Logo Designs and Examples

A logo is an emblem, graphic mark, or commonly used symbol that is used by commercial enterprises, individuals and most especially organizations. It is meant to aid and promote public recognition instantly as logos are pure forms of graphic icons and symbols or composed of the organization’s name or wordmark. The first abstract logo design was the Bass red triangle, which many corporations, brands, programs, agencies, services, among other entities use an emblem or ideogram as a logo. An effective logo design consists of the company’s name and ideograms in various fonts, colors,  and shapes to emphasize the design of the name with the use of patterns, textures, letters, and other graphical elements such as buttons, shapes and backgrounds. Read More

How effective are logo designs?

Logo designs that are made up of symbols and ideograms are proven to be effective, as logos are often translated into alphabets in the global markets. In regions of non-profit areas, the logo of the Red Cross is similar to the Red Star of David in Israel. Both symbols are among the most highly-recognized symbols in the world as they both signify the protection of medical help during war-time history that dates all the way back to 1863. Consumers all over the world can easily identify the Coca-Cola logo as it is written in a ribbon wave and standard color design. The text of the logo was written in Spenserian script which became a popular style of writing when the logo of Coca Cola was designed.

What is the importance colors in Logo designs?

Color along with patterns play a strong role in brand differentiation as it is a key element in logo design. The importance of context color is due to the human visual mechanics in perception where colors and contrast are important to visual detail detection. Color connotations and associations are acquired through cultural and social conditioning. While color is a key element, it should not conflict with the functionality of the logo.

What are some popular Logo Designs?

The profession of logo designs have substantially increased over the past years since the rise of the Modern movement in the U.S. during the 1950s. The pioneers of logo designs are Chermaayeff & Geismar, which logo is responsible for the huge number of icon logos such as Mobil Oil, Chase Bank, NBC, PBS, National Geographic and more. It is the boldness and simplicity of these logo designs that are still in use today.


Logo designs are an important part of graphic design as it is the most difficult process to perfect as the logo is the main image that embodies the organization. Logo designs are meant to represent the brand and corporate image of the company.