It is common knowledge that many companies nowadays maintain their own logo designs. This is because these logos can generally be useful for a company’s purposes, such as brand recognition. After all, why would a company simply rely on its name when it could also have an icon that could be recognized on sight?

There is a precedent to entities retaining such icons to represent themselves. One need only recall history to remember examples of organizations or even individuals representing themselves with such logos in lieu of simply using their names. But whatever the reason, there is no denying that representing yourself with a logo can be an effective way of making yourself more recognizable.

Small Business Logo

Small Business Advantage Logo

small business advantage logo

Small Business Logo Design

small business logo design

Digital Business Logo

Colorful Digital Business Logo

colorful digital business logo

Innovation Digital Business Logo

innovation digital business logo

Flat Business Logo

Smart Flat Business Logo

smart flat business logo

Abstract Flat Business Logo

abstract flat business logo

Vintage Business Logo

Creative Vintage Business Logo

creative vintage business logo

Royal Vintage Business Logo

royal vintage business logo

Global Business Logo

Global Business Logo Design

global business logo design

Modern Global Business Logo

modern global business logo

Global Business Vector Logo

global business vector logo

Abstract Global Business Logo

abstract global business logo

What are Business Logo Designs?

Logos are basically icons or symbols that serve to represent a corporation or other such entity. The most famous and successful examples of logos in the world belong to well-known and well-established organizations.

  • These famous groups are not all companies, however. Many of these groups include groups such as Red Cross and the World Wide Fund for Nature, which are a humanitarian organization and an environmentalist one, respectively. Of course, these are not the only ones, as there are logos for any kind of subject, such as fashion.
  • Of course, corporations have their own logos, as well, and they are often recognizable ones themselves. One need only look at successful corporations like Starbucks or McDonald’s that happen to have logos that can be recognized the world over.

It says something about those companies and their logos that they are now so famous as to be recognized anywhere. A logo can tell you everything you need to know at a glance, such as real estate logos.

It is difficult to doubt the efficacy of logos at enabling easier recognition. After all, logos have been used for centuries. They have not always existed in the same form, but logos have existed in some form or another over centuries. Indeed, what is a corporate logo if not a modern coat of arms? They both assure instantaneous recognition even from those who do not necessarily have any deeper knowledge of logos work. It is enough to see them to know what they represent, such is the power of the image to capture the memory. Apparently the old adage holds true, and the image is worth more than the words needed to describe it.

Design Approaches

As for actually designing your logo, you actually have a number of choices. You should keep in mind that, while you may have good elements, the logo as a whole should have a unifying theme to impose order upon the work as a whole. This would allow you to ensure that there is some kind of unifying theme for the entire design. Whichever approach you choose for your logo would also depend upon the image your company decides to present to the customer base. In short, there are a great many considerations to make when deciding on what approach you may use. As for the approaches themselves, some of them include:

  • Minimalist – This approach allows you to simply focus on what your symbol may be, so that attention is focused entirely on it; for example, you could make logos based around shapes like circles. Being that minimalism eschews excessive detail, this would be the perfect method to let you express the logo as is. This way, the logo is allowed to stand on its own without other details to distract from whatever image you want to display.
  • Detailed – On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with adding details to your logo if you like. The best option to use would be whatever suits your purpose best. In any case, it would be possible to add other details that may help to contextualize your logo, such as slogans or your company name if you needed them. That is still a valid move as it would allow you to put a name on your logo, for increased brand recognition.
  • Abstract – Not all logos need to depict something concrete, though many existing logos do. Your logo could depict something abstract and let that image serve as a representation of your company. This could make recognition more difficult if you are new, as no one would be aware of your company. On the other hand, if your company and logo were already established, then it could be easier for your customer base to associate your logo with the company.
  • Vintage – Some companies may prefer a certain look when designing their logo. One such look would be a vintage look; this kind of look lends an air of timelessness and gravity to the company, even if it actually is not. In any case, it is still an aesthetic that looks pleasing, and may help to make a company look more trustworthy.

