A logo is a representation of your company or business. It’s a mark you always carry with you, so in creating an excellent design, you have to incorporate everything that makes your company unique and remarkable, while maintaining a professional and sleek look.

If you’re browsing through different logo designs hoping to find the perfect one, end your search with our list of PSD logo designs. You can download as many designs as you want, and be assured of high quality and stylish logos. Our logo designs can cater to any type of profession you may be diving into, so go ahead and get started

Business Logo

Global Business Logo

global business logo1

Digital Business Logo

digital business logo1

E Creative Business Logo

e creative business logo1

Royal Business Logo

royal business logo

Fashion Logo

Elegant Fashion Logo

elegant fashion logo

Beauty Fashion Logo

beauty fashion logo1

Why Do You Need A Logo?

An official logo carries with it so much value and significance. In order for you to come up with a valuable and relevant logo design, you have to be aware of its importance, and how logos play a huge role in your career.

  • A logo represents you, your company or your event. For potential clients to want to work with you, they must have an idea of what it is you do essentially.
  • A logo builds trust. If people find your professional logos accurate, they are bound to take you seriously and will continue to work with you.
  • It’s a way of branding yourself and standing out from the competition. Try not to put yourself in a similar category with your competitors.
  • Your logo is your signature. Effective logo designs can mean you no longer have to introduce your company or put in your company name on documents, ads, and the like.
  • Your logo has to be consistent. Treat your logo design as your companion for life. It’s an official mark you’ll be sharing to the public, and can determine the actions you’ll be taking.

Carefully consider the design of your logo. Each element has to be meaningful to produce the best possible output.

Ornament & Fashion Logo

ornament fashion logo

Modern Fashion Logo

modern fashion logo

Company Logo Design

Construction Company Logo

construction company logo1

Insurance Company Logo

insurance company logo1

Investment Company Logo Design

investment company logo design

Logos: Stylish and Symbolic

The designs of your logo is not restricted to one type or theme. You can freely work on your designs that can best represent who you are or what your company is all about. There are plenty of ways to stand out and show off your quirks.

  • Innovative logo designs are those that can incorporate separate ideas to form a singular thought. Companies usually do so by mixing icons to create a unique logo. The Healthy Food Logo, Royal Music Logo, Fashion Photography Logo, and City Construction Logo fuses two icons together with a clean color scheme that relates to their profession.
  • If you prefer to bank on a singular icon to portray your company, the Tropical Travel Logo, Buildings Real Estate Logo, and Insurance Company Logo are perfect in owning their designs to brand a common icon with their companies.
  • A contemporary and minimalist approach to your logo designs can make for a distinguishable company image. The Digital Business Logo, E-Creative Business Logo, Audio Music Logo, and Wedding Photography Logo are elegant designs in geometric shapes and technicolor.
  • Monograms and Typography are also effective approaches to ensure easy recognition. You can download our Monogram & Vintage Logos, Abstract Vector Logo, and Ornament & Fashion Logo to give variety in style to your designs.
  • Vintage-themed logos are incredibly timeless. The Vintage Sports Logos, Vintage Hipster Logo, and Modern Vintage Logo show all the ways any type of company can benefit from a vintage theme. Vintage logos tend to be more detailed and quirky. Make sure your company lives up to the high end quality of your themed logo.

Designing business logos does take a lot of trial and error, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t get your design right on the first try. Your official logo has to make you feel confident and assured. Experiment while you can.

Sports Logo

Vintage Sport Team Logos

vintage team sport logos

Vintage Sports Logos

vintage sports logos

Vector Logo Design

Hand Drawn Vector  Logo

hand drawn vector logo

Abstract Vector Logo

abstract vector logo1

Vector Logo Badges

vector logo badges

Vintage Logo

Vintage Hipster  Logo

vintage hipster logo

Vintage Logo Badges Set

vintage logo badges set

Monogram & Vintage Logos

monogram vintage logos

Modern Vintage Logo

modern vintage logo1

Tips for Effective Logo Designing

Aside from being authentic and one of a kind, a logo design is effective because it carefully incorporates essential design elements. If you’re wondering how this can be so, take note of a few helpful tips to make our logos more memorable.

  1. Create a word cloud. A word cloud is a list of all the possible thoughts, phrases, and ideas that can be associated with your company. Choose the one/s which best captures your uniqueness.
  2. Stick to eye-friendly visuals. Don’t complicate your logo. As much as possible, create one that’s easy on the eyes, and can instantly trigger the viewer with thoughts related to your company.
  3. Own a color. One of the biggest factors that can get people to recognize you is your color/s. Choose a palette that’s meaningful to your company’s values and attributes.
  4. Avoid taking the common path. There are hundreds of ways to stand out. You simply need to dedicate a significant amount of time to find your own style.

Logos are not exclusive to companies alone. You can create wedding logos, for example, to mark the identity of a special event. With creative tips and designs, make every aspect of your personal and professional life more meaningful with logos.

Wedding Logo

Couple Wedding Logo

couple wedding logo

Royal Wedding Logo

royal wedding logo

Wedding Ring Logo

wedding ring logo

Wedding Photography Logo

wedding photography logo

Real Estate Logo Design

Beach Real Estate Logo

beach real estate logo

Nature Real Estate Logo

nature real estate logo

Buildings Real Estate Logo

buildings real estate logo

Travel Logo

Global Travel Logo

global travel logo1

Beach Travel Logo

beach travel logo

Tropical Travel Logo

tropical travel logo1

Photography Logo

Vintage Photography Logo

vintage photography logo1

Modern Photography Logo

modern photography logo1

Fashion Photography Logo

fashion photography logo1

Healthy Logo

Green & Health Logo

green healthy logo

Stay Healthy Logo

stay healthy logo

Healthy Life Logo

healthy life logo

Healthy Food Logo

healthy food logo

Construction Logo Design

City Construction Logo

city construction logo

House Construction Logo

house construction logo

Road Construction Logo

road construction logo

Food Logo

Restaurant & Food Logo

restaurant food logo

Fitness Food Logo

fitness food logo

Music Logo

Audio Music Logo

audio music logo

Royal Music Logo

royal music logo

Music Logo Badges Logo

music logo badges logo

Restaurant Logo

Mexican Restaurant Logo

mexican restaurant logo

Seafood Restaurant Logo

seafood restaurant logo1

Burger Restaurant Logo

burger restaurant logo

Make Your Mark

If you finally have an official logo, you can now start to brand your company or event with it by incorporating the design in various settings.

  • Company logos carry the name and reputation of a company. Therefore, they should only be used for work-related activities, events, and documents—business cards, letter envelopes, e-mail signature, ads, and the like. Your logo can also represent your company during organized and sponsored events.
  • For event logos like weddings, festivals, and other parties, you can add your logos on your invites, flyers, giveaways, and other paraphernalia. Keep it casual and fun, without going overboard.

While there are instances that require you to make your logos visible in every possible way, don’t bombard viewers with your logo designs for no reason. That’s the quickest way to get them to tune you out. Be subtle. Know the appropriate time and place to reveal yourself.

As you work on your logos, never forget the essence of your design choices. You may have the most innovative and outstanding design, but its symbolic meaning is what gives it personality and originality.

Download our PSD logo designs to give you plenty of options to work with. They can be customized to bring out your own unique edge.

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