Blue makeup is super popular right now. While the eye makeup is a pretty old hat, blue lips, nail polish and even face powder (mostly used for costume purposes) are gaining widespread use. Just follow Kylie Jenner’s style guide for starters; but you also have electric tips from runway couture of Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Chanel for more.

Now that of course is for really special occasions when you’re feeling brave and brazen enough to try something shocking. But that’s the trouble as well – people often associate blue makeup with something weird and otherworldly, overlooking the diversity of the color palette and its ability to match practically anything that suits the shade.

Here are a couple of ways on how to put blue eye makeup to use:

Maria Menounos Blue Eye Makeup

maria menounos blue eye makeup

A cobalt blue shade works for events that involve bright lights and lots of dressing up. Try to play the eyes to rule and minimize makeup on the rest of your face.

Taylor Swift Blue Eye Makeup

taylor swift blue eye makeup

Think silver-blue: cool and slightly metallic. It may not always work, but the silvery tones will sit well if coordinated properly, with shades that ironically clash, like Taylor Swift’s sea green earrings and similar colored dress.

Jessica Alba Electric Blue Eye Shadow

jessica alba electric blue eye shadow

Punky and uber edgy – that’s Jessica Alba with a significant fashion step-up: the use of electric blue eyeshadow to compliment an otherwise all-black outfit. It’s a great turnover on something that hitherto could be considered almost pedestrian, even immature.

Jinnifer Goodwin Cobalt Blue Eye Makeup

jinnifer goodwin cobalt blue eye makeup

Here’s another way to combine seemingly clashing tones of the same color – do it anyway! The key is keeping the rest of the ensemble simple and understated, like Ginnifer Goodwin’s slick hair and clean face here.

Selena Gomez With Blue Eyeliner

selena gomez with blue eyeliner

Leave it to Selena Gomez to shock when least expected. Unlike the previous pictures, edgy isn’t necessarily the route to take while wearing blue eye makeup – you can pair it with white for a whole other level of otherworldly, almost angelic.

Blue And Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

blue and silver glitter eye makeup


Futuristic makeup is super easy with blue eye shadow. Layer it with black and draw bold streaks of white or glittery turquoise for an alien-like look.

Awesome Sky Blue Eye Shadow

awesome sky blue eye shadow


Fairy-blue eyes can be achieved by simply dusting light blue around the eyes – make sure that the eyelashes are standing out – and contoured over the shoulders to bring alive the inner fairy queen within you.

It’s not the clash of the colors, trust us. Two contrasting shades of blue will look beautiful on a fresh, naturally made up face with minimal lip gloss and hair let loose. The effort must look – effortless.

For something easy to work with, use pale blue eyeshadow. Not only is it easy to apply, but it also goes with pretty much every other color, and is a preferred color for those who are more comfortable with moving into something edgy and new slowly.

And finally, the simplest of them all – under-the-eye eyeliner. Sometimes, less is more and this technique best exemplifies that statement. The trick to highlight the face is to apply a thin line of an electrifying blue on the bottom lid, and then play up with a slightly glossier shade on the mouth or cheeks.

Single Line Blue Eye Makeup

single line blue eye makeup


Gorgeous Makeup Idea

gorgeous makeup idea


Celebrity Style Blue Eye Makeup

celebrity style blue eye makeup


Blue Glitter Makeup Idea

blue glitter makeup idea


Trendy Eye Blue Makeup

trendy eye blue makeup


So here are some great tips for applying blue eye makeup. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us! Remember, it’s always great fun trying something new, and when you do that, there’s a space for everyone’s comfort zone.

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