Filigree jewelry is very famous these days among the young crowd. Did you know that filigree is actually handcrafted jewelry? They are very delicate and are usually made of silver or gold. They are made out of different things, thread or quill paper or sometimes even some stones.

These are soldered on to make the most beautiful form of jewelry. We went through to see how these beautiful motifs look and trust us you are going to fall in love with them just like we did. So here are ten gorgeous designs.

Antique Filigree Jewelry

Antique Filigree Jewelry Source

This fine piece of jewelry is very attractive and most importantly it is antique and gives out a very lustrous feel and look. The hand done ring is beautiful and most importantly it is vintage.

Handmade Filigree Jewelry Design

Handmade Filigree Jewelry Design Source

The blue color looks so eccentric and completely catchy. You could pair this with a plain top and you will be standing out and all eyes will be on you. The design and the pattern of the earrings are well crafted. You may also see Geometric Jewelry Designs

Floral Filigree Jewelry

Floral Filigree Jewelry Source

This tropical form of jewelry forms the most beautiful earrings. The flower design on the inside of the earrings is made of clay. We were surprised how well the design is done. There are so much accuracy and perfection.

Gold Filigree Jewelry Design

Gold Filigree Jewelry Design Source

These earrings are much more than normal. The design, the length, the gold makes it look dazzling. These earrings can be worn on special occasions either with your beautiful gown or even on your pretty Indian dress.

Paper Filigree Jewelry Idea

Paper Filigree Jewelry Idea Source

This cute little earring is made of paper we were quite surprised too. The butterflies and the pink little flowers make the earrings look more adorable. These earrings can be worn on an everyday basis and they will still grab all the attention needed.

Vintage Silver Filigree Jewelry

Vintage Silver Filigree Jewelry Source

This is a handmade bracelet that is made out of silver. It is vintage and the work done on it is absolutely delightful to look at. There are more intricate work and fine detailing that you can’t stop looking at it.

Wire Wrapped Filigree Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Filigree Jewelry Source

This is peridot bracelet looks super pretty. The metal wired around the bracelet gives it a better look and makes it look like a smaller forest crown. We love the copper bracelet; the green and copper blend in well.

Quilling Filigree Jewelry

Quilling Filigree Jewelry Source

This earring is made out of quilling paper and this is definitely hand made. The orange is subtle and makes the pendant look simple and nice. This is definitely a statement necklace.

Traditional Filigree Jewelry Design

Traditional Filigree Jewelry Design Source

These are called hoops and they are in a very traditional form. The design is lovely with all the wiring and the detailing. The intricate work done on it is classic. These earrings are perfect for a party wear and you are ought to look super elegant in them.

Black Filigree Jewelry Idea

Black Filigree Jewelry Idea Source

This is another antique piece that we loved. It is a cuff bracelet that has a black stone and a lady design embedded on it. The design on the bracelet is vintage and looks completely classic. This bracelet should definitely be worn on the most special occasion you go for and people won’t stop looking.

Wired Filigree Bracelet

Unique Filigree Bracelet Source

Simple Filigree Necklace Design

Simple Filigree Necklace Design Source

Heart Shape Filigree Earrings

Heart Shape Filigree Earrings Source

Floral Filigree Necklace Idea

Floral Filigree Necklace Idea Source

Retro Style Filigree Jewelry

Retro Style Filigree Jewelry Source

Ruby Filigree Bangle Design

Awesome Filigree Bangle Design Source

Cute Filigree Studs Idea

Cute Filigree Studs Idea Source

Antique Green Filigree Earrings

Beautiful Green Filigree Jewelry Source

Yellow Gold Filigree Ring

Yellow Gold Filigree Ring Source

Sliver Filigree Pendant Idea

Pretty Filigree Pendant Idea Source

Bridal Filigree Jewelry Idea

Stunning Filigree Jewelry Idea Source

There is a lot of intricate work that goes into filigree jewelry. A lot of time, patience and creativity are put into each one of it to make the finest forms of jewelry and these fine forms are laid out here for you in ten different designs.

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