Are you in search for a logo that would represent your cause for a campaign? These leaf logo designs would come readily when you have set your sails for an eco-friendly crusade. Whether you need a logo for a banner or a sign board or a brochure, you can get a myriad range of leaf motifs to suit different requirements.

They are not just present in greens but also other amazing shades of blue, orange and yellow. Whether you want a logo for any organic item or nature friendly products, employing any of these enigmatic logos will surely grab the attention of your prospective customers.

Fantastic Leaf Logo

fantastic leaf logo

Great for any eco-friendly campaign, this single leaf logo is tinged with shades of yellow and green for creating an ever-lasting impact. It has “ECO Concept” written in whites to contrast its black backdrop.

Beautiful Nature Leaf Logo

beautiful nature leaf logo

This petal-shaped logo loaded with three shades of blue and one of green with a white streak is good to create an effect in any banner, flex or sign boards.

Eco and Environmental Leaf Logo

eco leaf logo

This particular logo with its two leaves shaded with yellow and green can be used up by any company manufacturing organic or non-GMO products to showcase the creative faction of the business.

Green Leaf Logo Design

green leaf logo1

This is a small green leaf placed amidst a backdrop of pale green with a symbol of power within the leaf. This logo will truly empower any kind of business with its naturalistic appeal.

Butterfly Leaves Logo Design

butterfly leaves logo


Those enterprises with a creative bent of mind can employ this logo both for online and offline usage and reach almost to the verge of achieving their business goals.

Nature Leaf Logo

nature leaf logo

This large leaf placed against a white backdrop is really interesting with a collage of small green dots that are placed randomly to form the shape of a big leaf with a brown vein.

Amazing Leaf Logo Design

amazing leaf logo

This spectacularly amazing leaf logo with four leaves placed on a branch  has a burst of all colors- orange, green, blue, fuchsia, purple stacked together in forming a leaf in each color.

Stunning Leaf Logo Design

nature leaf logo design

Glossy Green Leaf Logo

glossy green leaf logo

Suitable for all kinds of nature-friendly activities, this large light green leaf bordered with dark green outline and veins against a white background can make its mark felt wherever it is placed.

Fantastic Leaf Logo

fantastic leaf logo

Small but effective, this small green leaf in a dark green backdrop has a plug dangling from it making it an absolute fit for campaigns targeted towards tech-savvy mass of clients.

Awesome Leaf Logo

awesome leaf logo

True to its name, this leaf logo is perfect for “save earth” campaigns as it has four leaves in three shades of green and yellow encircling to form a circular shape that represents mother earth.

Healthy Leaf Logo

healthy leaf logo

In a bright green backdrop, the leaf is etched in white with a fork in the middle. This logo is really unique and designed keeping in mind the needs of catering industry.

 Flame Leaf Logo Design

flame leaf logo

A solid regal green scene holds the symbol of flame in yellow with a cute   small leaf placed within, this enigmatic logo can be used for multipurpose in the petrochemical industry.

Cute Leaf Logo Design

cute leaf logo design

This eco-friendly logo can make its mark felt in anywhere owing to its mesmerizing appearance in which the sun shines over a trifoliate leaf and the sun itself is shielded with a green halo.

 Lemon Cello Leaf Logo

leaf logo for organic and natural


Face Leaf Logo

face leaf logo

This particular leaf logo design has a female face protected by a bluish green leaf and  can be used in endorsing any chemical-free organic beauty or skin care  product.

Three Leaves Logo Design

custom organic leaf logo


Hands Leaf Logo

hands leaf logo

It goes without saying that each of these beautiful logos can further your save planet campaigns to great heights. You are free to choose from various designs so that your campaign turns into something unique and admirable and they would surely help you reach out to your targeted audience with your nature-friendly message.

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