A logo is any day one of the most vital aspects of your brand identity. The perfect logo design is the one that can express the defining feature of your company at its best and that too at a glance. In other words, a logo is a small thing that matters a lot. The logo design you choose for your firm should be in sync with that of your market and industry. This is why the pattern and overall aura of logos differ from one industry to another. The logo design of a restaurant would always be different from that of an educational institution.

Business Logo Design

When it comes to business logo design, you have to ensure to incorporate the very vibe of your business and industry into your logo. Starting from the color of your logo to the font to the overall design, an ideal business logo would reflect your business industry and your business culture.

Construction Business Logo Design

construction business logo design

Small Business Logo Design

small business logo design

New Business Logo Design

new business logo design

Company Logo Design

If you are planning to design a logo for your company, you must be careful about shaping it up with the very essence of your firm. For example, the logo of an entertainment company will always be different in feel than that of a fashion-related enterprise. And yes, you must also be careful about your target niche while designing your company logo.

Trucking Company Logo Design

trucking company logo design

It Company Logo Design

it company logo design

Cleaning Company Logo Design

cleaning company logo design

Fitness Logo Design

Fitness logos are mostly required by gyms, fitness clubs or stores selling fitness equipment. When it comes to designing fitness logos, you generally have them with illustrations of fit people echoing the promise of the fitness center. Besides, fitness logos also come with pictures of fitness equipment like dumbbells, treadmills etc.

Retro Fitness Logo

retro fitness logo

Fitness Gym Logo Design

fitness gym logo design

Physical Fitness Logo Design

physical fitness logo design

Food Logo Design

Food logo design mostly involves food-related artworks- you will often find them with the design of a whole platter or it could be some individual food items- say a chili or lemon or popular herbs like oregano. These logo designs are useful for restaurants, companies or stores selling food products and so on.

Fast Food Logo Design

fast food logo design

Food Product Logo Design

food product logo design

Frozen Food Logo Design

frozen food logo design

Sports Logo Design

When it comes to sports logo design, you mostly have the logos with the accessories or props of the sports. These logos are preferred by sports teams, tournaments or championships, and sports clubs or some sports authority body. Besides, stores selling sports equipment would also need sports logo design for their company logos.

Sports Team Logo Design

sports team logo design

Racing Sports Logo Design

racing sports logo design

Sports Club Logo Design

sports club logo design

Events Logo Design

Since events mostly deal with celebration, the events logo design mostly come with a happy feel to it. These logos are good for event management companies as well as individual events like fashion shows, college fests, corporate seminars and so on.  A perfect event logo will be able to express the very feel of the program at a glance.

Event Company Logo Design

event company logo design

Event Management Logo Design

event management logo design

Sports Event Logo Design

sports event logo design

Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant logo design will often have the illustrations of a smoking hot dish, or a delicious platter or a chef or some artworks on cutlery. However, the design of the logo would generally be decided by the very cuisine of the restaurant. For example, a restaurant with Chinese cuisine would generally have chopsticks while a continental one would mostly feature fork & knife.

Fast Food Restaurant Logo Design

fast food restaurant logo design

Pizza Restaurant Logo Design

pizza restaurant logo design

Burger Restaurant Logo Design

burger restaurant logo design

Education Logo Design

Educational logo design would usually feature books, scholar hats,  and other such educational elements. These logos are needed by educational institutions like schools, colleges universities and tuition centers. Sometimes, the education logos also come up with the initials of the education center or a miniature of the university building.

Education Center Logo Design

education center logo design

Educational Institute Logo

educational institute logo

Higher Education Logo Design

higher education logo design

Funny Logo Design

Funny logo designs would generally have artworks and illustrations in an amusing way- fonts are also carefully chosen to assure that fun feel. These logos are useful for comedy shows and sometimes some cafes or restaurants also use funny logo designs. Moreover, organizations mostly from the entertainment scene also take to funny logo design.

Funny Team Logo Design

funny team logo design

Funny Company Logo

funny company logo

Travel Logo Design

Travel logo designs generally come up with a feel of motion, complementing the very kinetic thrill of a holiday or trip. You would usually find the picture of happy travelers or an airplane in motion. Cruise holidays will mostly have illustrations of a ship. All in all, travel logos usually talk about the joyous essence of a vacation.

Travel Agency Logo Design

travel agency logo design

Air Travel Logo Design

air travel logo design

Travel Company Logo

travel company logo

Animal logo Design

As animals represent certain attributes in humans, there are some businesses that identify with certain animals- and this very concept is reflected in their logo designs. For example, if a company wants to express confidence and supremacy, a lion is the most favorite for the logo. Animal logos are also popular for organizations dealing with animals.

