The look of a website often matters; your website application must have a professional layout and an appealing look to deliver your brand’s message to a targeted audience. In fact, websites developed in compliance with exact web standards will not only make you a perfect choice for the audience, but also improve your website application’s user experience. So, take the first few months of the year 2016 to refine your website if you are serious about supporting your online brand and communicating with your audience seamlessly.

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There has been some awesome changes in the tech world, which means that web developers now have access to high standard technologies and trends useful for refining their website application.

Single page application


Single page application was necessitated by the rise, use and popularity of web design and development technologies. In 2015, we saw a few single page websites, but the popularity of advanced web technologies means we are going to see many web designers and developers create single page web applications in the future.

Responsive Design


Many people have debated on the topic of responsive design in an attempt to find whether or not the technique is any way useful. In the end, they discovered that the concept was necessary because millions of people use their mobile phones to perform search. Today, responsive design is one of the hottest web app design topics on the Internet.

Large visual headers


Why exactly would you want to use large visual headers for your website? Perhaps the single best-fit answer to this question is that it is important to keep things simple than to overwhelm your visitors with a lot of information. Large visual headers tell your audience what your product or service is about in just a few words, which means that sometimes keeping things simple can improve your conversion rates.

Flat Design


Although we have heard about Google’s material design and about how a number of developers are implementing its features, flat design remains the most popular and the trendiest web design technique. Flat design is about using colors and objects that are completely flat in appearance. And the good thing about flat design is that it gives a better feel of depth and layer for your website.

Material Design


Material design was Google’s idea, and, luckily, it has been embraced by hundreds of thousands of developer, mainly because it is believed to be the biggest game changer in web app design. Acting as a perfect alternative to flat design, material design focuses on clean, artistic and modernistic design. Probably, every developer will switch to material design soon.

Hamburger Menu


Including a long menu on the header part of your website is a good thought. At least it takes users directly to the page they are looking for. But the drawbacks of a long menu is that it takes up a lot of space, which makes Hamburger menu the trendiest and perfect menu option. The best thing about the hidden menu is that it gives you website a cleaner appearance, making it distraction free.

Card Design


The idea of card design approach is that it is often better if people small pieces of useful content without getting distracted or overwhelmed. Because it helps deliver relevant and easily consumable chunks of information to the targeted audience, card design is going to be a popular design trend to use in the future.

Semi Flat Design


Semi Flat Design has become just as popular as flat design. And with big companies utilizing the power of flat and semi flat design in the web app projects until now, there is no gainsaying that the two combination will make a perfect trend for web app design in 2016.

Background Videos


Developers realized that automated videos on their landing page added value to their websites. In fact, background videos have become the trendiest way to communicate your message without adding more of written content and images on your website page.

Background Animation


Image slides are still popular, and we are going to witness their use in 2016. Because they put important info on the forefront, users are able to understand what or who you are without clicking on the about us link.

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