A skull tattoo is a favorite to most men. While skull symbols get their inspiration from pirates of the 18th century; tattoo artists continue to use their creativity by incorporating other features which give this ink art a unique symbolic meaning. Even though black skull tattoos with thick line shadings look scary, adding a flower gives it a cute look which is suitable for ladies. In this list, we have different skull tattoo designs to suit everyone’s preference.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

Do you prefer tattoos with a symbolic cultural meaning? Or are you looking for a tattoo that honors a departed loved one? Then go for sugar skull tattoo designs. Popular in Mexican culture, a sugar skull is an important part of celebrating the Day of the Dead which is on 2nd November.

Sugar Skull Tattoo for Sleeve

sugar skull tattoo for sleeve


Evil Skull Tattoo Designs

Even though eye-catching, evil skull tattoo designs often elicit negative reviews. Suitable for biker groups, gangster attitude or people with rebellious traits, this skull tattoo portrays death, power or a difficult phase in life. If you love living on the edge through a dangerous life, then evil skull tats are for you.

Evil Skull Tattoo on Chest

evil skull tattoo on chest


Skull and Roses Tattoo Designs

Skull tattoo can look scary however adding a rose gives it a soft look. Adding a vibrant colored rose gives a skull a feminine touch making this tattoo perfect for girls. Men can also incorporate a rose in their skull tattoo to show rebirth or the beginning of a new chapter.

Skull and Roses Tattoo for Forearm

skull and roses tattoo for forearm


Half Sleeve Skull and Roses Tattoo

half sleeve skull and roses tattoo


Skull Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Placing a skull tattoo design on the sleeves makes it easier to hide the ink art when you need to attend an occasion that is not friendly towards skulls. A full sleeve skull tattoo is very conspicuous hence shows a daring, bold yet open minded individual who is fearless

Eagle with Skull Sleeve Tattoo

eagle with skull sleeve tattoo


Snake with Skull Sleeve Tattoo

snake with skull sleeve tattoo


Deer Skull Tattoo Designs

A deer skull tattoo is a favorite for hunters who love taking this graceful animal as their trophy. With symbolic meanings such as longevity, death, rebirth and strength, most men go for a design where the antlers are straight up. You can also opt for this tattoo to depict your admiration for a deer.

Deer Skull Tattoo for Back

deer skull tattoo for back


Deer Skull Stomach Tattoo

deer skull stomach tattoo


Girly Skull Tattoo Designs

While skull tattoos often depict masculinity, ladies of all ages will still look attractive with girly skull tattoo designs. Women who prefer a feminine tattoo yet want to include a skull can incorporate vibrant flowers such as sunflowers, a bright red rose or colored bows. Girly skull tattoos can also include stars or pink butterfly designs.

Tribal Skull Tattoo Designs

Tribal skull tattoo is often done in black ink and includes bold line shadings. This design is a favorite for men who need to depict bravery, strength, power or ability to defend themselves. Whether done on the sleeves, chest or neck, a well done tribal skull tattoo will show masculinity.

Tribal Skull Tattoo on Hand

tribal skull tattoo on hand


Aztec Skull Tattoos Designs

Aztec skull tattoo designs get their inspiration from Mesoamerican warriors who used to get this type of tattoo to scare away their enemies. It is associated with death and immense power hence popular with men. Since the Aztec style of tattooing is distinctive and features various shapes, you will stand out with this tattoo.

Skull and Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Suitable for ladies who prefer a gothic lifestyle, combining a skull and a butterfly creates a design that is both daring and feminine. Even though it is girly, these tattoo designs show fearlessness. While there are many vibrant colors of butterflies, choose one that complements your skin tone and tells your life story.

Blue Skull and Butterfly Tattoo

blue skull and butterfly tattoo


Skull and Butterfly Tattoo for Thigh

skull and butterfly tattoo for thigh


Viking Skull Tattoo Designs

Vikings are one of the most interesting parts of Celtic history and are known for their brave characteristics. Combining Viking elements with a skull portray a daring attitude, the courage of concurring death, relentless and bravery. The most attractive design is where you give a skull tattoo a Viking crown or face.

Viking Skull Tattoo on Chest

viking skull tattoo on chest


Viking Skull Tattoo for Leg

viking skull tattoo for leg


Celtic Skull Tattoo Designs

A skull was a powerful emblem for ancient Celts with symbolic meanings such as divinity, unchanging, a gateway to the soul and power. The various openings of the Celtic skull tattoo design such as the nose, eyes, and mouth showcase rebirth or a new perspective. The circular shape of the skull gives it a Celtic symbolic meaning.

