Styling the long hairstyles is a challenge, and many individuals with long hair generally keep them simply controlled in a simple pony or even a braid, or create them free. Even so, this is not helpful, just as with a few great ideas of simple hairstyles for long hair you can make lots of terrific fashions. Nowadays, numerous concepts you make your simple dull hair-into amazing innovative types.

Simple hairstyles for long hair you can also have some new looking split hairstyles for long hair. One easiest way to get this completed is to center part your hair-style, and have reflective layers beginning of your chin part to the finishes. This fashion is customary and many stars wear it. However, if you require a little more of fashion then effort with these concepts, as mentioned here.

1. Give a Long Ponytail Look

long pony tail look


Tie all your hairs with a single rubber band to let them be raised and allow the long ponytail to fall on the back or on the side as it suits you. You can also give it a little curl to make them more stylish.

2. Give Elegant Side Look

elegant side look


Comb your hairs nicely and neatly. Do not use any type of band and simply allow one side of the hairs to fall down straight while put the other side of the hairs behind the ears to reveal one side of the face.

3. Pull Up to Get a Messy Ponytail

messy ponytail


It is very simple and quick hairstyle. Just take a nice band and to tie your hairs in the form of high ponytail and let the falling hairs get messy and scattered to give yourself a simple but very unique look in no time.

4. Enhance Your Long Hair With Natural Layered Look

long hair with natural layered look


This style may not be suitable for all type of hairs and is especially for a bit curly hairs. All you need to do is let the hairs fall down normally to give a layered mermaid waves which gives a perfect natural look.

5. Pull Back Your Hairs in a Pony

pull back your hairs in a pony


This is again a quick way to manage your hairs. You have to hold all your hairs together by pulling them back and tuck them up with a neat band to make a pony that falls down on the back.

6. Polished and Sleek Hairstyle By Kristen Stewart

polished and sleek hairstyle

Give yourself a princess look with neatly managed hairs with parting on the left and all your hairs nicely tucked behind the ears on both the sides. Allow right half of hairs to fall in front of shoulders while left half behind all the way.

7. Get a Hot Bed Head Curly Look Like Taylor Swift

taylor swift long curly hair locks e1458795513735

Give your hairs messy but perfect look with curl heads. Curl your hairs in the form of tight ringlets and then simply let them roll with a simple finger comb to arrange them in a messy curling hairstyle with little effort.

8. Give it a Wave Look and Tuck it Behind Like Jessica Alba

wave look and trunk it behind e1458795926625

You will need to give your hairs a bit of curl initially and then you can use something like boar bristle brush or similar to soften those curls. Now push one part of the curls behind the ears to make them look more stylish.

9. Simply Toss You Hairs On One Side Like Lana Del Rey

side swept2


The best part of this style is that you can start with curling your hair in a free random manner as you like and after you are done curling sweep some of the hairs on the side to get an effortless look.

10. Tuck it Back With The Help Of Pins

tuck it back with the help of pins


This one is especially for the messy curly hairs. Just pump your hairs to give them extra virtual volume and then tuck both the sides with the help of simple pin of any color of your choice to go with your dress.

11. Give a Voluminous Curls

voluminous curls


Make the best out of your long hairs buy turning the lower half of the hairs in the form of big curls falling down loosely. And for the half, just part them from the middle and let them be straight and simple.

The unique thing of this design is that you have to back comb the hairs on the roots of the hairs while comb the remaining part of the hairs with boar bristle brush. Then use a hair spray to give a finished look.

14. French Braids Tucked in a Bun

french braids bun e1458797927429


Tuck all your hairs on the back in the form of a messy bun and then let a French braid start from the bottom of your neck. Put the bun and braid all together in a single place to get a finished look.

15. Get a Messy Braid On The Side

messy braid on the side


This is the old good way of making your braid more voluminous and full. Get the roots of your hairs left untied and natural with the tip of the hairs tied in the form of French Braid to get a quick but unique hairstyle.

16. Straight and Slick Hairstyle

straight and slick hairstyle e1458798410388


The hairstyle is simple and quick. Get your hairs nicely combed down absolutely straight down from the roots to the tip and slick the sides with the help of gel. It results into a very neat and elegant look for a perfect formal occasion.

17. Beach Mermaid Like Waves

beach mermaid like waves e1458890672747


It is simple and sober hairstyle with a minimum effort. Get your hairs in long curls by rolling them around the wand iron. Next spray them with a nice shade and release those curls down with the help of fingers.

18. Braid Your Hairs in The Form Of Long Fishtail Pony

long fishtail pony


It is a very modern looking animal themed hairstyle to get a perfect look. Arrange your hairs in the form of long ponytail on the back and spin them round in the form of fishtail braid extending down to the bottom.

Give your hairs a unique and neat braid starting from the mid- point of hairs and extending down the wire. Get the braid look tapered in the form of a Fishtail Pony with the upper half resting on the head.

22. Push Your Strands Sideways

push your strands sideways e1458799723841


It is one of easiest and the quickest of techniques to manage your hairs with minimum fuzz. Spray your strands gently with salt water to get them stiff and then push all the strands on one side of the face to reveal the better side of your face.

