UX, short for user experience, is more than just design. It is the art and science of generating the correct sentiment among the people who interact with the product. And to captivate the users, this year has its own list of hot UX trends.

1. Single Task Engagement

Providing multi-interactions can backfire for you. It has been seen that in such cases, user usually takes more time to decide. Do one thing, and doing it really well is going to be the motto for the UX gurus in 2016.



2. Micro Interaction

An idea that will change the way we interact with devices in 2016 will be that it doesn’t require to be a two way dialogue. Subtle gestures like, a smile to capture a selfie, or blinking of eyes to swipe are going to take control of the rudimentary AI.

micro pinterest

3. UX Testing

There is a growing demand for quantitative data which is retrieved through usability testing. And in this year, the UX testing will happen more often and on a larger scale, as a lot of insights come from it, and you can save a lot of time, money and resources by working on those insights.

test thenextweb


 4. Responsive Web Designs

With open source libraries like Bootstrap that take care of the styling depending upon the screen size, it has become much easier for the developer to create a responsive web content. More and more websites are moving towards this due to the sudden rise of usage of mobiles, tablets and other hand-held devices

responisve think360studio


5. Material Designs and Minimalism

The fascination with visual effects is fading away. A basic popping up ghost button with a simple border and a transparent background creates an ideal contrasting effect, and the result is an awe-inspiring design. This minimalistic design approach also saves up time by eliminating unnecessary elements.

material google now

6. Vertical Patterns

With new hand held devices being launched in the market every day, the act of clicking is becoming extinct. Everything should be available on the scroll of the finger. As a result, single page applications with parallax scrolling implemented in their designs will be a hot trend of this year.

vertical graygrids

7. Personalized User Experience

To obtain finer details about the pattern of each user, tracking their activity is at an all time high. Cookies are used for this purpose, and thus help you provide the user with the relevant content and increase the conversion rate. Linkage of accounts through social media also helps in certain cases, and provides meaningful information.

personalized shweiki

8. Card Layouts

This style of interface provides an easy and fun way of organizing and maintaining the content without any hassle. Being extremely functional, the boxes can be stacked across various columns for better use of the screen and is more engaging for the users. Pinterest is an example of how this style works.

card macrumors


9. Time-centered Designs

Distributing the content timely as per the requirements and needs of the customer is something every UX team will work on in the passing year. This strategy has already been implemented and is in use by organizations like Uber (First the pick up address, followed by dropping address, and then post journey, driver’s rating).

uber stuff tv


10. Native Applications

Although this has been in place for years, 2016 will see more of it than ever. Native apps have certain leverage over a mobile friendly responsive website. And features like push notification, reminders and offline functionality enrich the user experience and help organizations create a loyal customer base.

native apps moovweb


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