Universities are the perfect place to grow as a student and develop your understanding of different subjects. When advertising your establishment, a logo and an image are important to get potential students to remember you. These logos offer a wide range of options to help your students remember you, and they give a professional image so that they are inspired to attend your establishment. We hope that these logos help you find the perfect one to advertise and capture the environment of your facility.

University College Logo

university college logo

This logo uses blues and gold, which are typical colours used in educational logos, and also uses the design of a graduation hat and book. This creates a professional and educational design for your college, university, or other learning scheme.

University Brand Logo

university brand logo

This university slogan uses the image of cartoon silhouettes of people who appear to be jumping in celebration. It uses different shades of blue to create a professional design to represent an educational and progressive college or learning community.

University Education Logo

university education logo

This logo uses the silhouette of a book and torch in red and navy to give a simple but professional finish. It is ideal for colleges, schools, or other learning establishments to show a highly progressive establishment.

Academic Logo

academic logo

This logo uses the design of a graduation hat and building which are combined to create a simple design. It uses shades of blue, a typical colour used in education, and shows a modern educational establishment.

Castle University Logo Template

castle university logo template

This logo uses simple shapes in yellow and blue to create the silhouette of castle. This is a modern and simple logo design, ideal for an establishment with the word ‘castle’ in the name.

One Spark University Logo

one spark university logo

This logo uses printed intersecting letters to create this professional educational design. It uses white, yellow, and orange in this design, which is perfect to be used for an establishment with set uniform colours.

University Graduation Logo

university graduation logo

This logo is similar to the University College Logo, but has the addition of a silhouette of a person wearing a graduation hat. It shows that the establishment will get you to the graduation stages and is ideal for use in many educational establishments.

Education Book Logo Vector

education book logo vector

This book vector logo uses primary colours in the silhouette of a book. This vector is ideal for use in children’s educational establishments or in higher education logos, letterheads, and many other uses.

Premium University Logo

premium university logo

This logo uses the shape of a silver lined globe with an ink pen in the middle and a red graduation hat. It can be used as a logo or letterhead in a wide range of educational establishments as it is professional and shows the aim of educating their students to excel.

Happy Campus Logo

happy campus logo

The Happy Campus logo is a simple digitised graduation hat with a rounded font. It is ideal for modern or contemporary educational facilities as a logo, letterhead, or in different embellishments for advertising the university.

Flat University Logo Design

flat university logo design

University Team Logo

university team logo

State University Logo Design

state university logo design

University Tutorial Logo

university tutorial logo

University of Law Logo Design

university of law logo design

Vaidik University Logo

vaidik university logo

Hotel University Logo

hotel university logo

Dawg Training University Logo

dawg training university logo

Global Education Logo

global education logo

Trade University Logo

trade university logo

A logo is one of the most memorable things about an establishment, and in order to spark interest in your facility, your logo should show you to be professional, but fun. These logos give you a lot of options and hopefully some inspiration for what you want your logo to look like.

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