App Designs

Web Applications, or Apps is a simple client-server application that are popular due to ubiquity and convenience of using a browser to keep up to date and maintain web applications without installing and distributing software. For Android, there are two essential ways to deliver an app: either as a client-side application or as a web application. With a web-based application, you will allow specific viewports and style properties to make your pages appear at the right scale and size on seen configurations. Read More

Different Kinds of Apps

Emoji’s are one of the most popular apps to use for the keyboard as they are frequently updates to show new designs. If you are into fitness and health, look to new diet and fitness apps such as Nike to keep track of your fitness. Games, health, schedules, and designs are all among the top search for apps and will continue to grow more every day.

Best Apps for Designers

Apps such as myPANTONE, Paper and Photoshop Touch are all advanced functionalities that create thousands of ideas and inspiration, making them the best apps that are closets to sketching on real paper. You can create amazing Css3 styles and animations with Css3Machine or bring your designs on the go with iMockups. Bring Adobe to your iPad by using Adobe Ideas that edits using color themes, layers, and vectors – which is also conveniently compatible with Illustrator. Go to SketchBookPro for a professional app for drawing and painting. You can also choose iFontMaker or What the Font Mobile to create your own fonts or help identify any font soon on a web graphic or in a photo in less than 5 minutes.

Best Apps for Development Resources and Tools

If you are looking for the best web apps for tools, using App Annie will store analytics and market intelligence while App Cooker designs mobile and iOS mockups, prototypes, and wireframes. The Cabana app is a visual way of making customized mobile apps while uses visual UX feedback for your iOS. Crashlytics is a light yet powerful crash reporter for both Android and iOS apps while CloudMine is the backend service for web and mobile apps. For one of the top mobile apps, Mobile Roadie is one of the best creators for Android, the mobile web, iPhone, and iPad. For your complete CRM mobile solution, use Appboy and Parse as both will add a powerful backend in minutes.


Check out some of the top 4 android games to keep you busy during long hour waits at the clinic or simply sitting in traffic. You can keep up to date with an organizer app to set up all of your meetings and reminders.