For some countries, most notably the tropical ones and those within Asia, summer is fast approaching, but for other countries, spring comes first before summer. What are we actually trying to imply? The answer to that lies behind what people—especially teenagers—commonly do during these two seasons. Many people often go to beaches, swimming pools, and even engage in spring break events, and it is very understandable why. These seasons are best spent at the beach or swimming pool since the weather during these times are not too cold, or just warm enough to balance with the water’s temperature. Also, for people who wish to get a tan, the sun’s intensity is at its perfect point during these seasons, but it’s still no reason not to wear sunscreen, right?

Let’s continue on. There are people who prefer to swim at the beach, while there are also those who aren’t really fond of seawater and would rather go swim in pools, where the water is chlorinated and not salty. Unlike the beach where it’s all fresh ocean water and doesn’t require extensive cleaning aside from simply picking out the garbage that are being thrown in the water, swimming pools have little room to circulate and clean itself that it is reliant on water pumps and chlorine. This is the reason why swimming pools require regular cleaning and maintenance, because they easily become dirty, which may make them no longer suitable for swimming. If you are in a business that deals with swimming pools, then what we have in store for you may be what you need.

What we actually have on this article is a collection of pool logo designs for those businesses that render services ranging from constructing swimming pools to doing maintenance or cleaning them up. The business logo designs below have been gathered here to save you all the time and effort in having to actually do it yourself. Aside from that, these editable design templates can also save you the stress in having to design your own logos from scratch. Rest assured that the logo designs that you are about to see are of professional quality and of sharp resolution, so we hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to find at least one design that works perfectly for your business.

Swimming Person Pool Logo Design


Let’s officially start this article by checking out this pool logo design that contains a flat illustration of a person swimming in the water. There is really nothing else to say about this modern logo design since it is already very self-explanatory even though the illustration strays away from realism. If you plan on using a logo design that would work with or without the use of color, then this would be a good choice.

Photorealistic Swimming Pool Logo Design


Here is another business logo design that makes use of a simple, flat illustration for its symbol. For this design, it simply features a solid blue box with rounded corners, and within this element is an image of a water wave that is incorporated using the box’s negative space. To those not really familiar with what a hydro pool—shortened term for hydrotherapy pool—is, it is almost as similar to a regular swimming pool, but this one is capable of blowing pressurized air that allows it to make artificial waves. Another is that hydro pools are also capable of regulating the temperature of its water and is usually set at around 34–35 degrees Celsius. Hydro pools are commonly used for hydrotherapy exercises.

Abstract Swimmer Pool Logo Design


Here is another pool logo design that is very much similar to the first one that we featured in this collection. This design—just like the previous one that we are referring to—shows an abstract illustration of a person swimming in the water, and this illustration is simply done using various curved line. If you found the previous design interesting but found this one better, then don’t hesitate to download this creative and cool logo design.

Geeky Fish Pool Logo Design


When naming your business, you have all the freedom to name it whatever you want, the only thing that you should consider is to keep it as relatable as possible or not to make the name too far-fetched from the actual services being rendered by your business. Same can be said when creating a logo for your business, as much as you want it to be creative so it would stand out from its competitors, you need to make it relatable since the logo is, in fact, an abstract representation of a business. For this business logo design, it shows an image of a fish wearing eyeglasses and is accompanied by the name of the business that says “Geek Pool.” This is an appropriate logo design for those businesses that heavily use technology and gadgets for rendering their pool services.

For those who prefer a much simpler design for their logo, then the design on top may be perfect for you. This text logo design may be a wordmark type—meaning it is purely typographic—but it doesn’t mean that it’s not creative enough. What’s great about this logo design is that even if it only contains text, the concept of water is still incorporated on the letters, and in this case, the O letters serve as water bubbles.

Symbolic Aquatic Swimming Pool Logo Design


Swimming Pool Construction Logo Design


Pool Cleaning Services Logo Design


As we mentioned earlier in the introduction section of this article, the main functions of pool-handling businesses include the construction of swimming pools, as well as the maintenance or clean-up of these swimming pools. For the pool cleaning and maintenance logo design shown above, it is already very self-explanatory as to what it is trying to imply. When people see your business’s logo, they can right away tell that your business works to render cleaning services to swimming pools. The identity of a business is best when people can decipher it right away without having to ask what it is truly about, and this can give a very good impression to the general public.

Minimalist Swimming Pool Logo Design


Aquatic Water Pool Park Logo Design


To those looking for alternative file formats other than vectors, here is a pool logo design that also comes in PSD. While vectors are compatible with graphics editors such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Inkscape, the PSD is a format created by Adobe and works best with Adobe Photoshop. This pool logo design is ideal not only for businesses that handle the construction and maintenance of swimming pools, but this can also be used by already established resorts and water parks to create an identity for themselves. For those looking for more designs in the PSD format, you may want to check out our separate collection of PSD logo designs.

Abstract Typographic Swimming Pool Logo Design


Stock Round Symbol Aqua Pool Logo Design


Previously, we have shown you a hydro pool logo design that featured a blue box with an image of a water wave in its negative space. Now, we will be showing you a similar concept, but in a rather different shape. This design features a blue color-filled round symbol, with an illustration of a water wave incorporated in its negative space. And the best thing about this round logo design is that whether you use this symbol in color or not, it can still be appreciated by the people.

Pool Services Simple Logo Design


So what can you say about the pool logo designs that you have just seen? Does at least one design work for you or at least capture your interests? We really hope you were able to find the perfect pool logo design for your business since we carefully chose these from among the best ones on the Internet. With regards to where these designs were taken from, they were actually gathered from multiple websites that offer logo designs and much more. And to answer the question as to who contributed these logo designs, they were actually created and uploaded to the website by some of today’s best graphic artists from all over the world. If you download from our collection, you will not only be getting logo designs, but you will actually be getting professionally-made logo design templates in outstanding quality.

Aside from just having an amazing quality as well as being made by professional graphic artists, the level of editability is also one of the most important factors that people look after when it comes to design templates. Most people would prefer those designs that give them a lot of freedom during the editing phase. For our professional logo designs, we are proud to say that these are fully editable and will give you all the freedom you ask for. Most of these designs are in vector format, which is the format of choice for many graphic artists and average users alike. The reason behind this is because vectors are able to keep its quality together even after undergoing a lot of modifications, and the elements on vectors can be edited individually. But to those not really fond of working with vector files or vector graphics editors, there are also designs here in the PSD format, which only requires Adobe Photoshop or similar programs.

And last but not the least concern—especially when downloading from the Internet—is the cost for downloading such amazing logo designs. We are even more proud to let you know that you can download these pool logo designs for a fairly good price, it may even be safe to say that what you are getting will be far more than what you are actually paying. This is actually ours and the graphic artists’ purpose for these designs, to be able to make them accessible as well as affordable to Internet users without the need of actually spending a lot. Now that we have done our part in providing you with details behind this collection of pool logo designs, it’s time to do yours by downloading a design now so you can already start making your own pool logo for your business.

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