Photographs are precious memories we get to treasure for a long time. We usually enjoy browsing through them to feel all kinds of nostalgic. Aside from all the fun we get to experience with album designs, an online album is kind of a necessity these days.

If you’re getting tired of looking at the same old format for your albums online, collage designing is always a good idea. If you don’t fancy yourself the creative, our photo collage design templates are here to get you out of that funk. Take your pick from our list, download, and edit them to bring out the life of your photos.

Photo Collage

photo collage

Vintage Photo Collage

vintage photo collage

Collage Photo Frames

collage photo frames

Photo Collage Template

photo collage template

Twitter Cover Pro Photo Collage

twitter cover pro photo collage

Facebook Cover Photo Collage

photo collage facebook covers


Crazy for Collages

Making collages is a fun activity to take part in no matter what age group you belong to. Not only is it relaxing, collage-making is one way of expressing yourself and for you to bring out your own style into designing.

  • If you’re the straightforward type, the Photo Collage and Twitter Cover Pro Photo Collage are simple yet profound. They have clean borders and elegant arrangement and are far from looking boring.
  • If you like to show off some dynamism, the Collage Photo Frames, Photo Collage Template, and Wall Photo Collage show a play of frames, bordering, and arrangement.
  • Our Vintage Photo Collage and Retro Photo Collage are absolutely adorable and perfect for the outgoing and spontaneous. They show off a different kind of classy that’s unpredictable and pleasing to the eyes.
  • Should you wish to make use of collages for invites, take inspiration from the Photo Collage Wedding Invitation and 1st Birthday Invitation Collage that effectively incorporates the corresponding theme to their designs.

Much like a photo album design, collage photo frames and designs are unique to your own personality. You can have as much freedom on your designs as you want. When it comes to collages, there are no things such as mistakes.

Retro Photo Collage

retro photo collage

Photo Collage Wedding Invitation

wedding collage

1st Birthday Invitation Collage

baby collage

Wall Photo Collage

wall photo collage

A Collage’s Special Features

Your photo collages are not just made for online posting and archiving. Moreover, collages are not meant to be kept to yourself. They become more meaningful when shared with other people.

  • Wall Collages – No, we don’t just mean your Facebook walls or Twitter feeds. Your collages can be great additions to the home. Take a break from the conventional photo frames lined up on your shelves or walls, and create a piece of art on your walls through collages.
  • Gift Ideas – Collages are the perfect gift ideas for loved ones, especially if you don’t see each other often. It’s a way of honoring the times you spent together and instilling your own personality the other person can carry with him/her.
  • Greeting Cards – You can make collages as greeting cards, and personalize them for every receiver. You can make one for different seasons and holidays, and experiment with photography mock-ups to make sure your final output is as presentable and festive as it can be.

Your collage designs can serve different purposes and it’s up to you to make the meaningful and unique in their own way. Let our list of designs inspire you to bring out your personal style. Download and edit the photo collage designs we’ve got listed, and share them with family and friends.

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