Statement necklaces have exaggerated designed. They are large necklaces that come with several beads, dangles or beautiful intricate details. These necklaces are made from different materials and are usually colorful and flashy in style. There are several kinds of necklace designs for statement necklaces. Basically, your choice should be based on your personal preferences or what would match your wardrobe. Most women choose the colors of the statement necklaces to match the color of their outfits. Some just go for what design and style takes their fancy.

Gold Statement Necklaces

Gold statement necklaces may be the most expensive kinds of necklaces. They should be large enough to earn the term statement, and that means more gold to be used. Of course, beads or colorful jewels need to be attached too. It is of course possible to simply go for gold-plated statement necklaces.

Silver Statement Necklaces

Silver looks simple, but a silver necklace can be flashy when done in statement style. The best silver statement necklace is one accessorized with silver accents and transparent (or glass) beads or gems. These necklaces are usually made of heavy silver chains joined at the ends.

Silver Statement Necklace for Women

silver statement necklace for women1


Tribal Silver Statement Necklace

tribal silver statement necklace


Pearl Statement Necklaces

Peral, in itself, speaks statement. A pearl statement necklace can be made of strings of pearl with silver or gold chain. It can be a huge choker made of pearls in different sizes.

White Pearl Statement Necklace Design

white pearl statement necklace design

Turquoise Statement Necklaces

Turquoise is a beautiful semiprecious stone in sky-blue or greenish-blue color. They are great accents for statement necklaces because the color really attracts attention. A collar necklace with large turquoise stones and accented by green beads is a nice statement necklace design idea.

Faux Turquoise Statement Necklace

faux turquoise statement necklace


Crystal Statement Necklaces

Crystal beads come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Statement necklaces with colorful crystal beads are good for women who like sporting the gypsy look. Choker necklaces are a good choice for those who like the sparkle of crystal and the class of choker design.

Choker Crystal Statement Necklace

choker crystal statement necklace

Bridesmaid Statement Necklaces

White beaded necklaces are the best options for bridesmaid statement neck accessories. Silver is usually the best chain and pearls are also good as accents.

Gold Bridesmaid Statement Necklace

gold bridesmaid statement necklace

Flower Statement Necklaces

Flower accents are the best for statement necklaces with casual designs. The flowers can be a combination of colorful beads in floral forms, or accessory flowers made of plastic, glass, porcelain or ceramic.

Pink Flower Statement Necklace

pink flower statement necklace


Long Statement Necklaces

Long and numerous metal (gold or silver) strings can make up a stylish and classy statement necklace. The design that is commonly seen available today is a necklace with heavy and long chains hanging from a main necklace chain.

Gemstone Long Statement Necklace

gemstone long statement necklace


Diamond Statement Necklaces

You can choose a statement necklace big a single diamond as an accent and surrounded with other stones or metals. If you have the resources, you can go for a statement necklace with several diamonds hanging all around the heavy chain.

Rose Gold Diamond Statement Necklace

rose gold diamond statement necklace

Beaded Statement Necklaces

Beaded statement necklaces can be worn for casual and formal affairs. The good thing about beads is that they can be really precious looking especially so if matched with a beautiful design and polished chains.

Velvet Beaded Statement Necklace

velvet beaded statement necklace


Vintage Statement Necklaces

Silver and gold are the best metal choices for the vintage look. A vintage statement necklace comes with intricate detailing, heavy beadwork and excessive accents.

Gold Vintage Statement Necklace

gold vintage statement necklace


Layered Statement Necklaces

Layering allow for a nice statement necklace design. Strings of pearls (or beads in different colors) set in different levels make up a good layered statement necklace. You can also choose a necklace with two or three layers of different accents.

Small Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are not supposed to be small. But a simple or single layered necklace would pass for this design idea. A choker necklace with the right amount of detailing may also fall in this category.

Small Gold Statement Necklace

small gold statement necklace

Fringe Statement Necklaces

Go for the fringe statement necklace if you want to sport a Bohemian or Hippie look. This statement necklace design can also be used for formal occasions if they are made of precious stones and metal chains.

Turquoise Fringe Statement Necklace

turquoise fringe statement necklace

Lace Statement Necklaces

Lace necklaces are very delicate and pretty to look at. Chokers made of lace materials and accented with large stones for pendant are real statement necklaces. Wide lace accented with sparkling small precious stones also makes statement.

Geometric Statement Necklaces

Geometric statement necklace should appeal for most modern women. A heavy gold chain accessories with geometrically cut colorful beads is a nice example of this necklace design. Golden pieces in geometric cut and then attached to a chain also can be a good option.

Wooden Geometric Statement Necklace

wooden geometric statement necklace1


Daisy Statement Necklaces

Daisy is a beautiful and charming flower. If you like this flower, you should look for a statement necklaces accessorized with it. One of the most common designs for this necklace is one with a single large daisy accent as pendant and accessorized with smaller daisies attached to the chain or above the main flower.

Silver Daisy Statement Necklace

silver daisy statement necklaces


Neon Statement Necklaces

Neon statement necklaces are the real flashy necklaces. Green, blue and pink and the best colors for neon shades and beads in these colors can make up a stunning neon statement necklace that you wear for casual to semi-formal affairs.

Crystal Neon Statement Necklace

crystal neon statement necklace

Statement necklaces are very versatile. Depending on the style and materials, they can be worn for formal, semi-formal and casual affairs and occasions. Diamond necklaces can be statement necklaces. The same thing goes for necklaces that are adorned with simple and colorful plastic beads. Your choice of statement necklace should be based on what materials you prefer – like gold or silver metal for the chain, or beads or precious stones for the accents.

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