Next time when you are with your kid and sight the lightning striking a skyscraper, and your kid asks where did the lightning go ? luckily, you will have a pictorially representative answer for your kid.

Tinybop’s latest app aims to teach the kids about everything ranging from anatomy to geology through experimentation . Skyscrapers is the seventh title in the explorer’s library of several subjects and it puts the kids in charge of their city’s own skyline.

delightful app shows kids how skyscrapers really work

First, you get to create your own skyscraper by dragging floors into the building. The green floors are reviewed as the residential and blue floors are marked as the office, the very first detail that you will come across in the app. After this initial explanation, one will then be exposed to detailed information about how the elevators work.

delightful app shows kids how skyscrapers really work1

So, the app will help to demonstrate what happens when the light strikes the Empire State Building. The electricity grounds itself, running conductively down the building to disperse itself through the earth.

In real life, if you have to explain the working of the elevator it is certainly going to be complicated with all the movement dynamics, but Skyscrapers explains the basic theory of elevator design simply with a cutaway view of how some elevators just go till certain floors. The kids can tap on the people waiting for the elevator and learn why certain shafts go up to a designated floor length and why some elevators can go up to all the floors.

delightful app shows kids how skyscrapers really work2

The app provides you with the option of making the tallest skyscraper that is up to the length of 750 meters, which is just little shorter than Burj Khalifa. As the height of the skyscraper grows, the building automatically changes the architecture to support it. If the building has gone up a good number of floors, the top six floors will always have a section dedicated to  tuned mass damper. The tuned mass damper is the 700-plus-ton sphere brought to the building via helicopter to maintain the balance of the building in case of an earthquake.

The app also provides you with a specific tab to stimulate an earthquake in the building. When you press the tab for activating the in-app earthquake you can actually see the  springs-with-damper base isolators working underground to prevent the building from crumbling into pieces. With all the options that can trigger an earthquake, you can see the respective changes that occur to the building for protecting it.

delightful app shows kids how skyscrapers really work3

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As the app is for the kids the plumbing section of the app tells the kids how the toilets are connected in the skyscraper with the vivid demonstrations and illustrations. The app can also stimulate water leaks, fires, and power surges the things that can slow down the everyday functioning of a skyscraper.

A sense of height and scale can also be made in the building by adjusting and testing out large objects like a whale, a dinosaur, elephant or a giraffe in the building.

Mike Ellis the illustrator says that the app might not provide all the detailed engineering knowledge to the kids but it can sure help to provide a basic and illustrative  framework of how the adult world’s work. The app can be downloaded from iOS App Store for $2.99.

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