Logos, in general, can serve you well as symbols of something. An effective logo should serve as a representation of a thing or an idea. To give an example, think about corporate logos, which can help increase brand awareness of the corporation and its products.

But it is not only corporations who can make use of logos. It is not unheard of for even ordinary people to use their own personal logos under the right circumstances. Take, for example, wedding logos. During many significant events in one’s life, one might make a logo in commemoration of the event so as to remember it for posterity. This is only natural, as one would generally do all in his power to make the event as memorable as possible.

Wedding Photography Logo

Royal Wedding Photography Logo

royal wedding photography logo

Elegant Wedding Photography Logo

elegant wedding photography logo

Wedding Anniversary Logo

Wedding Anniversary Logo Set

wedding anniversary logo set

50th Wedding Anniversary Logo

50th wedding anniversary logo

Wedding Ring Logo

Wedding Couple Rings Logo

wedding couple rings logo

Wedding Ring Vector Logo

wedding ring logo vector

What are Wedding Logo Designs?

Logos can be succinctly described as images that serve as symbols or representations of a thing, such as a corporation, organization, or even an event. This is not a recent phenomenon. People have been using images in order to represent ideas and people for centuries. Take the example of coats of arms, which were used to represent knights on battlefields in the medieval period. In a way, that is an example of how a logo can be representative of an individual or a family.

Nowadays, people do not really use such methods of identification as one’s name is usually enough of an identifier for most, and literacy is much higher now than in the past. However, there are still occasions where a logo could be of use as an identifier.

While many logos are used for corporate purposes so as to provide greater brand awareness of a company, another area where logos can find themselves used for is in ceremonies, particularly weddings. It is no secret that most people would like to personalize their ceremonies, the better to make the event more meaningful. For most ceremonies, the event is a significant one, all the more when the participants involve themselves.

Many prospective brides and grooms have a number of options with regard to what logo they wish to use to represent themselves. In many cases, it is some combination of the bride’s and groom’s names, but there are other choices. Some of them are representative of the ceremony and its trappings. You can even customize such details as the font. But whatever wedding template you elect to use, there is little doubt that the logo can serve to make the event more memorable in the eyes of all who attend.

Approaches to Design

Like any other thing designed to advertise or represent something, there are several possible approaches to designing a wedding logo. What these possible designs all have in common is that they are a means of representing the event, and more importantly, the people involved. Of course, whatever design one elects to use can also add a splash of character to the proceedings. One may even combine the logo with stickers, for example, so as to make the day more memorable. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Names – Perhaps the simplest way of putting one’s mark on an event like this is to literally put your mark on it, in the form of your name. This allows you to mark the event with your name directly, for all to read. This can make your logo an implicit invitation; by placing your name, you are more or less inviting your friends to attend.
  • Monogram – Or, if you feel like making your logo more elaborate, you can elect to create a monogram. A monogram is basically a symbol created by combining two other symbols. This can be as simple as combining the first letters of your names together so as to create some kind of mashup. This is rather similar to the modern phenomenon of combining the names of people you believe are together in a relationship, albeit one reclaimed for formal purposes.
  • Floral Design – A floral design is not an uncommon one for many similar events. This is thanks to the design being a fairly simple one that can find a use practically anywhere. The design can be an especially fitting one for a wedding, as it is a festive occasion in the first place. A floral design can be just what the event needs to add a splash of character to make it more memorable and significant for all involved.

Vintage Wedding Logo

Vintage Wedding Logo Design

vintage wedding logo design

Vintage Retro Wedding Logo Vector

vintage wedding logo vector

Wedding Logo Vector

Lovely Wedding Logo Vector

lovely wedding logo vector

Wedding Couple Logo Vector

wedding couple logo vector

Wedding Event Logo

Wedding Event Planner Logo

wedding event planner logo

Wedding Dress Logo Template

wedding event dress logo

Floral Wedding Logo

Floral Wedding Logo Template

floral wedding logo template

Monogram Floral Wedding Logo

monogram floral wedding logo

Wedding Invitation Logo

Vintage Wedding Invitation Logo

vintage wedding invitation logo

Do It Yourself Wedding Logo Designs

Like any other kind of logo, a wedding logo needs to possess certain qualities in order to do its job properly. Being that a logo is supposed to signify something, it should naturally be something that fully represents that which is signified, in this case the event and its celebrants. This is a fairly simple task, as far as representing a thing goes, but there are ways to make the designs more effective, such as adding little details like icons. In any case, some of the traits you want in a design include:

