Tattoos have become a popular avenue for both young and mature people to express themselves. Tattoo artists continue to push their creativity to come up with designs that are not only popular but also blend with different personalities. It is easy to get inspired by a well-done tattoo. However, the meaning of the body art that you choose should have a symbolic significance that best reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Flower Tattoo Designs

While women incorporate flowers such as roses to their tattoo designs as a symbol of their feminity or to add beauty, men go for this design because of symbolic meanings.

Cross Tattoo Designs

The cross has always been revered by both sexes as a symbol of Christianity or an individual’s religious beliefs. The versatile nature whereby it can be in the form of a tribal, Celtic or a 3D design and its ability to remain relevant throughout history has also catapulted the cross tattoo design on a global level.

Heart Tattoo Designs

The heart which apart from its important function in the body, also elicits strong emotions such as love, passion, and courage no wonder a heart tattoo design is popular to both men and females. Cupid arrows, wings, locket, ace design, and a broken heart are some of the favorite items to incorporate with this body art.

Skull Tattoo Designs

While a skull tattoo is more common to men, its positive symbolic meaning has made this design popular with women too. Due to its dark attributes, it represents a dangerous lifestyle and most people tend to add flowers or vibrant colors to remember the death of a loved one or the ability to overcome a gloomy past.

Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoo designs carry different meanings depending on culture. In most culture, this design was commonly seen on warriors, whereby each tribe had a unique design to link its warriors to that community. Men tend to go for tribal tattoos to reflect their masculinity, strength or the ability to defend those they love.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs

While you may know the body art you want, when it comes to getting inked on the sleeves, always consider whether it’s full, quarter, half or three-quarter sleeve tattoo designs that you prefer. Apart from their large size, you can choose any theme and color that will best complement your skin tone.

Tattoo Designs for Men

Men, especially those who talk less tend to use tattoos as a means to tell their life stories or portray their personality. The chest, sleeve, neck, arm, back are some of the body areas that men get inked while tribal, biomechanical, 3D, watercolors, optical illusion and skull are the most popular designs for men.

Polynesian Tattoo Designs

When it comes to ranking inked art according to deep culture and history, Polynesian tattoo designs will definitely be among the top. This tattoo design incorporates unique symbols such as the sun, Marquesan cross, shark teeth, shells, trees, birds, animals and different geometric shapes. Polynesian tattoo represents sexuality, leadership, and courage.

Small Tattoo Designs

Even if you are afraid of the pain of getting a large design, small tattoo designs give you the freedom to get a simple body art with the least amount of pain involved. You can get a Small tattoo anywhere on the body; they give a unique symbolic meaning and despite their size, they still make a statement.

Mandala Tattoo Designs

Apart from their visually appealing appearance, Mandala tattoo designs are a symbol of a person’s spiritual journey. Popular in different religions such as Hindu and Buddha, Mandala tattoos tend to incorporate a circular floral design which gives a meaning of wholeness, unity or eternity. Mandala designs are perfect for spiritual lovers.

Name Tattoo Designs

A name is what we use to identify ourselves with and what makes you unique. Name tattoos are ideal for those people looking to pay homage to their loved ones. To avoid having to remove a name tattoo in case you separate from your spouse, then get tattooed with your name or that of your child.

Rose Tattoo Designs

A rose tattoo is the most popular flower design for women and men because whether small, large, subtle or in a vibrant color it adds a touch of feminity. There are different colors of roses, each portraying a different symbolic meaning.

Geometric Tattoo Designs

The geometric pattern has become a common sighting in fashion and the tattoo industry has also embraced this trend. Depending on size, thickness, and color, geometric tattoo designs can remain timeless. The size will determine whether these tattoos are subtle or commanding. Either way, they are a symbol of balance.

Animal Tattoo Designs

The love of animals or the symbolic spiritual meaning is what drives both men and women of all ages to opt for animal tattoo designs. From wild animals such as bears or lions to mythical dragons, unicorns, and the Phoenix bird; there is a wide variety of animal tattoos you can choose from.

Wing Tattoo Designs

Whether from birds or angels, wing tattoo designs depict the need for humans to fly or aim for the sky. No wonder they are one of the most sought after design! Wing tattoos for both males and females tend to be on the back and can incorporate other tattoos such as heart or sword.

Zodiac Tattoo Designs

Zodiac tattoos tend to base the designs from the 12 zodiac signs making this body art suitable for both young and mature people. Each zodiac has a unique symbol, meaning that there is a tattoo design that will suit your astrological sign and best express your negative as well as positive traits.

Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Shoulder tattoos are perfect for men who like showing off their well-built muscles and for women who love wearing vests, tank tops or strapless dress. What’s to love about shoulder tattoo designs is that you can choose to show it off or not depending on the outfit you are wearing.

Girly Tattoo Designs

Whether on your ankle, thigh, hip or waist girly tattoo designs depicts a feminine side. Flowers, butterfly, cute cartoons, fairies and vibrant colors such as pink are added to tattoos to give them a girly touch. Girly tattoos tend to be more delicate and draw attention towards the female body curves.

Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Half sleeve tattoo designs tend to cover the shoulder up to the elbow. It can be a monochrome pattern, or different themes joined to form a design with meaning best understood by the person with the body art. Half sleeve tattoos are large hence take a lot of time to complete.

Popular Tattoo Designs Trends in Men and Women

Tattoo artist continues to push their creative boundaries to come up with designs that blend with all generations and gender. While there are different ink colors available to complement a particular skin tone, the white ink tattoo is the popular trend that is taking the inked body art world into a whole new dimension. Minimalistic tattoo design is popular for introverted guys and girls. Colorful flower tattoo designs are preferred by women while tribal with dark shadings are popular with men.

Tattoos are a fashion trend that will never go out of style. Popular to both sexes, there are a wide variety of designs that you can choose. You will carry a tattoo design with you for the rest of your life. So go for the one that best reflects your interests and personality.

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