Coming up with a logo for a medical service can be a tricky task. You should not only be able to come up with a pleasing representation of your services but also ensure that people easily understand what’s on offer. Well, to make things easier at your end, here are some high quality and fresh logo designs for your hospital, clinic, medical office, pharmaceutical brand, healthcare business or drug company. The logos here are really eye catchy but more importantly, are highly representative. Check them out!

Medic Logo Design

medic logo design

Whether you are looking for a fresh branding for your school medic team or are looking to revamp the look of your clinic, this would be a great logo to put in place. Simple and colorful, people will easily understand what it stands for and seek to get helped.

Medical Clinic Logo Design Template

medical clinic logo design template

The sign of the + is easily related to medical services. However, this logo is a fresh way to put it on your clinic. Available as a high resolution EPS, you can use it in all kinds of visual and promotional materials, ranging from website to hoardings and brochures.

Medical Point Logo

medical point logo

Coming up with a new medical service offering beauty, cosmetic and aesthetic care? Well, here’s the perfect logo for your business. The logo creates 3D like projection and will be a unique and stylish way to enter the business. This comes as a high resolution vector and can be used in all kinds of applications.

Medical Health Logo Design

medical health logo design

Highly representative of specialized medical care, this logo constitutes of easily understandable symbols of a shield and a healthy heart. The vector illustration comes in a sharp shape and used classy and contrasting color to stand out in any location. Highly professional, it does add a lot to your letterhead!

Medical Cross Logo

medical cross logo1

There are several ways of coming up with a cross sign for your medical business. However, this is one of the most beautiful ways of going about it. The fully customizable vector logo come sin beautiful color and signifies high end patient care. This would be perfect for any new age clinic.

Medical Pharmacy Logo

medical pharmacy logo1

Now, here’s something unique and fresh. This logo comes as a high end illustration with a “love” symbol forming the main element in the design. Just put in your company/clinic name and you would be the most recalled brand in your neighborhood!

Medical Green Logo

medical green logo

Is your medical business caters to the herbal and holistic treatment procedures? Well, this green logo formed by several overlapping leaves would be a perfect way to represent your services. The logo is offered as a high quality vector and can be put into a range of applications.

Blue Medical Logo

blue medical logo

Big and bold, this logo comes in striking colors and an illustration that will be easy to recall. The logo constitutes the customary “plus” sign placed inside blue feathers to represent a high end service provider. Put in your slogan and you are ready to go.

Find Medical Logo Design

find medical logo design

Uniquely clean and stylish, this logo would be a perfect representative of any modern medical service provider. You can use this to represent any kind of service pertaining to this industry.

Puff and Chill Medical Logo

puff and chill medical logo

A logo for specialist medical business, this would be applicable to any firm involved with medical grade marijuana business. The illustration is seriously ‘cool’ and will easily attract your clients in a jiffy!

Formedical Logo

form medical logo

Free Vector Medical Logo

free vector medical logo

Medical Check Logo

medical check logo

Medical Leaf Logo Design

medical leaf logo design

Medplus Logo Design

medplus logo design

Orchid Medical Logo

orchid medical logo

Miracle Club Medical Logo

miracle club medical logo

Medical Apollo Logo

medical apollo logo

Evo Fly Medical Clinic Logo

evo fly medical clinic logo

Royal Medical Logo

royal medical logo

Medical Live Logo Design

medical live logo design

We hope that these medical logos have made the job easier at your end. We appreciate your venturing into this business and this logo can be considered as a small contribution from our end. All the logos above are priced low and will be a great way to represent your brand. Do let us know what your think of them.

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