23. Cut Your Hairs to Give a Shape of Blunt Bangs

cut your hairs to give a shape of blunt bangs


Trim the hairs on the front of face in a straight line just above the eye level and with a bit of snip in between and leave the hairs on the back fall down long without trimming to go with the front hairs.

This is pretty complex looking unique hairstyle which can be implemented easily. All you have to do is pull the strands up and mingle them with itself and tuck them neatly with the help of pins from underneath to create a faux bob.

25. Flaunt With a Ponytail

fluant with hair style


It is a simple and very decent looking hairstyle. All you need to do is part your hairs from centre and neatly pull them down with the help of a boar bristle brush into a ponytail and then use a hairspray for a finished look.

26. Put Some Flatiron to Get Sleek Hairs

put some flatiron to get sleek hairs e1458800973943


You can use a flatiron to press down your hairs into sleek looking hairs which goes to the tip of the hairs. However be sure to use some protective styling spray before clamping down your hairs to be on the safe side.

27. Go With Long Back Strands

jennifer lawrence1

Jennifer Lawrence

Use a flat iron to flatten your hairs and then run through your hairs all the way from tip to roots with a bit of gel in hands and make sure to repeat it for several times till you are satisfied with the look.

28. Look Different With This Unique Braid

unique braids


Separate your hairs into two parts. Let one part cover your head uniformly while French braid the other half which starts right from the root and goes along the hairline. Also make sure to pin up the other hairs to make sure that braid is visible clearly.

29. Give a Touch of Shade To Selected Curls Like Selena Selena Gomez

selena gomez touch of shade to selected curls1 e1458880491914

Curls look good normally but you can make them look special and attractive by giving some of the select curls around the face a bright shade to make them highlight and look different from the rest. Also use the same shade for tips.

30. Wrap it All in a Bun

wrap it all in a bun


Start from the roots and give a lift and then take all the hairs on the back and turn them into a nice mid-level pony. The last stage is to wrap it all in the bun except for the tail which stays out.

31. Combine Straight Bangs With Wavy Strands

combine straight bangs with wavy strands e1458880641207

Lange Haare

The key to the success to this hairstyle is a long and wispy fringe. Keep your bangs straight and short and pair them up with the soft and loose curls of your hairs which fall deep and longer of the other side.

32. Go Loud With Your Curls

go loud with your curls


Curl all your hairs just below the ears with the help of about 1 inch of curling iron leaving the upper hairs untouched. Make the curls smooth and shiny with a bit of shiny serum and feel the magic of falling curls.

33. Try Pretty Shorter Strands

try fake shorter strands


Turn your long hairs into short strands with the help of big hot rollers. This way you can get nice bouncy curls that give a appearance of short strands to the long hairs without needing to cut your hairs any shorter.

34. Push the Bun Sideways

push the bun sideways e1458808799991


It is extremely simple to get this design. All you have to do is get all your hairs on one side and then gently spin them around to create a loose Bun. You can also add some texture to your hairs before moving on with the design.

35. Go Natural with Super-Loose Chignon

go natural with super loose chignon


It is sometimes better to let something to its natural form and see the wonderful results. Pull your hairs all the way back, except a few around the face to form a natural looking super-loose chignon to get this simple sexy look.

36. Flirt With Your Ponytail

selena gomez

Selena Gomez

We are used to the simple traditional pony but in this case you have to start with pushing the hairs up and over the crown and then pull them back into a pony leaving the curls around your face to flirt.

37. Get a Natural Look With Texture Spray

get a natural look with texture spray


To achieve this hairstyle you need to first dampen your hair nicely from root to tip with the help of a suitable texturing spray and dry them out with a blower. Finally wrap them into curls with a 1 inch rolling iron.

38. Give Your Hairs a Beach Look

chrissy teigen hairs beach look e1458880991752


Part your hairs from the center and then mist your hairs with a wave-making salt-infused styler to give wavy look to your hairs. Finally give them a twist with your fingers and you are all ready for the party with this unique beach look.

39. Glossy Waves with Tucked Hairline

glossy waves with tucked hairline


The first part of this style is to get super glossy waves for which you will need a sort of jumbo curling iron. After that pick out two thin sections from the mainstream of hairs and tuck them back for a special appearance.

40. In and Out Ends

layered hairstyle with in and out ends


Add an extra effect to your layered hairstyle with this unique inclusion. Use a round brush to flick the tip of the hairs into an attractive in and out look with some pointing inwards while other pointing outwards after getting them dry.

41. Loose is Stylish and Simple

loose hair is stylish


Sometimes you can get a perfect hairstyle get too much involved in the thought process. Use a normal body building mousse on the hairs after getting the strands nice and damp and finally pull and tie them up loosely from above the ears.

42. Decorate Your Hairs With Accessories

decorate your hairs with accessories


You can sometimes use an attractive accessory to make your hairs look vibrant and more attractive like the headband. In this way you can make a normal hairstyle look attractive without spending too much time and effort with your hairs.

Get you hairs parted right from the center and let the hairs on the front and around the face fall naturally in the form of waves. For the hairs on the back, form a ponytail which sits just around the nape of the neck.

