As you take off on a grand adventure with your restaurant, cafe, or other such food-related business ventures, make sure you’ve got everything covered—business cards, menu designs, desirable locations, investors, and more. It may seem like you’ve got a lot on your plate, yes; so what better way to keep things light and interesting than by playing with designs for your business?

Take a look at our quirky food illustration designs, and find one that can best capture the essence of your business, art project, or gift ideas. You can download and edit our designs to fit in any type of medium you prefer.

Vector Food Illustration

vector food illustration

Barbecue Hand Drawn Illustration Set

barbecue hand drawn illustration set

Fast Food Vector Illustration

fast food vector illustration1

Food and Breakfast Flat Design

breakfast time illustration

Mexican Food Illustration

mexican food illustration

Illustrations: The Main Course

You may think picking out illustrations of food is like snapping your fingers: quick and easy; but that’s never the case, especially when you’ve got a specific look in mind. Not all food illustrations are the same just like how not all restaurants look alike.

  • If you want authentic hand drawn illustrations, the Barbecue Hand Drawn Illustration Set and Hand Drawn Superfood Illustration look contemporary and charming; perfect for the urban setting.
  • Hand drawn vector illustrations like the Hand Drawn Italian Food Vector Illustration and Vector Food Illustration have a more classic and old-fashioned quality to them that can fit in a vintage-themed setup.
  • Comical sketches like the Fast Food Vector Illustration, Mexican Food Illustration, Food Dishes Illustration, and Flat Design Food Illustration are appropriate in eateries with a bright and energetic ambiance—fast food places, Asian and Mexican restaurants, and street food settings.
  • The Watercolor Food Collection looks like they came out of a dessert factory with sweet pastels and even sweeter food illustrations. The Realistic Cheeseburger Illustration, on the other hand, looks good enough to eat with its 3-D effect.

Every design contains a unique character that can either amplify your brand, or show inconsistency. Think about which design can best contribute to the ambiance of your food business or event to make it successful.

Realistic Cheeseburger Illustration

realistic cheeseburger illustration

Healthy Food Illustration

healthy food illustration

Hand Drawn Italian Food Vector Illustration

hand drawn sketch italian food

Food Concept Vector Illustration

food concept vector illustration

Watercolor Food Collection

watercolor food collection

Food Dishes Illustration

food dishes illustration

Hand Drawn Superfood illustration

hand drawn superfood illustration

Fruits & Vegetables Vector Illustration

vector fruits vegetables set

Flat Design Food Illustration

flat design food illustration

Start Setting Up the Table

Starting up a business or organizing an event means you have to project a consistent image with your every action. Your ads, flyers, business cards, and even menu designs must present a unified message for people to respond better to you.

How then, should your food vectors and illustration designs be presented? And where do you place them?

  • For starters, choose a staple design or illustration you can incorporate anywhere. Like how a logo is an extension of your business, your choice of illustration design should encourage easy association with your company.
  • Be consistent with your format. Customers and potential clients are going to find it difficult to recognize you if the colors in your flyers and business cards don’t match.
  • Once you’ve finalized the layout of your food illustrations, you can proceed with incorporating them on your menus, flyers, and promotional ads knowing they’ll turn out great.

Download our illustration designs to start off right. You can edit and practice with our designs by sampling them on different templates and mock-up props.

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