Dance is a simple verb that describes numerous forms and ways of doing it, some having evolved from over a thousand years. There’s ballet, the waltz, the foxtrot, salsa, Bharatnatyam, jive, breakdance, freestyle and so much more. Granted, when you’re on stage, most people will see how talented you are. But your costume and makeup add to the story you create with your movement, and are contributing factors to how well you bring that out. This is why a lot of emphasis is placed on makeup – your face is going to be lit up by harsh lights in front of at least a hundred people, and you are going to want to be noticed and remembered.

Here is a list of some great makeup ideas that you can use according to the style you’ll be performing (or if not, just for fun!):

With some dark eye shadow, this beautiful eye makeup is perfect for a fairy queen, an anti-heroine or just a lovely display of ballet. You can achieve the ‘tiara’ with some rhinestones, and add a bit of red lipstick to make the whole look pop just a little more.

Dance Makeup for Fair Skin

dance makeup for fair skin


We don’t mean debutante as in southern belles looking to make their mark on society news headlines, of course, but nervous newcomers to what the stage demands. Of course, your makeup depends upon your role, but this one is too pretty not to experiment on. Foundation helps with a uniform colour, and a flower barrette is a welcome vibrant factor.

The eyes express what the movements cannot – the emotions, the mental turmoil or inner joy that the dancer experiences and in turn adds flow to the movements. Here’s some colourful dance eye makeup reminiscent of birds’ feathers.

Or there’s show girl dance eye shadow in a shade of deep pink.

Dance Eye Palette Makeup

dance eye palette makeup


You could even try eye palette makeup. Make sure to use a thin, sturdy brush and light coloured eye shadow. You could also add some pale pink lipstick to complete the look below.

Dance Makeup with Accessories

amazing dance makeup


Dance makeup is not just a lot of face paint dabbed for giggles. Neither is it meant to stand out in full force by itself, overpowering the performer and by extension, the performance itself. Makeup in this case needs to work with other elements to truly compliment the movement of that particular style. Check out this simple look that accentuates the fiery costume of this Blackpool dancer.

Trendy Dance Makeup

trendy dance makeup


Sometimes, even your hairstyle matters, in which case your makeup needs to be slightly toned down. Here’s a simple winged eyeliner look that compliments the complicated but intriguing hairdo.

Dance Makeup for kid

dance makeup for kid


When you have a child, or are applying makeup for one, you must ensure that the material you use is neither skin-unfriendly, nor has long term effects. Furthermore, the child’s face need not have too much makeup unless required for the role – the highlighting of the eyes, cheeks and lips will do. Here’s an example.

Eye Makeup for Dance Girl

dance makeup for girls


Dance Makeup for Blue Eyes

dance makeup for blue eyes


Dance Makeup for Cute Girl

dance makeup for cute girl


Gold Glitter Eye Makeup for Dance

gold glitter eye makeup for dance1


Dance Blue Eye Palette Makeup

dance blue eye palette makeup


Dance Makeup for Brown Eyes

dance makeup for brown eyes


Amazing Dance Makeup

stylized dance makeup1


Dance Princess Eye Makeup

dance princess eye makeup


Dance Green Eye Makeup

dance green eye makeup


Dance makeup is fascinatingly diverse, with many subtle ways of bringing out the sparkle in the eyes or the smile of the lips with a simple stroke of a brush. It should however, not try to overpower the dance itself. Check out famous shows of popular and classical forms such as ballet and some Latin dance performances to get an idea of the same, and you could also take a look at certain Indian forms for a better idea of how the form itself and the makeup complement each other. Hope these tips have helped!

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