While not a popular preference, the variety of improvisations that can be executed in alien tattoos is limited only by your own imagination. For those who believe life exists beyond our world, or for the alien-verse fans, these can pretty much come as god-given design ideas (pun intended)! Read along for some fantastic and out-of-the-world alien tattoo designs. Let loose the believer inside you!

Colorful Alien Tattoo for Men

colorful alien tattoo for men


Scary or colorful? Take your pick with this brilliantly shaded alien skull tattoo design, supported by a bunch of flowers and petals at the sides to spruce it up. A painting, tattoo artist will love to do; the beauty of this lies in the soft shading.

Lovely Tattoo on Arm

lovely tattoo on arm


Do you believe aliens might love pizza just as much as we do? Maybe that’s what has brought them to our world decade after decade. Flying around in their little UFOs, ink your aliens lifting up pizza slices instead of abducting humans with their alien lights.

Purple Color Traditional Tattoo

purple color traditional tattoo


Do you know the best thing about creating alien tattoo designs? You can color them in whichever palette you like! For example, here’s presenting a purple lady alien with big black starry eyes and flowers surrounding her portrait. Top it up with a bow on her head!

Pretty Finger Tattoo Idea

pretty finger tattoo idea


Hey look, an alien head ring! Alien egg-shaped heads look cute as tattoo designs wherever you place them. This one is especially a wonderful fun improvisation, replacing an entire ring with just a simple minimalistic tattoo. We say, go for this!

Half Sleeve Tattoo for Women

half sleeve tattoo for women


Contrasting with the minimal designs, here’s a full-blown alien from an imaginary future world. Look at how amazingly the artist has inked in the anatomical details! Who knows, maybe skin is going to become useless in the future and the insides are going to become strong enough in exposure!

Organic Alien Tattoo Design

organic alien tattoo design


Do you love organic and aliens? Well, good thing for you that aliens are usually represented in green! Get this pretty looking alien tattoo done with ferns and petals carved at the edges beautifully. Zest it up with a blooming flower to complete the look.

Black and Green Inked Tattoo

black and green inked tattoo


Cool Forearm Tattoo Idea

cool forearm tattoo idea


Unique Alien Tattoo Idea

unique alien tattoo idea


Old Fashioned Tattoo Design

old fashioned tattoo design


Elegant Tattoo on Leg

elegant tattoo on leg


Unique Tattoo for Men

unique tattoo for men


Alien tattoos have come into prominence since the many sightings of alien spaceships in the last century. The craze has taken over the entire comic and movie world, and fans and believers range from the mild optimists to raging fanatics. Even if you lie somewhere in between, getting an alien tattoo might just be the right idea to stand out from the tattooed crowd! It is fun and engaging, as well as a good source to let your imagination run loose. Go on and add this to your list of must-try things this year. And don’t forget to leave us a comment below!

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