Logos are an essential part of a company. Try to imagine how a company would turn out if they don’t have a logo, they wouldn’t have any form of identification or a branding system that they can use during advertisements. With logos, a company can easily be recognized and remembered by the people, which makes it an advantage for the business.

On this page, we have gathered around nine of the most visually attractive and symbolic logo designs that take the shape of a circle. These circle logo designs are not profession/business specific, meaning you can find logos that are healthcare-related, as well as music-related. But before you start scrolling down to see the logo designs, let me ask you, do you know what features should be present on a logo? In case you don’t, check out our list of the five elements of a great logo.

Wheat Plantation Circle Logo Design


To start this awesome list, here is a simple circle logo that bears an illustration of three stems of wheat enclosed in an uneven ring that doesn’t connect at the top. This logo design is ideal for those businesses that are responsible in the planting, growth, and export of wheat to companies that use them. This business logo may also be great for those establishments that produce wheat-based food and other products such as wheat bread, breakfast cereals, and other pastries and treats that use wheat as the base ingredient. So if you’re looking for a simple yet understandable logo design, download the one shown above.

Colorful Food Market Circle Logo Design


Seldom do food markets make use of a unified logo design since there are food markets that consist of multiple businesses or vendors that work as independent units, and each of these vendors would make use of their own logo that is distinguishable from others. But for those food markets that work cooperatively for a common purpose, then this logo design may be perfect for them. As you can see on the image above, there are multiple vector illustrations of various foods ranging from meat, seafood, poultry, food, and vegetables, and these foods are being arranged to resemble a circle. This logo creates the impression that this food market has everything that an average consumer would need for their daily consumption.

Healthcare Circle Logo Design


The design above shows a circular logo that contains an image of some plants on each side with an abstract illustration of a human being in the middle. This logo design can be used for medical institutions, diagnostic clinics, and basically any establishment that involves dealing with the health and well-being of their clients. As seen on the sample above, the default color scheme for this symbolic logo includes blue and green for the plant and the human symbol, respectively. But this color scheme can still be changed. You may interchange the two colors, or you may also use a different one from the one provided. If you choose to go for something different, you may also apply the colors on the backdrop only and use white for the symbol and the text, and simply apply some shading to give it an embossed appearance.

Mosaic Medical Cross Circle Logo Design


Here is another medical-related circle-shaped logo, which is much more creative and colorful than the previous one that we have shown you. You may even find this one visually appealing because of its effective use of various colors. This professional logo design is inspired by mosaics and glass stains commonly found in churches, thus the different colors on different shapes to make up the entirety of the design. In the middle area is the negative space that resembles a cross similar to those found on medical symbols and logos such as the Red Cross, which symbolizes neutrality and protection, as well as humanitarian and medical assistance. So for those medical institutions that have just started rendering services to the public and are in need of a logo, the design above may be perfect for them.

Flat Medical Chiropractor Circle Logo Design


Hospitals commonly render all-around services to their clients, ranging from simple medical check-ups to surgeries, and for those patients who don’t want to spend most of their time waiting at the emergency room, they would often resort to clinics that render services specifically toward their concern. And for medical providers, they would also take this opportunity to do these kinds of businesses so that even after they have done their daily hospital rounds, they will still be able to continue rendering services to their clients. A good example of these types of medical providers are chiropractors, who perform hands-on manipulation and treatment on the spine, and instead of having to do their services exclusively in hospitals, they can have their own clinic and accept clients from there.

The logo design above is already self-explanatory as it is, showing an illustration of a spine enclosed within two separate crescent shapes that make up a circle. This flat logo is ideal for chiropractic doctors that have their own clinics, they can choose to have this printed onto a glass pane or a glass door, or they can also have this printed onto card stocks to be used as business cards. Whatever your purpose is, this simple chiropractic logo design is definitely a good choice for you.

Modern Play Button Circle Logo Design


Online music streaming websites have become very popular over the recent years, with more and more people preferring to buy their music online rather than have actual, physical copies of it. Some of these websites provide their music for free, while some would require a fee. The same can also be said with regards to videos, wherein people will have the choice to stream it online, or they can also go the traditional way and purchase a hard copied disc from audio-video stores. For the circle logo seen above, it shows an image of a multicolored ring with a hollow triangle in the middle resembling the play icon. This company logo design can be used for those businesses that offer online music and video streaming, and it can also be used by actual stores that sell video and music discs, and its related accessories.

Artistic Music Note Circle Logo Design


If you are looking for a different kind of logo design that is related to the world of music, the one above may be what you are looking for. This music logo design consists of an asymmetrical ring with a musical note in the middle, and inside the ring, you can also find three inner lines of varying colors that can be used to symbolize three aspect of the business. Whether you are trying to sell music or are managing a business that involves the creation or manipulation of music or even teaching music to pupils, then the logo design above may be a very good choice because of its versatility, as well as its attractiveness.

Active Photographer Circle Shutter Logo Design


Take a look at the photography logo design shown above, it shows a layered illustration of a moving person over a camera shutter, which can be interpreted in two (or maybe more) different ways. It can be seen as the photographer’s exceptional skills in capturing images that they are able to take pictures of even the slightest moment that are almost unnoticeable by the naked eye. Another interpretation to this logo design is that the person is actually the photographer, and the way they are illustrated symbolizes how fast they are able to move from one area to another to be able to take wonderful pictures from varying angles. Whatever your interpretation is for this design, if you are a photographer in need of a logo, then you may consider giving this design a go.

Connected People Social Media Circle Logo Design


Lastly, if you are looking for a logo that you can use for apps, pages, or anything related or can be applied to social media websites, then check out the design shown above. The abstract logo design resembles four people that are holding on to each other and forming a circle. As seen on the image above, there are four different colors, with each illustration of a person bearing their own unique color, and this is to symbolize people of different cultures from different parts of the world. The gesture they are doing on this logo design shows that they are connected to one another, which reflects the main purpose of social media sites—to keep people connected regardless of their location.

So what did you think of the various logo designs that we have offered you? One thing is for sure, these logos have a professional-grade built into them, and this is because these designs were indeed made by highly creative and skillful graphic artists from all over the world, and these logo designs have been carefully selected from among the best ones from various websites.

For its resolution, these circle logo designs were saved using high resolution vector format, which makes it highly advisable to also save it in the same quality after making the needed alterations. For its level of editability, since these business logo designs are in vector format, it gives you full control over these designs and allows you to make as much changes as you want without compromising its quality. And to further provide you with assistance, check out our simple step-by-step process on the creation of a logo. So what’s keeping you? Start downloading a design now so you can also start in making your own logo for your business.

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