logo design above may be what they need to create a visually stunning and memorable identity for themselves. The icon for this logo design shows children forming a circle around a heart. The children on this design feature different colors, which is symbolic of the children’s different nationalities or cultural backgrounds. The circle in the middle is a symbolic representation of the globe, and the heart represents love and unity.

Fingerprint Identity Brand Logo Design


Sometimes, when we see an icon of a fingerprint such as the one on the logo design shown above, we usually associate it with either security or identity. This is in relation to one of the most commonly used method, and this is the reason behind the brand logo design shown above. This logo design makes use of the fingerprint icon, which is one of the most reliable methods of getting a person’s identity. For workplaces, the fingerprint is used for biometric scanning, when an employee presses their thumb on a scanner every time they go in or out of the office. Another use of the fingerprint is when registering in government offices such as the Social Security Services and the National Bureau of Investigation, and these offices will keep a record of your fingerprint for probable use in the future. Nowadays, even mobile devices have fingerprint scanners that people can use for unlocking their phones.

Abstract Globe Brand Logo Design

abstract globe brand logo design

Hand-Drawn Cross and Bible Church Brand Logo


The cross and the book are just some of the most common symbols used to represent the church: the cross being the instrument used during the crucifixion and the book to represent the Bible—which is the journal documenting the events before, during, and after Christ. For the brand logo design shown above, it includes an icon of a cross over a book, which is symbolic of Jesus Christ overseeing the Bible. The simplicity of this logo design makes it versatile and allows you to have it printed on surfaces or materials of any color, texture, or size. You may go for the colored version of this church logo design, or you may also choose its monochrome counterpart, which is just as effective and relevant.

Coffee Beans on Mug Brand Logo Design

coffee beans on mug brand logo design

When it comes to coffee, some people are just a lot more dependent on it than others, and this is what keeps them up for most of the day. These people consider having a cup o’ Joe a necessity in the morning, that an entire day wouldn’t be complete without coffee. In relation to this, some people would prefer to prepare their cup of coffee for themselves, but there are also others who would rather go to coffee shops to get their daily dose of caffeine there. Because of this growing demand of coffee, business people take advantage of this by establishing or expanding those already-established coffee shops. If you are one who is yet to put up your own coffee shop, then the brand logo design above may be what you are looking for. The icon of this coffee logo design shows a flat image of a mug with coffee beans sticking out of it.

Green Line Art Tree Brand Logo Design

green line art tree brand logo design

We should take very good care of the environment, especially now that global warming has slowly become worse. One way that we can help is by planting more trees to make the world green again. People should always be aware of what the world is becoming and what it will end up if we don’t take care of it, what would happen to us if nature decides to give up on humanity? If you believe in the preservation of nature and you want to incorporate that cause to your business’s brand logo, then the design above may be what you need.

Minimalist Abstract Shape Brand Logo Design


Here is a flat and abstract brand logo design that is versatile enough to be used for any type of business. This logo design makes use of the brandmark type, which only involves an icon or symbol and no text. To describe the icon shown above, the upper right of it bears a circle shape and the lower left bears a triangle-like corner. The icon on this symbolic logo design somehow resembles a light bulb while at the same time, it also looks like a very short pencil.

Boxer Fitness Brand Logo Design

boxer fitness brand logo design

When you see a logo design such as the one shown above, we often associate it with fitness centers or exercise gyms, but this brand logo design can also be used for other purposes as well. Some of which may be those businesses that promote health and fitness, such as those selling supplements, exercise, gears and equipment, or even those workout videos. If that is the kind of business you are running, then the fitness logo design above may be perfect for you.

Modern Spherical Health and Fitness Brand Logo

modern spherical health and fitness brand logo design

Symbolic Green Leaves Landscaping Brand Logo Design

symbolic green leaves landscaping brand logo design

Why settle for beautifying just the interior aspects of your home and neglecting the area surrounding it? There are landscaping businesses everywhere ready to offer their services to people who either don’t have the time or not at all skilled in beautifying their lawn. If you think you have highly competent landscaping skills, then you may run a business with it, and we may just have a modern logo design for you. Check out the landscaping brand logo design above.

Golf Swing Brand Logo Design

golf swing brand logo design

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience, and I do mean A LOT. Trust me, you can mess up an entire game if you lose your cool with this sport. For businesses that manufacture and sell golf gear, clubs, balls, and accessories, then you may want to check out the sports logo design above that shows a golfer just finishing his swing.

Even though you have already made up your mind with regards to which brand logo designs you would want to use for your business, it’s probably best to let you know the value of these brand logo designs. That way, you will know what you will be getting yourself into and you might even help in sharing this with other people who are also in need of brand logo designs for their business.

First of all, we took the liberty in carefully gathering these brand logo designs from multiple reliable websites that offer more than just high quality designs for logos. The designs found on these websites were created and contributed by some of today’s most impressive and highly imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. That said, you are already guaranteed of high quality and professional grade logo designs that are indeed worth downloading.

The next concern that we would like to make clear before you start downloading a design is the level of editability of these designs. Let’s start off by saying that these logo designs come in either vector or EPS format, with the former being the design format of choice for many graphic artists. The advantage of using vectors includes the ability to individualize the elements as well as the design’s adaptability to modifications. The EPS format, on the other hand, is considered to be the ideal format for importing into graphics editors since they are far superior when it comes to compatibility between different programs and different platforms.

Lastly, you may be asking the questions, “How easy is it to download these logo designs?” and “How much will I need to spend to be able to download these designs?” The answer may surprise many people, since these business logo designs are very easy to access and download as long as you have a good Internet connection. And with regards to the cost, you can actually download these designs for a very reasonable fee, which makes this deal even sweeter. So, now that we have said our part, go ahead and start downloading your own brand logo design.

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