Crystal necklaces are made to sparkle. These necklaces are synthetic hence you can get them in any color. Most people choose these necklaces for their healing properties, for meditation and cleansing. These accessories are believed to release energy that works to speed up the healing process of a problematic body area. Whether as a decorative tool or for healing properties, crystal necklace designs are dazzling.

Crystal Pendant Necklaces

Crystal pendant necklaces are becoming more popular as a fashion accessory. A large shiny crystal pendant will draw attention away from your face and towards the outfit you are wearing. When you wear with a solid colored outfit, a pendant necklace becomes the conversation piece.

Handmade Crystal Necklace Designs

Handmade crystal necklaces are made from eco-friendly materials which prevent them from reacting with skin.  Each design is unique and takes significant time to make enabling these necklaces to have a more personal meaning to the receiver.

Handmade Pearl and Crystal Necklace

handmade pearl and crystal necklace


Crystal Statement Necklaces

Statement crystal necklaces tend to come in bold colors which make them eye-catching. Since one crystal will decorate your whole look, the rest of the accessories should be subtle. The trick with looking classy is to create a balanced look.

Silver Crystal Statement Necklace

silver crystal statement necklace

Quartz Crystal Necklaces

Do you want healing crystals? Then opt for quartz crystal necklaces. The energy of the stones works to stimulate the body healing process. You can choose from rose quartz crystals, Smokey quartz crystals, clear quartz and purple quartz crystals.

Rose Quartz Crystal Necklace

rose quartz crystal necklace


Blue Quartz Crystal Necklace

blue quartz crystal necklace

Vintage Crystal Necklace Designs

Vintage crystal necklaces can be valuable especially those that are handed down from one generation to another. These necklaces get their style inspiration from the 1940s to 1980s era, and the crystals are made from precious stones. For a timeless look combine this necklace with diamond necklaces.

Vintage Crystal Drop Necklace

vintage crystal drop necklace


Crystal Heart Necklaces

Heart crystal necklaces have a personal meaning that best highlights the emotions of the individual wearing this accessory. The accessory is a symbol of life, love, and passion hence ideal for a person who is in love. Gift this necklace to your spouse to express your love.

Crystal Love Heart Necklace

crystal love heart necklace


Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklaces

A wire is a popular material for enclosing crystals making each necklace unique. Wire wrapped crystal necklaces are suitable for men and women who love handmade jewelry that uses locally available materials. These necklaces show the creativity of the artist and personal style.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendant Necklace

wire wrapped crystal pendant necklace

Crystal Choker Necklace Designs

Crystal choker necklace designs are worn around the neck as they are firm and work to highlight the neck region. These necklaces are the latest trend and feature a single strand with a crystal pendant. They look good on women with slender necks.

Pearl Crystal Choker Necklace

pearl crystal choker necklace


Crystal Bib Necklaces

Bib crystal necklaces feature many layers that drape down the neck. The small crystals are arranged symmetrically on each layer to form a dazzling effect. Wear this necklace with a strapless dress to ensure all eyes are on your neck.

Crystal Bar Necklaces

Bar necklace designs are a favorite among many women, and they are even available with crystals. Crystal bar necklaces will lay closer to the collar bone making them perfect for complementing a V-neck outfit. Choose a crystal color that matches with many of your everyday outfits.

Crystal Wedding Necklaces

When purchasing a crystal necklace that will match with your wedding dress those with simple designs are the best. While white crystals are the ideal choice, you can opt to add color to your gown by wearing a colored crystal. Pearl necklaces have a classy, timeless look that will complement any wedding dress.

Crystal Choker Wedding Necklace

crystal choker wedding necklace1


Crystal Cluster Necklace Trends

A neat row of clutter crystals around your neck is enough to make a bold fashion statement. Choose necklaces that combine different crystals which can activate or balance chakra. The various crystal colors will enhance your outfit. You can get these necklaces in a bib, choker or multi strands.

Crystal Cross Necklaces

If you want to show your Christian faith, opt for a crystal cross necklaces. You can get this necklace with the crystal shaped into a cross design, or the crystals are embedded on the chain length and incorporate a silver cross.

Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace

crystal cross pendant necklace

Crystal Daisy Necklace Designs

If daisies are your favorite flower, then crystal daisy necklace designs are perfect for you. These flowers are a symbol of innocence, childhood and purity making them ideal for young girls. You may also See Cube Necklace Designs

Long Crystal Necklaces

Long crystal necklaces are the most stylish designs that suit ladies of all ages. They have a casual look so pair your long necklace with an outfit that matches with the crystal color.

Long Crystal Chain Necklace

long crystal chain necklace1

The right crystal necklace can complete your whole look and complement other accessories. We all have unique facial features hence purchasing a crystal necklace go for a size and color that accentuate your natural features. The necklace layering trend is popular, and you can even combine crystal pendants with gold necklaces.

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