Here on our website, we have always said that retro and vintage designs rule over the modern ones, and while the statement is true most of the time, it doesn’t mean that modern designs are now considered to be out of style. Let’s just say that not all modern designs are unfashionable, and that if chosen well, you may just be able to pull off a visually stunning modern design that is sure to capture people’s attention. Then again, a logo should always work appropriately with the business or organization that it represents.

Now, to make it more specific, this article is about logos, and listed below are some of the best modern logo designs that we found on the Internet. Many of these logo designs have a specific purpose, while some are also generic and can be used to represent anything. But even so, if the logo that you want to use is intended for something else, you may still be able to customize them to fit appropriately to the business or organization that you want to be represented. Start scrolling down to see the different modern professional logo designs yourself.

Modern Jewelry Logo Design


To get us on the roll, here is a modern business logo design that involves jewelries, which, of course, is intended to be used by jewelry companies. This logo design involves a symbol of a diamond, then followed by the text where you may be able to write the name of your business. You may say that this logo appears to have a very simplistic design because of the limited number of colors used, but this logo actually has a modern theme as evidenced by the detailed representation of the diamond.

Flat Real Estate Modern Logo Design


For real estate agents or companies out there, if you need your own logo design, you may be interested in checking out this modern real estate logo. We all know that real estate industries involve the dealing of properties, structures, and land, which makes the logo design perfectly appropriate since it shows houses and buildings under a sunny sky. The flat appearance of this modern real estate logo helps it to look attractive regardless of the material or medium that the design is being printed on.

Electric Power Company Modern Logo Design


The electric power industry is considered as one of the most successful industries worldwide since it is, after all, what provides power to almost everything that we are doing in our day-to-day lives, and it is also what’s allowing you to keep your device on and be able to read this article. Countries have their own electric power industries and they obtain their power from various sources, some from the wind, some from solar energy, and some from coal. If you are working for an electric company and are in need of a logo, then why not check out the modern logo design shown above? For more logo designs that have a similar style, you may want to check out our collection of lightning logo designs.

Round Wine Club Modern Logo Design


Statistics Company Modern Logo Design


Statistics, the measurement to almost everything from population to financial gain or loss, and to other attributes that are measurable. While people may be able to perform these measurements through online or downloadable apps, there are actually companies that do specific tasks in collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting certain data to people. If you are working in one, then you may be interested in checking out the company logo design that we have above. Feel free to check it out.

Elegant Typographic Photographer Modern Logo


Textured Lettermark Photography Modern Logo Design


Many of today’s modern business logos have flat or minimalist designs but also involve the use of textures or particles, which is the case of the photography logo design shown above. The design is pretty self-explanatory, simply showing the first letter of the photographer’s name, surrounded by an image that appears to be a camera lens, but illustrated in a rather creative way as evidenced by the particles. What makes this letter logo design even more appealing is its minimal use of colors, which makes it easy on the eyes, but if you look closely, you may also notice that the image is actually slightly textured.

When a company is willing to offer their services not just locally but for multiple countries, they usually use a logo design that bears a globe or something else that resembles a globe, and this to demonstrate the extent of their services, have you ever noticed that? I think it very much makes sense since logos are, after all, an indirect or an abstract representation of a business. For the company logo design shown above, it simply bears a round symbol that represents a globe, and when people see this symbol, they can already assume the coverage of the services from this company.

Colorful Shapes Modern Logo Design

colorful shapes modern logo design

Strawberry Eco Food Modern Logo Design

strawberry eco food modern logo design

Check out this mouth-watering modern logo design that can be used by food companies. As simple as it is, this logo bears a flat image of a strawberry with a space on the bottom intended for the text. This logo design is perfect for those companies that either sell, export, or manufacture food, and you don’t even have to stick to the strawberry symbol as seen on the image above; you can change it to any food illustration or symbol that you want that suits your business more.

Flat Tooth Modern Dental Logo Design

flat tooth modern dental logo design

Having good teeth is very important, not just because it helps us to chew our food well, but also because it makes us even more presentable to others. There are a lot of quotes that tell us about the importance of having a complete set of teeth, and one of which says, “Every tooth in a person’s head is more valuable than diamonds.” On the dental logo design shown above, even with the flat design and the minimal use of colors, you can already identify that the symbol represents a tooth, or a dental company. This is perfect for dentists, or for organizations and industries that deal with dental health. Indeed, “Life is short, so smile a lot while you still have teeth.”

For real estate or housing agents that just started and in need of a logo design, or those established ones looking to update their logo, you may want to check out the flat and modern house logo shown above. The design itself is very simple, that it only shows a flat image of a gear with an image of a house as its negative space. Nothing else can be said about this flat logo design other than the fact that it is very minimalistic and is versatile enough to suit different industries that involve dealing with houses and properties.

Flat Modern Business Logo Design

flat modern business logo design


Green Leaf Modern Logo Design

green leaf modern logo design

When a symbol of a leaf is used as a logo, it could have multiple meanings other than just representing a company that sells or grows plants. One of which could be environmental awareness, or should we say, the sense of “being green.” The modern leaf logo above appears to have a flat design, but the effective use of different shades of green makes the logo look multilayered or have a three-dimensional effect. This symbolic logo will surely look good when printed on different mediums or materials.

Now that you have reached this point in this article, it means that you have gone through all fourteen modern logo designs. So what did you think of the designs? Were you able to find one that works perfectly for your business or organization? These logo designs were carefully chosen from among hundreds of the best ones in multiple sources and have been contributed by many of today’s most imaginative and skillful graphic artists, and this alone assures you that these logo designs are not only high in quality but also high in its level of visual appeal.

In terms of the editability of these designs, these modern logos are in vector format, which means that not only are they very easy to edit, but they are capable of retaining their sharpness even after a lot of editing. To make it even more understandable for you regarding vectors designs, their elements can be edited individually and can be resized to a great extent without losing its quality.

These modern logo designs can be accessed and downloaded very easily just as long as you have a good and stable Internet connection. However, these logo designs aren’t free and may require you to pay a certain amount before you can actually store a design on to your system. With regards to the cost, you don’t need to worry about spending too much because these high quality designs can be yours for a very reasonable amount, which means that you are actually getting more than what you’re paying for. If that’s not a good deal, then we don’t know what is. So what are you waiting for? Start downloading your own design now.

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