Celtic Skull Tattoo on Hand

celtic skull tattoo on hand1


Bull Skull Tattoo Designs

Ancient cultures such as Mexico and Native Americans view a bull skull tattoo as a symbol of agility, courage and ability to overcome any tough task. Suitable for individuals with a Taurus zodiac sign, men can opt to get this tattoo in a black or gray ink color while women can incorporate other vibrant colors.

Bull Skull with Feather Tattoo

bull skull with feather tattoo


Bull Skull with Flower Tattoo

bull skull with flower tattoo


3D Skull Tattoo Designs

The best way to make your skull tattoo stand out is to go for a 3D effect. 3D works to vividly show that you have changed your life towards a more positive direction. You can even include other symbols that that will make your 3D skull tattoo relevant to you.

3D Skull Sleeve Tattoo

3d skull sleeve tattoo


Colorful 3D Skull Tattoo

colorful 3d skull tattoo


Flaming Skull Tattoo Designs

Flaming skull tattoo is popular even with celebrities such as Nicholas Cage. Both of the skull and flames symbolize death and complement each other well. Adding fire to a skull represents destruction, intimidation or carrying the soul to the afterlife. This tattoo also makes a perfect design as a reminder of death life stage.

Flaming  Skull Tattoo for Palm

flaming skull tattoo for palm


Traditional Skull Tattoo Designs

Traditional skull tattoo designs feature black ink and simple, bold outlines. Since this type of tattoo is the standard reference from which artists add other elements, they tend to look good in both youngsters and mature people. From small to large designs on the back, you can choose any place to ink this type of tattoo.

Traditional Skull with Flower Tattoo

traditional skull with flower tattoo


Traditional Skull with Butterfly Tattoo

traditional skull with butterfly tattoo1


Dragon Skull Tattoo Designs

Trendy in the Japanese culture, dragon skull tattoo designs depicts wisdom, intelligence and natural life cycle. Adding a dragon to a skull also describes relief, abundance and getting away from negative thoughts. This mythical creature is also a master of all elements hence ink lovers can add on top of a skull to show power.

Dragon Skull Tattoo for Back

dragon skull tattoo for back


Dragon Skull Tattoo for Sleeve

dragon skull tattoo for sleeve


Skull Chest Tattoo Designs

When it comes to choosing upper bodies tattoos, always ensure the ink art is big enough to fit the large size. The chest is close to the heart hence getting a skull tattoo there shows pride. Add wings or a floral theme to complement the skull design as well to enhance the beauty of your chest.

Black and Gray Skull Chest Tattoo

black and gray skull chest tattoo


Colorful Skull Tattoo Designs

Most people often add vibrant colors to a skull to evade the scary or negative perspective associated with this symbol. While you are free to decorate your skull with any color, it is crucial to consider your skin tone so as to ensure your tattoo looks classy. Adding floral themes is the best way to give your skull subtle color.

Colorful Bleeding Skull Tattoo

colorful bleeding skull tattoo


Skull Head Tattoo Designs

It is rare to find skull head tattoo designs; however, they are striking and have a symbolic meaning that relates to the wearer. Going for dark shadings or adding other elements such as a clock further makes this type of tattoo unique and helps the skull tattoo to stand out.

Cow Skull Tattoo Designs

A cow skull tattoo design is visually eye-catching hence suitable for people with a fearless attitude. In Hindu culture, the cow is a holy creature loved due to its docile traits and represents oneness with nature, gentle spirit, provider and good fortune. If you are a provider in your family, then a cow skull tattoo will highlight this trait.

Flower Cow Skull Tattoo

flower cow skull tattoo


Cow Skull Tattoo for Back

cow skull tattoo for back


Skull tattoo designs generally portray death. People will go for this type of tattoo to remember a departed loved one, a dark past or that they have escaped death. Other people select skull tattoo designs because of symbolic meanings that relate to culture. Different cultures such as Indians, Native Americans, Japanese and Mexican associate a skull with distinctive meanings such as courage, power and success especially for individuals who play poker or go to casinos.

Skull tattoo designs look amazing in both girls and boys. What differentiates the gender is that girly skull tattoos tend to incorporate feminine elements while men will often go for black skull ink art. With many positive symbolic meaning and culture relations, go for a skull tattoo that reflects your life experiences.


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