Corporate Business Logo

Corporate Abstract Ribbon Loop Business Logo

corporate abstract ribbon loop business logo

Corporate Business Solutions Logo

corporate business solutions logo

E-Business Logo

E-Business Logo Template

e business logo template

E Creative Business Logo

e creative business logo

Colorful E-Business Logo

colorful e business logo

Professional Business Logo

Professional Business Card Logo

professional business card logo

Professional Business Gold Logo

professional business gold logo

Professional Business Abstract Logo

professional business abstract logo

Photography Business Logo

Custom Photography Business Logo

custom photography business logo

Photography Business Logo Design

photography business logo design

Wedding Photography Business Logo

wedding photography business logo

Professional Photography Business Logo

professional photography business logo

Food Business Logo

Food Truck Business Logo

food truck business logo

Healthy Food Business Logo

healthy food business logo

Fast Food Business Logo

fast food business logo

Modern Business Logo

Modern Marketing Business Logo

modern marketing business logo

Modern Business Card Logo

modern business card logo

Do It Yourself Business Logo Designs

No matter what approach you choose, there are sure to be certain elements in the logo that help determine how effective a tool it will be for making your company more recognizable. After all, there are some qualities that are needed to make a logo work if it is to adequately represent its parent company. Some of those qualities that you should look out for include:

  • Interesting – In a way, a logo is a form of advertising, being that it is representative of the company that uses it. In that case, part of the logo’s responsibilities is making the company attractive to its customer base, in the form of interesting imagery like lightning logos or jewelry logos, for example. That also applies to those who are not yet part of that customer base, as people may be attracted to patronize the company based on its overall image, of which the logo is part.
  • Comprehensible – This is not to say that a company’s logo cannot be an abstract representation. Indeed, a company can make a logo however it thinks best. However, there should be a system in place, so that customers can understand what the logo is trying to say. There has been research done on what symbols customers find attractive, and what is more likely to attract them to the company. With that in mind, it is important to make something that customers will understand, so that they are more likely to be attracted.
  • Logical – Of course, the company’s logo should have some kind of rhyme and reason behind it, even if what is depicted is something abstract. Behind every successful logo, there is probably a reasonable explanation behind it. No company ever makes an incomprehensible logo, and there must be some kind of raison d’etre to explain why that logo was chosen. It may be as simple as depicting a company’s business, like a cleaning business using cleaning logos.

Cleaning Business Logo

Cleaning Service Business Logo

cleaning service business logo

House Cleaning Service Business Logo

house cleaning service business logo

Elegant Business Logo

Elegant Business Card Logo

elegant business card logo

Real Estate Business Logo

Real Estate Agent Business Logo

real estate agent business logo

Real Estate Business Labels & Badges Logos

real estate business labels badges logos

Royal Business Logo

Royal Business P Logo

royal business p logo

Majestic Royal Business Logo

majestic royal business logo

Travel Business Logo

Travel Business Logo Design

travel business logo design

Corporate Travels Business Logo

corporate travels business logo

Business Travel Bag Logo

business travel bag logo

Types of Business Logo Designs

It is no secret that there are several variations on how to design any given logo, it comes as no surprise that there is a logo that can serve for any company. A particular design can depend on a particular company, and however it wishes to present itself to its customer base. A company’s business strategies can also decide how its logo should look; after all, a company’s logo need not stay the same forever. A company can alter and update its logo so as to keep up with the times, or to adjust strategies as necessary. Whatever your plan, some potential types of logos include:

  • Representative – Perhaps the simplest way to design a business logo is to make it representative of something particular in relation to the company; a simple example would be food logos. This type of design happens to have several possibilities; in fact, the company has the option of basing their logo around a famous name, or some service or product which the company is particularly well-known for. This is a simple kind of design because the connections between each element are quite obvious.
  • Business Card – A company might want to put a unique spin on their logos, so they have the option of designing their logos around things one is likely to find in a corporate setting, such as business cards. This not only makes for an interesting image, but also establishes the creativity of the company by developing such an unconventional design.
  • Badge – Another interesting design a company can come up with is to use the image of a badge. This can serve as an eye-catching image, and can also strengthen the company’s corporate identity by creating a distinctive image that is all their own. This is just the kind of image that could easily be marketed and generate attention for its parent company, particularly if the symbol could be taken in a certain way, like a lion logo.
  • Globe – A globe logo could be an especially useful choice of design; such a design either implies that the company is so big as to be global, or it is a sign of the company’s ambition to reach that level of influence. Either way, it makes for a striking image that could very well serve as inspiration for personnel to reach such heights.

It should be clear by now that there are any number of ways to design a business logo, and about as many things to keep in mind when designing one for yourself. It is more than just a matter of aesthetics, as there are other considerations to think about, such as company image and strategies. That said, no company should go without a logo, as they are far too useful a tool to do without. There may be difficulty designing a logo, but it should not be too difficult to come up with one to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

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