Wild Animal Logo

wild animal logo

Farm Animal Logo Design

farm animal logo design1

Geometric Animal Logo Design

geometric animal logo design

Photography Logo Design

Photography logo design would generally have illustrations of a camera or an image roll- in sync with the very industry of the business. These logo designs are most needed by photography studios as well as by individual freelance photographers. Besides, as cameras are the prime medium of films, many film company logos are inspired by photography logo design.

Photography Business Logo Design

photography business logo design

Professional Photography Logo Design

professional photography logo design

Flower logo design

Flower logo designs come up with multipurpose benefits. Yes, they are obviously used for flower shows but other than that the flower logos are deployed to signify anything beautiful, cute, soft as well as feminine. Thus, you have flower designs on salons, cosmetics, florist portals, ad agencies and any company named on a flower.

Lotus Flower Logo Design

lotus flower logo design

Flower Shop Logo

flower shop logo

Rainbow Flower Logo

rainbow flower logo

Entertainment Logo Design

Entertainment logo designs are generally full of glitz and glamor, in tune with the vibrant aura of the said industry. Stars and camera rolls are what you will find in most of the designs along with the use of bright shades. Film companies, concerts, and glamor events count on entertainment logo designs.

Entertainment Company Logo Design

entertainment company logo design

Media Entertainment Logo

media entertainment logo

Furniture Logo Design

Furniture logo designs usually come up with an artwork of a sofa or chairs or any such furniture elements. Sometimes the font and artwork are weaved together to present the initials of the store’s name together. Added to furniture stores, these logo designs are useful for home improvement sites and interior decorator companies.

Vintage Furniture Logo Design

vintage furniture logo design

Office Furniture Logo Design

office furniture logo design

Furniture Company Logo Design

furniture company logo design

Communications Logo Design

As communication denotes connectivity, the communications logo designs also carry the same feel. You will often find them with a circular feel that echoes the spirit of connecting the world. The telecommunication companies would benefit greatly from such logos- it includes network firms and also companies dealing with telecommunication maintenance.

Smart Communication Logo Design

smart communication logo design

Wireless Communication Logo Design

wireless communication logo design

Bakery Logo Design

Bakery logo designs usually have artworks on the baked delicacies like cupcakes, donuts, muffins and so on. Some of the logos also feature a happy smiling baker handing out a tray of hot cakes. Any bakery would need a bakery logo design. These would be useful for confectionary stores as well.

Cookie Bakery Logo Design

cookie bakery logo design

Cupcake Bakery Logo Design

cupcake bakery logo design

Wedding Logo Design

When it comes to wedding logos, it has to be something elegant and beautiful. You would generally have fine Victorian fonts here and a romantic artwork of the happy couple is alsocommon. These logo designs are great for a wedding management company and wedding websites and stores that sell wedding celebration supplies.

Vintage Wedding Logo Design

vintage wedding logo design

Wedding Photography Logo Design

wedding photography logo design

Medical Logo Design

Medical logo designs would typically feature the doctor’s plus while the stethoscope or the ECG line are also popular elements of medical logo designs. Some of these logos may feature a heart. The medical logos are greatly needed at hospitals, medical clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical boards or associations and drug stores.

Medical Equipment Logo Design

medical equipment logo design

Medical Center Logo

medical center logo

Medical Association Logo

medical association logo

Fashion Logo Design

Fashion logo designs are always very stylish- however, the theme can range from classy to funky, depending on the nature of the platform using the logo. For example, a store especially dealing with wedding gowns and accessories would mostly have an Edwardian feel while a style store catering to young niche would prefer a funky feel in the logo.

Fashion Boutique Logo Design

fashion boutique logo design

Fashion Photography Logo Design

fashion photography logo design

Fashion Clothing Logo Design

fashion clothing logo design

How to use these Logo Designs?

When you are planning to develop a logo for your brand, you must have a clear visual of how to reflect the essence of your brand through the logo. If hiring a logo designer is too costly for you, there are several logo designs online to choose from. You will find readymade logo designs for every industry and every business. You would simply need to pick out some of the designs related to your industry and firm. Although these logo designs are readymade, they would still allow you a solid customization facility with the specifics of your brand and ambience.

10 Tips to Create a Ultimate Logo

  • Always carry a thorough market research on the lifestyle, expectations and wants of your target niche
  • Make sure to incorporate the flavor of your company and business in your logo design
  • Always make at least 3 logo drafts before you finalize
  • You can show the drafts to your senior employees for inputs
  • Have a look at the logo designs of your competitors but do not imitate
  • Avoid clichés and make sure to include some exclusivity in the logo design
  • It must be simple enough so that the audience can get the main message at a glance
  • There must be balanced use of symmetry and proportion
  • Use white space wisely- don’t make the design look cluttered
  • Try out logo designs online

Are you about to create a perfect logo design for your brand and looking for ideas? Well, in that case, you can have some handy inspiration from the logo designs mentioned above as these offer.

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