Logo designs are an essential part of a company, organization, or any institution or establishment, and this is because logos serve as the identifying image for them. With logos, businesses and organizations are able to distinguish themselves from others, and it can also help them be easily identified by the general public. But with regards to churches and religious places, these don’t usually use logos since they don’t really need one, but if they do, their logo would usually be on the wordmark type.

Though there are also churches that make use of a symbol or icon type logo or even the combination type, and this is where our logo designs can be made useful. This page contains various artistic and creative church logo designs that were gathered from the Internet, and these are all combination type logos, which means that they comprise of both symbols and text to make up the design. Our logos contain the five elements of great logo design, which means you won’t need to go someplace else to find the church logos that you need, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find them here. Start scrolling down to see the logo designs yourself.

Rounded Four Colored Church Logo

simple rounded four colored church logo

Check out this first church logo design that you can get for as low as $29.00. This church logo design is perfect for those who enjoy the simplicity and the use of multiple colors. As seen on the image above, the symbol resembles a rounded cross that has four different colors for each of the cross’s end, and then on the negative space in the middle, there is an actual image of the Christian cross. Download this flat logo design for a bright and inspiring image to represent your church.

Modern Church Point Logo Design


Colorful Open Bible Church Logo Design

colorful open bible church logo design

Here is another simple yet visually attractive church logo design that is sure to capture people’s interests. With this design, you have a choice between pink, orange, blue, and green, though you may still be able to use other colors aside from the ones seen on the sample above. With this logo, it can be interpreted as the Holy Spirit’s presence always overlooking the person who religiously reads the Bible. Don’t hesitate to download this design if you prefer to go with a symbolic yet meaningful logo for your church. Though most of the designs here are in vector logo designs, we also have a gallery of PSD logos that you might be interested in.

Mosaic Cross Church Logo Design


In churches, especially those big ones such as cathedrals, the windows are usually made up of stained glass, or as others would call it, mosaic art. If you like that kind of art and want to incorporate it to your logo, then the design above may be what you are looking for. This colorful symmetrical logo design resembles a cross that consists of random shapes with different colors, and this makes the entire design look like a colorful stained glass art.

Church Front Logo Design


Linear Art United People Church Logo


For a very simple logo design that makes use of only two contrasting colors to illustrate the symbol and write the typography, you may either go with a light colored background and a dark color for the illustrations, or you can also choose to go the other way around and use a dark color for the background and a light one for the illustrations designs. As seen on the sample above, the background color used is blue and white is used for the illustrations, which is a good combination to make the features on the design stand out effectively. On this logo, it symbolizes the unity achieved by a group of people, regardless if they are acquainted with each other or not, when they go to church and pray. If you enjoy these types of logos, we also have a set of logo designs with hidden meanings that you may find interesting.

Bible Hope Church Logo Design

bible hope church logo design

Modern Flat Cross Church Logo


For a simple but modern logo design for your church, the one shown on top may be the ideal choice for you. This logo consists of a round icon with a cross in the middle, and the spaces provided between these two features help in giving emphasis to it. The round symbol can be interpreted as the host or the Holy Eucharist, which is the one being celebrated during the Holy Mass. And then the cross, which is symbolic to every person’s salvation, and is the main element used to represent the Christian religion. If you are looking for more logos of the same shape, check out our collection of circle logo designs.

Stained Glass Window Church Logo Design


Here is another church logo that is inspired by stained glass art, but unlike the last one that we have shown you, this one looks more like the actual thing that you can see in churches. On this design, the colored shapes do not comprise the cross symbol. Instead, the negative space is the one that forms the cross and the colored shapes resemble a half-circle window. With this design, you can have a colorful and appropriate church logo for only $29.00.

Heart Church Logo Design

christian love cross heart church logo

When we talk about religion, it doesn’t only refer to faith or beliefs but also about love—selfless, unconditional love to be specific—and on this logo design, it makes use of a cross and a heart to represent the church and love, respectively. As we all know, we should not love just our friends but also our enemies or the people whom we really don’t see eye to eye with. And when we love others, we should do it equally as much as we love ourselves. After all, loving only those who we are in good terms with is just like healing people who are not sick, and what is the point in that? Download this vector logo design to represent your church, and start spreading the love to others.

Church Linear Logo Design


Family Church Logo Design

family church logo design

When going to church, it is always best to go with the people who are closest to your life, which is your family. It has always been said over and over again that “the family that prays together, stays together,” which is very true regardless of their religion or beliefs. Going to church together and praying as a family is probably the best family bonding time that you can ever think of, and it does not require a lot of effort, which is why I believe that every family should learn to do this. This way, not only will you be enlightened as an individual but your entire family as a whole as well.

Minimalist Rounded Church Logo Design

minimalist rounded church logo design

Open Bible Cross Dove Church Logo Design

open bible cross dove church logo design

Here is another symbolic logo design that very much speaks for itself and needs no further explanation. The symbol on the logo consists of three elements, which are all relevant to Christianity. The first element on the design is a book, which represents the Holy Bible, which in turn, documents the story of how the world began and how Christianity first started. The second element seen on this design is the cross with a white cloth hung on it, which resembles the image seen after the events of the crucifixion and is the symbol used to represent our salvation, as mentioned earlier. Lastly, the dove, which according to Christians, is symbolic of the third member of the Holy Trinity, which is the Holy Spirit.

Cross Heart Church Logo Design

cross heart illustration church logo

Once again, here is a logo design that speaks of both faith and love, which are two characteristics that you can never separate when it comes to religion. Though unlike the previous logo design that placed the symbol of love in the middle of the symbol of faith, this one has it the other way around, which places the cross inside the heart. This design can be explained by saying in every act of love that we show to our neighbors, we do something based on what the church has taught us.

Christianity Church Logo Design

thorn crown christianity church logo design

The last church logo design on this gallery is something that represents not Christianity in general but the Almighty Being who we look up to in the religion. For this design, it comprises of a cross, the crown of thorns, and a king’s crown that is colored red for it to stand out. The cross and the crown of thorns represent the objects that were being used during the events of the Passion and Crucifixion, and the red crown represents the true identity of our Father, who is the King of all kings. To help you out in the process of making a logo, you may refer to our list of logo design strategies for 2017.

We guarantee that you’ll be getting the recognition you deserve if you use one of our church logo designs. These logos have been carefully selected from among hundreds of the best ones from multiple websites on the Internet, and these were designed by talented and imaginative graphic artists worldwide. As for the quality of these designs, they are all in high resolution vector format, which makes them easily editable while also worry-free since these are able to retain its sharpness even after editing and resizing; just make sure that during the editing phase, you know the steps to creating a logo.

Downloading these designs can be done in a matter of three simple steps, just make sure your Internet connection is good and stable. First, look for the church logo design that you need, which can be easily done just by using the search tool on the top right corner of the page and typing the necessary keywords. The next step is downloading your chosen church logo design by clicking on the download or buy now button that is found below the sample image of the logo. The final step of the download process is paying the required fee, which is nothing to worry about since these logo designs can be yours for a very reasonable price. After making the payment, the logo design can be yours and you may be able to edit them any way you want and use them for as long as you want to. Convinced that our professional logo designs are what you need for your church? Download one now.

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