  • Concise – Like any other kind of logo, you want yours to be as straightforward as possible. A wedding logo is fairly simple and uncomplicated, so there is really no need for a very complex symbol to represent the ceremony. Some might argue that less is more, and that is usually the case with symbols. In short, the simpler a symbol is, the easier it will be for the mind to recall it.
  • Interesting – That said, you do want an interesting symbol. After all, this is supposed to be a memorable occasion, and you want to do everything in your power to make it so. It would help to have a logo worth remembering, particularly if you want to go the extra mile and continue to use it even after the event is over, as some couples do. In that case, it would help to have a logo that you would think worth using for a long period of time.
  • Thematic – It would be appropriate to use a logo that matches the occasion. After all, all the trappings of an event are representative of the event, and should correspond to it. This is true of everything from wedding invitations to the basic decor. As such, the logo really should match the basic wedding theme so as to contribute to the atmosphere of the wedding.
  • Persuasive – One could argue that the trappings of a ceremony add something to the event, and that includes such things as the wardrobe. After all, everything contributes to the event and the kind of atmosphere the organizers are looking for. To that end, one could argue that a logo is an implicit invitation to the couple’s loved ones to attend; being that the logo is specifically meant to be seen, and is already a proclamation of the celebrants, it is not surprising that the logo can be read as something to persuade people to participate themselves.

Wedding Labels Logo

Wedding Labels Logo Design

wedding labels logo design

Modern Wedding Logo

Royal Wedding Logo

Royal Wedding Logo Template

royal wedding logo template

Royal Vintage Wedding Logo

royal vintage wedding logo

Wedding Reception Logo

Elegant Wedding Reception Logo

elegant wedding reception logo

Wedding Business Logo

Simple Photography Business Logo

simple photography business logo

Wedding Business Logo Design

wedding business logo design

Wedding Letter Logo

Wedding Letter Crest Logo

wedding letter crest logo

Wedding Letter Logo PSD

wedding letter logo psd

Types of Wedding Logo Designs

Being that there are a number of possible logos you can use, it is no surprise that there are several types of designs available. Naturally, this allows you flexibility when coming up with your own design, as you have a number of possible choices so that you can select which is most appropriate for your needs. This can even help you underline the ceremony; as an example, were you to use a wedding banner to make the ceremony more clear, it would send a more powerful message. Some of the possible designs you can use include:

  • Photography Templates – One easy type of design is to simply use photos of the celebrants as the base of their logo. After all, it goes without saying that photography is an effective way of remembering weddings. This is a simple way for the couple to put their stamp on the event, as they can make themselves the subject of the event in the most direct manner. This is also a way of adding a very personal touch to the day, being that photos can make it very obvious whose day it is supposed to be.
  • Vintage Templates – There is a tendency to associate the old with dignity. You can appropriate that dignified air for yourself by using a vintage design, as it lends your event the same air of gravity. This is a strategy many other things use for themselves in order to lend gravitas to their own affairs, and can just as easily work for your designs, if you wanted some kind of dignity.
  • Symbolic Templates – In order to match the basic idea of the event being a wedding, you can make use of symbolism more directly related to weddings. This can include making use of symbols evoking the traditional symbols, such as wedding ring designs or representations of a bride and groom so as to correspond to the basic idea.
  • Anniversary Templates – These designs are not all for actual weddings; there are some designs explicitly for the benefit of those who have been married for some time. These templates can be used to celebrate all that time spent together; for example, such a couple may decide to re-enact their wedding, and would need a specific template to suit their needs. In any case, there are templates available even for such specific needs as these.

Like any other kind of celebration, these wedding logos are a good way for celebrants to put their mark on their event and make it truly theirs. In the end, everything used for the ceremony matters, right down to the what kind of wedding invitations are used. Given that these are significant events in the lives of most people, it is no surprise that they would want something that could capture the importance of these events. After all, after the celebration is over, all that is left are the memories, and people would want to make sure those are worth remembering.

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