A logo is the visual representation of a company or brand’s values, beliefs, and functions. Well-designed and thought out logo designs create memorability and identity to a company or brand. It is strongly encouraged to have an in-depth understanding of one’s company or brand. This way, a strong brand positioning will be executed.

If you are having trouble creating a logo, browse down below for a variety of service logos, from house cleaning to medical services, that you can use for your next branding project. To gain more insights and design references, you may check out our list to inspire your creative eye.

Cleaning Service Logo

House Cleaning Service Logo

house cleaning service logo

Cleaning Service Company Logo

cleaning service company logo

Cleaning Service Logo Vector

cleaning service logo vector

Upon Making a Logo

A logo is more than just the company’s name or symbols. In making logos, graphic designers focus on simple questions such as how the logo will be presented in products, collateral, advertising and marketing materials. They also consider the possible thoughts and emotions of the audience upon seeing the logo and how will it tie to the company or brand’s branding.

What is in a Logo?

Logos have standard elements put into it. Let us break down those elements, starting with:

  • Logo. Be it a symbol, icon, letter mark etc. When laid out, place your logo with corresponding width spaces to avoid clutter and showcase a properly executed logo.
  • A killer slogan/tagline. For businesses and companies, a killer catchphrase or mini mission statement is an audible representation of a brand. The goal is to leave a brand message in consumers’ mind.; thus, letting consumers remember the slogan, brand, and its products. Keep in mind to include this very crucial part of branding.
  • What you do. For personal branding, this is where you mention what you do. Emphasize your greatest forte and keep it brief. For example: “Sharon Del Rio, Layout Artist + Copywriter”, “Holly Lou, Entrepreneur” or “Trixie Zamolodchikova, Landscape Architect”.

Our sample cleaning service logo available in this page has all those parts of the logo covered. All are easily editable, so you can just type your slogan and representation, as well as quickly edit the colors to match it to your preference.

Web Service Logo

Web Networking Service Logo

web networking service logo

Computer Service Logo

Computer Service Logo Vector

computer service logo vector

Repair Service Logo

Phone Repair Service Logo

phone repair service logo

Security Service Logo

Army Security Military Service Logo

army security military service logo

House Security Service Logo

house security service logo

Different Types of Logos

Logos vary from company to brand, design preferences, and creative brief as well as in branding. To give you an idea, here are the five types of logos you can apply to your branding project:

  • Using symbols or icons in logos represents a simple and bold visual interest to the audience. Using a symbol or icon is the best option if you plan on building a large business. We’ll use one of our templates, the 3d Technology Service Logo as an example for a symbol or icon type of logo.
  • Wordmark logos are uniquely styled text logos. Custom fonts are created specifically for the company or brand to use. The Medical Service Logo Vector (excluding the logo’s symbol) is a great example of a word mark logo.
  • Lettermark logos are exclusively typographic using a company’s or brand’s initials or first letters to execute a logo. Initials are one great way to illustrate the company for reasons that the company name is long, foreign, hard to pronounce or it does not deliver well to the masses. Let’s use the Handymen Plumbing Service Logo as our example for a letter mark logo.
  • Combination mark logo is a mix of both symbols or icons and wordmark. An example would be the Mobile Technology Service Logo template.
  • An emblem logo encases the company or brand’s name within the design, much like the Computer Service Logo Vector.

We also have an addition to the list, a collection of hair salon logo designs are up for grabs. It features an array of hair salon logos using symbols or icons to the combination mark type of logo.

Community Service Logo

Community Service Logo Vector

community service logo vector

Car Service Logo

Speed Car Service Logo

speed car service logo

Car Repair Service Logo

car repair service logo

Checking Car Service Logo

checking car service logo

Try These Logos Out!

If you are looking for logo variations or logos with different layouts, colors, and composition but still revolving around a single design, check the following templates:

  • Medical Service Logo Vector
  • Business Service Logo Vector
  • Excavator Equipment Service Logo
  • Speed Car Service Logo

If your concept revolves around the minimalist style, try out the following, which are perfect if you are trying to come up with a corporate and business logo designs:

  • Finance & Accounting Service Logo
  • Army Security Military Service Logo
  • Tech Expert Service Logo


Mobile Service Logo

Mobile Technology Service Logo

mobile technology service logo

Home Service Logo

Home Electrical Service Logo

home electrical service logo

Technology Service Logo

3d Technology Service Logo

3d technology service logo

Plumbing Service Logo

Flow Plumbing Service Logo

flow plumbing service logo

Pipes Plumbing Service Logo

pipes plumbing service logo

Handymen Plumbing Service Logo

handymen plumbing service logo

Let Us Continue with Part Two

If vivid, bright, eye-popping colors best represent your company or brand, we got you covered with the following templates:

  • House Cleaning Service Logo
  • Cleaning Service Company Logo
  • Community Service Logo Vector
  • Business Cleaning Service Logo

If you want to add a retro vibe to your service logo, the All Auto Automotive Service Logo and Flow Plumbing Service Logo are perfect choices. These templates are fully resizable vectors. The fonts and colors used are easy to customize.

You could experiment and apply the anatomy of a logo and the different types of logos in using these Service Logo Designs templates. We have a spectrum of logo designs here, including technology logo designs keep your creative juices flowing.

Equipment Service Logo

Excavator Equipment Service Logo

excavator equipment service logo

Auto Service Logo

Auto Car Service Point Logo

auto car service point logo

All Auto Automotive Service Logo

all auto automotive service logo

Business Service Logo

Business Cleaning Service Logo

business cleaning service logo

Business Service Logo Vector

business service logo vector

Tech Service Logo

Tech Expert Service Logo

tech expert service logo

Service Tech Logo Template

service tech logo template

Medical Service Logo

Medical Health Service Logo

medical health service logo

Medical Service Logo Vector

medical service logo vector

Where Can These Service Logos be Used?

  • Surely, these could be used on advertising media such as banners, brochures, corporate branding collateral, outdoor posters or flyers so on and so forth.
  • Also, logos can be used for online collateral such as websites, web advertisements, social media content, online corporate materials.
  • If your service company offers or sells any related products, your logo could be put to good use.
  • Logos could be used as watermarks as well.

When your done creating your logo, remember to have a brand book too! A brand book is a written and visual guideline on how to use your logo properly, the do’s and don’ts, the logo variations, color and typography to be used, etc. This is an essential part, for a brand book serves as a reference when you apply your applications, how other companies might use your logo, or when a creative force designs your entire brand identity.

Get your designing caps ready! We have put together more company logo designs for your next branding projects and future references. We hope that this will be helpful in creating your company logo.

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