The expansion of digital channels has caused the logo design market to steadily evolve and change as per the demands and preference of the consumers. The current trend is leading towards a more personal and inclusive engagement rather than distant and formal. With the growing opportunities and changing technology, we have today compiled a list of 8 logo design trends that are running strong in 2016.

1. Flat Design


Flat designed logos continued to dominate the design market with their clean and sophisticated appeal. These logos tend to load faster and the simple pattern, shadows, gradients give way for delicate lines and colours. The flat designed logos register better in print as well as the online platforms. These uncomplicated design elements allow the companies to develop an easy and identifiable image with the target market.

2. Handmade Design


Handmade logos bring out a touch of honesty and create a closer and personal connect with the audience. Gaining popularity for quite some time now, the handmade design combined with a simple and small sketch work has been a prominent sight with a lot of company logos. With a hybrid feel that combines a digital and handmade touch, the designs are able to reflect on the crafty charm.

3. Kinetic and Dynamic Logos


The logos that change but at the same time hold a close connect with the original design are the ones that find a higher appeal with the audience. These types of logo designs help to make the consumer aware of the direction and diversification of the company. The trend fascinates the consumer with the new while also maintaining an association with the original.

4. Negative Space


Use of negative space in logo design has been a creative way to make the viewer look beyond the visual and really understand the hidden and true meaning. This depth is what makes the design work by creating something meaningful and exploring the strengths.

5. Letterstacking


A creative logo design trend, letterstacking is one way to engage the viewer to draw the meaning out of the letters. It offers the designers with inventive ways to present long text in interesting visual bytes. Giving a visually appealing break to the long text the style has gained the popularity in the design arena.

6. Monolines


Monolines is the concept of using just lines in the same amount of thickness to design a complete logo. Intricate in execution, the design is able to put emphasis on the elaborate beauty that lies in simplification.

7. Overlapping Gradient Logo Design


Using shiny, bright colours in overlapped format is one common web technique that is being used to create greater, beautiful and impactful logos.

8. Offset Logo Design


The technique uses the initials of the company in a creative way, making the logo more noticeable and distinctive in the crowd.

If you are planning to design an individual logo or one for a company, try and include any of the above-mentioned creative design ideas to create a striking and inspiring design.

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