Some of the world top designers every season use the motif of a butterfly on dresses, jackets or on accessories. Butterfly as a motif in fashion is timeless. We are admirers of the butterfly ring design, especially platinum rings.

What about you? Have you got some piece like that in your collection of jewelry? If you don’t have, it is about time to get one. Also, if you have an important person in your life, it can be a friend, a mother or girlfriend and you might consider those butterfly rings as a wonderful present every girl adore.

Butterfly Cluster Ring

butterfly cluster ring

This Art Nouveau Ring is stunning and so original! Do you agree with us? It represents Grapes and Vine and has a beautiful open “Butterfly” face. Besides this statement ring on your finger, you don’t need other pieces of jewelry.

Butterfly Cocktail Ring

butterfly cocktail ring

Look at this ring! We thought that the butterfly is alive. The art is detailed and very colorful. We sent our commendations to the artist. Wearable for the festive occasions, but pair it with the off-shoulder maxi dress and you will be a star of the night like Cinderella. You may also see Topaz Ring Designs.

Dangle Butterfly Ring

dangle butterfly ring

When you see this cute ring with the little pendant in the form of a butterfly you immediately wish to have it. The Butterfly dangles on your finger in so romantic and sexy way. Pair it with jeans or dresses in bohemian style and you will look very fashionable.

Butterfly Engagement Ring Design

butterfly engagement ring design

Is there any better day, in the lifetime of an every girl, than an engagement day? If you are thinking to propose your girlfriend, this pretty butterfly diamond shaped ring is the best solution. No wonder, Merlin Monroe said the diamonds are the girl’s best friend, so by her a friend.

Filigree Butterfly Ring

filigree butterfly ring

We are enjoying the sight of this elegant ring. We hope you do, too. It looks like a real silver butterfly on your finger. It is suitable for every occasion. If you are a fun of a vintage look, you must add this piece to your collection.

Butterfly Gemstone Ring

butterfly gemstone ring

Marvelously! We are in love with this combo of colors. It looks very sophisticated and it is intended for a true lady in the heart. The stones are sparkling in the form of a butterfly on your finger. You will look like a movie star on a red carpet. Inspirational motifs could be found in Animal Ring.

Double Butterfly Ring Design

double butterfly ring design

Skillfully crafted, artist manipulates with sterling silver, flirting with your emotions through the asymmetric form of a spiral. We can’t put our eyes on this piece of jewelry because it is a real charmer.

Cute Butterfly Ring Design

cute butterfly ring design

It is natural to use naturally created elements in the form of beautifully formed cubic zircon, carefully placed on the ring made of solid rose gold. Double butterfly motif adorns this item like it suggests this is made for you and someone you care about, making it the perfect gift for your mother or daughter.

Vintage Butterfly Ring

vintage butterfly ring

When we say vintage, people usually think of something old and worn out, but this is not the case always. We see nice lucite dome who trapped little gold butterfly who stands out against polka dot background. This stylish piece of jewelry will look incredibly nice on your fingers for that special night out when you pair it with little black dress. You may also see Wedding Ring Designs

Butterfly Wing Ring

butterfly wing ring

No wonder artist worldwide use Swarovski crystals to make beautiful jewelry designs like you can see here. This truly gives a new meaning to the statement “The sky is full of stars”, as this is what it really reminds us of. Hundreds of tiny crystals will catch your eye and elicit your smile. This is “wow” effect in its full glory.

Mixed Stone Butterfly Ring

mixed stone butterfly ring

Opal Butterfly Ring Design

opal butterfly ring design

Awesome Butterfly Ring Idea

awesome butterfly ring idea

Emerald Butterfly Ring

emerald butterfly ring

Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring

sterling silver butterfly ring

Rose Gold Butterfly Ring

rose gold butterfly ring

Spiral Butterfly Ring Idea

spiral butterfly ring idea

Butterfly Diamond Ring Design

butterfly diamond ring design

We couldn’t decide which ring is the prettiest one. For sure, every woman wants to have them all. The butterflies on rings are so adorable we can’t resist them, too. We strongly advice you, when you are out there to shop for a one, be careful. They are all irresistible, but there is the only one who truly represents your feelings and your personality. Find out more about engagement rings for women.

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