The combination of fashion with spiritual beliefs is how sacred jewellery designs came into existence. Some people wear jewellery to look stylish and fashionable, whereas, some wear it to satisfy certain spiritual beliefs. This is where sacred jewellery designs come into the picture. Another jewellery design which is highly in vogue is the choker necklace, which looks extremely chic and classy. Some beautiful sacred jewellery designs are displayed below.

Sacred Geometry Jewelry

sacred geometry jewelry1

In the category of sacred jewellery designs, sacred geometry jewellery comes at the top. This necklace consists of the seed of life symbol, which is an extremely important sacred geometry symbol. Besides this, the necklace also has Amethyst gemstones, which symbolise energy.

Sacred Heart Jewelry Design

sacred heart jewelry design

At the second spot is the sacred heart jewellery design, which contains a spiral at the centre of the heart. The spiral is symbolic of the spiritual journey in one’s life.

Animal Sacred Jewelry

animal sacred jewelry


Certain animals, for example, the cow, is considered to be sacred in certain traditions. This is where the importance of animal themed jewellery or animal sacred jewellery is highlighted.

At the fifth spot is sacred crystal jewellery. Crystals are extremely popular as they are considered to have healing powers. This necklace is made with gemstones, which are semi-precious and with crystals, which have healing properties.

Turquoise Sacred Jewelry Design

turquoise sacred jewelry design

The turquoise sacred jewellery design comes at the next position. This mala, which consists of 108 sacred beads, is made with a combination of turquoise Howlite and rose quartz beads. It also contains the seed of life symbol. Rose quartz symbolises love and turquoise Howlite is known to wade off negative feelings.

Next up is the sacred lotus necklace model. This necklace has a design, which features some important symbols, such as, the Lotus and the Seed of Life. The lotus is symbolic of spiritual growth.

The popularity of beautiful sacred beads jewellery has reached soaring heights as there are plenty of people in this entire world who are deeply spiritually inclined. This particular mala is made with stones that are semi-precious, rudraksh beads and woods that are sacred.

Sacred Stones Jewelry Idea

sacred stones jewelry idea

Last, but not the least, is the sacred stones jewellery. Stones are associated with certain healing powers. The moonstone used in this ring is believed to have the power to reduce stress and infuse positivity into life. This ring is made of pure brass and the gemstone embedded in it is a moonstone.

Awesome Sacred Jewelry

awesome sacred jewelry


Boho Style Sacred Jewelry

boho style sacred jewelry


Handcrafted Sacred Pendant Neckalce

handcrafted sacred pendant neckalce


Simple Sacred Bracelet Design

simple sacred bracelet design


Sacred Crystal Pendant Necklace

sacred crystal pendant necklace


Sacred Ring Design Idea

sacred ring design idea


The relationship between jewellery and spiritual beliefs is not a new concept. It goes back a long way. For example, Catholics wear necklaces with rosary beads or necklaces to show respect towards their beliefs. People wear wedding rings on their fingers in order to remind themselves about the love which exists between the couple.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – this is completely true as diamond necklace has become a rage among women. Besides this, tropical jewellery designs have also gained increasing popularity. These designs are aimed at giving you the feel that you are at a vacation. In today’s spiritually inclined world, sacred jewellery designs have become a hit.

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