A coupon is a small printed piece of paper or card issued by companies or businesses to entitle the holder of a special service or discount for their products. Coupons are also known as vouchers or gift cards, and each card can have a special feature or purpose. They’re great for businesses and are awesome as presents.

If you’re currently looking for more creative ways to promote your business, or you simply want to make a friend happy with a gift, browse through our coupon templates to grab some ideas and much-needed inspiration. They also go well with thoughtful card designs.

Food Coupon Template

Birthday Coupon Template

Gift Coupon Template

Printable Coffee Coupon Template

Christmas Coupon Template

Good Coupons Make for Great Business

As a creative entrepreneur, one has to be willing to explore all possible ways to advertise and promote a company, business, or establishment. If you find yourself in the area of coupon designing, you’re headed in the right direction. Here’s why:

  • For starters, giving out coupons is an incredibly effective way to attract customers, both new and old. An opportunity to get a good bargain for quality products or services can surely boost consumer interest.
  • Special holiday and limited edition coupons are added resources for your advertising strategy. Limited edition coupons spark a sense of urgency and exclusivity that can draw the attention of a new set of clients. A holiday coupon for a Christmas freebie is another way to make your business favorable to customers.
  • Lastly, you can use coupons as a way to feature new products or exclusive services. If you’ve recently opened up a new gym, or created a new product for the season, sending out coupons for a free trial or discount is an effective way of getting the word out to other customers or possible investors.

It’s important to note that a good design is part of what makes your coupons effective. Whether or not you’e got a theme going on, your designs should always coincide with the image of your company. It’s encourages easy retention and recognition.

Blank Coupon Template

Anniversary Coupon Card Template

Holiday Coupon Template

Multipurpose Discount Coupon

Love Coupon Template

Vintage Coupon Template

Coupons for All Seasons

Everyone loves a good coupon. They are always appropriate in almost any season or occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect coupon to go with your birthday card or for a regular night out with friends, we’ve got variety of template designs and approaches you can take.

  • Elegant Birthday Coupon – A gift card to go with that birthday cake is one way of making the celebrant feel happier and giddy with excitement. Our Birthday Coupon Template design is perfect if you’re looking for that sparkly and magical look. Make use of a glittering ribbon as your statement design piece with a faded background and simple text.
  • Urban Restaurant Coupon – Give your food item coupon an urban look with edgy typefaces, accent colors, and quirky borders. Food coupons looks more mouthwatering with images of your best sellers or featured meals. Our Food Coupon Template is the epitome of eye-catching and delectable.
  • Minimalist Cafe Coupon – A minimalist design for a coupon is also welcome, and is appreciated by many. We have a Printable Coffee Coupon Template ready for download, with a plain background, simple borders, and clean text. You can incorporate your cafe’s color palette in your coupon with a simple photo of a steaming cup of coffee, and dessert icons to complement the look.
  • Holiday Sale Coupon – Coupons are especially famous during the holidays where everyone’s busy shopping for presents. Holiday sales are in every corner, and what better way to spread the good news than through special coupons! Our Holiday Coupon Template is adorned in gold stars and elegant script to emphasize luxury and style. If you want a simpler design, download our Christmas Coupon Template for a classical merry white Christmas look.

There’s plenty of design approaches you can incorporate in your coupons. If you want to make it even more personal and customized to the receiver’s preferences, then why not go for DIY?

Business Coupon Template

Retro Coupon Template

Coupon Flyer Template

Vector Coupons and Tickets

Cardboard Coupon Card

Sale Coupon Vector

Food Coupon Card

Spa Coupon Card

Flat Coupon Sale

DIY Gift Coupon

DIY coupons are undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts you can hope to receive from a loved one. If you’re currently mulling over possible anniversary gift ideas, designing a DIY gift coupon should be at the top of your list. If you have no idea how to get started, be guided by these important points:

  • Give your coupon a purpose. Unlike ordinary greeting cards, a coupon entitles the holder to something they can benefit from—a free spa day, 20 free hugs, or daily compliments given by you. The best and most appreciated gift you can give to someone may not always be tangible.
  • Indicate how long they will last. Some coupons have a definite life span, and it’s important to indicate that on your card so the holder can set a day to avail them. If your special coupon has no expiration date, put that in the card as well.
  • Set terms and conditions. They don’t have to be exhaustive. You can just present a brief outline on what’s allowable for your coupon and what’s not. If you’re DIY coupon is intended for one specific person, make it clear that he or she is the only person who can avail your gift.

Don’t let anything hold you back, and get creative with your ideas. Our Love Coupon Templates have set the right tone with thoughtful and charming cards. You can also download our Blank Coupon Template as a guide for your design ideas.

Christmas Discount Coupon

Seafood Cafe Coupon Set

Halloween Coupon Template

Coupon Banners Template

Elegant Discount Coupon

Breakfast Coupon Card

Coupon Design Themes

Your coupons are not just limited to rectangular cardboard pieces with writing on them. There’s no shame in going out of the box and creating something out of the ordinary. Set a theme for your coupons, and have them appear in unconventional shapes and formats.

  • Vintage and Retro Themes – These are two classic themes that will never go out of style. Download our Retro Coupon Template to bring a kind of playfulness that’s unique to your coupon alone. We also have a Vintage Coupon Template that banks on simplicity with a clean, delicate border, and limited colors and vintage fonts.
  • Quirky Tickets – Your coupons can come in an old movie or circus ticket format, with old-fashioned camera icons or circus themes for a romantic movie date or a destination concert with your best friend. We’ve got vector coupons and tickets to get inspiration from.
  • Coupon Flyer Cut-Out – Another unique way of presenting your coupons is by posting flyers around town with different coupon cut-outs at the bottom. People can take as many coupons as they want with the special offers they’re going to avail.

There are so many ways you can design your coupons. You just need to get your creative juices flowing, and to experiment with different designs. You can download our coupon templates and edit them to bring out your unique character, or try using a creative PSD template to be guided.

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