Coming up with a good logo for an event, company, or agency can be quite challenging. After all, a logo is an official representation of who you are, or what your company is all about. You have to be thorough from the planning stage up to the official launching of your logo. However, you can’t let that stop you from having fun in the process.Our logo designs are here to spark the creativity that’s lurking inside your brain. Take your pick from our flat logo designs and see which one can best bring out your identity. You can download and edit them to create your own one of a kind design.

Flat Business Logo

Digital Business Logo

digital business logo

Vintage Business Logo

vintage business logo

E-Business Logo

e business logo

Global Business Logo

global business logo

Flat E-commerce Logo

E-commerce Shopping Cart Logo

e commerce shopping logo

E-commerce Logo Template

e commerce logo template

E-commerce Web Logo

e commerce web logo

Flat Company Logo

Global Company Logo

global company logo

Construction Company Logo

construction company logo

Insurance Company Logo

insurance company logo

Effective Logo Designing

Your logo is one way of introducing who you are to the public at any time and day, even without you present. Therefore, it has to constantly and consistently make a good impression in any setting. In designing your logo, keep in mind that the outcome has so much bearing on how people will perceive you.

  • Your logo has to have visual appeal. It may only take a few seconds for a person to look at your logo, but effective logo designs are those that can spark instant recognition. For example, you know you have a good Company Logo Design if people can immediately identify you, and not mistake you for a competing brand.
  • Because people’s attention to logos are relatively short, your design has to be simple for easy retention. However, simplicity is not the only factor that helps people retain a logo design. Your logo has to be thought-provoking to raise their level of interest.

A good logo design meets their potential clients halfway by making it clear what it is you do exactly. But the best and most effective ones are those that add a unique attribute in their design. Let your clients know not just what you do, but what makes you better than everyone else.

Flat Restaurant Logo

Food Restaurant Logo

food restaurant logo

Pasta Restaurant Logo

pasta restaurant logo

Modern Flat Logo

Modern Logo Badge

modern logo badge

Modern Vintage Logo

modern vintage logo

Modern Photography Logo

modern photography logo

Flat Professional Logo

Real Estate Professional Logo

real estate professional logo

Professional Farmer Logo

professional farmer logo

Approach to Design

You now have an idea with what makes an effective logo design, but the approach is another aspect you have to consider carefully. Your approach to design is half of what makes the final outcome both effective and eye-catching.

  • Modern Minimalist – Contemporary logo designs usually go for the minimalist look with profound symbols or striking initials. In creating a minimalist logo design, you can make use of icons that best represent your company. If you want your fashion logo designs to look simple and elegant, our Love Fashion Logo sets the perfect example with a simple red heart with an outline of a woman in the middle. The Global Company Logo is another example made up of the company’s initials linked together; and the E-commerce Shopping Cart Logo is that of a wine bottle outline lying on its side with two wheels underneath it, living up to its brand called Wine Cart.
  • Detailed Design – A detailed logo design incorporates a vivid image by making use of intricate designs to fully embody the company or agency. For example, the Real Estate Professional Logo design incorporates an outline of skyline buildings with windows and a thick border. Our Nature Photography Logo is that of a camera lens with tiny leaves sprouting out of it, supported by a tree trunk.
  • Typography – Making use of the brand or company name, or its initials, for a logo is also a commonly used approach. Typography logos still require thorough planning and skilled designing because your use of font is very much part of your branding and imaging. Your official typography logo is also permanent, and has to be consistent in all your documents.

Some logo designs try to incorporate different approaches in their work. It’s all a matter of skill and creativity. If you can create a minimalist geometric logo with your name in typography, then why not go for it?

Flat Vector Logo

Business Logo Template

business vector logo

Sports Vector Logo

sports vector logo

Abstract Vector Logo Design Template

abstract vector logo

Flat Architecture Logo

Art & Architecture Logo

art architecture logo

Modern Architecture Logo

modern architecture logo

Architecture Logo Vector

architecture logo vector

Architecture Company Logo

architecture company logo

Flat Fashion Logo

Beauty & Fashion Logo

beauty fashion logo

Fashion & Clothing Logo

fashion clothing logo

Types of the Logo Designs

  • Vintage Logo Design – A vintage theme for your Business Logo Design can be a daring and risky choice. You have to be able to present a consistent image in all aspects of your business-printed documents, digital advertising, and the like. Nevertheless, vintage is a classy choice. It’s bold, authentic, and can be used as an edge over your competitors.
  • Digital and Graphic Logo Design – Logo designs for technology-based companies tend to have a more futuristic approach to their look. Our Digital Business Logo, for example, uses a geometric paper plane in technicolor while maintaining a minimalist design. It sends out a clear message of dynamism and professionalism. Some companies also like to instill a 3-D look for their logos. Our Global Business Logo design makes use of a 3-D image of a globe with a golden shield-like design on one side, to add a surreal feel.
  • Modern-Vintage Logo Design – If you’re the innovative type, mixing themes and approaches might just be the best method. Our modern vintage logo designs tries to marry the idea of old-fashioned and sleek, with assertive vintage fonts and clean borders or shapes to balance out the look.

This type of logo design are appropriate for companies or brands that have a unique aesthetic. Fashion brands, vintage cafes, or seafood restaurants can take full advantage of a modern vintage logo design.

Flat Photography Logo

Vintage Photography Logo

vintage photography logo

Nature Photography Logo

nature photography logo

Royal Photography Studio Logo

royal photography logo

Fashion Photography Logo

fashion photography logo

Flat Furniture Logo

Home Furniture Logo

home furniture logo

Interior Design Logo

interior furniture logo

Furniture & Interior Logo

furniture store logo

Flat Yoga  Logo

Nature Yoga Logo Template

nature yoga logo

Spa and Yoga  Logo

spa and yoga logo

Yoga Center Logo

yoga center logo

Flat Travel Logo

Global Travel Logo

global travel logo

World Travel Logo

world travel logo

Iconic Logo Designs

Icons are common elements in logo designing. The most effective and memorable ones are usually those that are innovative in their use of icons. One example is that of logo designs for photography. The camera lens is a famous and commonly used icon, but has been played up and experimented with to produce some of the most authentic logo designs.

  • Our Fashion Photography Logo makes use of an outline of a woman’s face whose hair extends to form a camera lens at the bottom. The Royal Photography Studio Logo is designed in embossed gold lens with wings a crown to project the idea of luxury.
  • Logo designs for furniture is another example of companies using icons for their official logo. Our Home Furniture Logo features a comfortable sofa chair with a roof and chimney on its head projecting a clear image that it’s a company selling or constructing home furniture.
  • Our flat yoga logos also make smart use of icons by using silhouettes of yoga poses adorned in lotus flowers. Logo designs for spa and yoga hubs try to maintain a simple and serene look to bring out the essence of their establishment.

Designing a logo can really keep your creative juices flowing, as it encourages you to think outside the box and come up with something original. Making a logo is also not just limited to companies or businesses. You can make your own personal logo to have an extension of yourself that you can share to the public. You may also create a party or a wedding logo design to immortalize a special event or occasion.

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