45. The Easy Chignon Hairstyle

easy chignon


Tie all your hairs on the back with a band and then start rolling the hairs from the sides until they get to the band and then fold them together using clip. Now roll the remaining hairs on the back upwards and put them together to create chignon.

46. The Hunny Bun Look

the hunny bun e1458813420604


For this you will need a sing sock and cut it down from the closed end. Now pull back and tie your hairs and wrap the tip with open sock. Finally roll it downwards with the hairs along till you reach the knot and just tuck it there.

Create nice curly hairs at home with an aluminium foil in a super quick time. Just select small threads from hairs and roll them around fingers and then wrap those curls with the pieces of aluminum foil and leave it to get in shape and then take it off.

48. Sleek Vixen Hairstyle

sleek vixen hair


Pull down half of the hairs back and other half sideways in the second layer over it and pin it there with clips. Now roll back this second layer from tip to the centre and again tuck it there neatly with another set of pins.

49. Tuck and Cover Your Thin Hair

tuck and cover

Source-Missy Sue

Use a simple elastic headband and put it on with all the hairs tied under. Now roll the hairs from back into the back of the band until all the hairs are rolled in nicely. In the final step slide it back from head towards the crown and leave it there.

50. The Twisted Ponytail

the twisted pony


It is a little modified version of traditional ponytail where you need to roll the threads of hairs on the sides into a sort of string and then use to as the band to tie the ponytail. It looks super cool and stylish.

51. Half Up and Half Down Hairstyle

half up and half down hairstyle


Let all your hairs fall backwards and maybe create a bit of loose curls to enhance the style. Now get thick threads of hairs from both the sides to roll them into each other tightly over the other hairs to appear like a bridge.

52. The Knot Pony Hairdo

knot pony


Part your hairs from middle and lets one half falls normally while bring the other half towards the opposite end with the first half around the neck. Now tie both the halves together into a knot to get a knot pony.

53. Fancy Ponytail For Different Look

fancy ponytail


This is just another modified form of traditional ponytail with a slight difference. Here we make use of the hairs from the sides to roll them round the pony to make it look unique and very attractive for any occasion.

54. Twisted Bun is Unique Style

twisted bun hair style


Pull back your hairs tightly together and then casually roll them sideways just like a cyclone. Now get hold of the tip of the hairs and roll it round and upwards to create a bun which is tied by itself.

55. Slicked Back Ponytail With Elegant Look

slicked back ponytail


Slicked back ponytail is requires you to first make you hairs slippery with may be oil and them comb them back neatly. Now pick a thin thread of hairs from any one of the side and roll it round the base of the ponytail like a band.

56. Weave Low Ponytail

weave low ponytail e1458816209598


Separate your hairs into three parts and let them fall in respective directions: left, right and backwards. Hold the hairs on the back together to make a ponytail. Now pull the hairs from the sides into thick strands and then spin it around the ponytail.

57. The Braid-Wrapped Ponytail

the braid wrapped ponytail


Pull all your hairs on the back and divide them into two layers one over the other. Now create a braid using the hairs in the lower layer and leave the upper layer to roll down. Now wrap the main ponytail with the braid.

58.Updo and Bangs Gives Fancy Look

angelina jolie loose updo with bangs1


Hold all your hairs together upwards and tie them up. Now separate a thin section of hairs from the rest from ponytail and create a thin braid. Create a bun on top with the rest of the hairs and tie it round with this braid.

59. Twice Passed Chignon Style

twice passed chignon1


Get your hairs on the back tied together in a ponytail. Part it from the middle by inserting finger and pass the tip of the ponytail through this hole from up. Again roll this ponytail up and pass it second time and finally tie it up.

60. The Infinity Low Do Hairstyle

infinity low do hairstyle e1458817291954


Pull down your hairs on the back and part them in two halves. Now hold any part and spin it sideways and tie it upwards on the back. In the last step repeat the same with the other half of the hairs.

Split your hairs to make two ponytails. Make one ponytail making use of the hairs just over and around the crown while user the remaining hairs to create the second pony and eventually let the two go together as a single super long ponytail.

62. Vintage Ponytail For Old Look

vintage ponytail e1458817655124


Make your hairs look bouncy and voluminous with this vintage ponytail. Unlike stretching the hairs back tightly, let a part of hairs be raised above the head to create a sort of puff along with the ponytail to get an elegant hairstyle.

63. The Hair Knot Are Simple And Easy

hair knot e1458817892262


This is one of the simplest and quickest hair styles that can be made by anyone. You just need to part your hairs like in the case of braid but you here you have knot the two halves together just like a thread.

64. The Twist and Flip Bun

twist and flip bun e1458818025120


This is again a perfect look for any occasion and gives a feel of lots of volume in hairs. As the name suggests you need to let all the hairs fall down backwards and then roll them upwards to create a bun.

It can add a lot of innocence and cuteness to your look. Part your hairs from the center and pull the hairs from sides to create two French braids and put them together like a head band on the back.

67. Two Strand Waterfall Braid

two strand waterfall braid


You can give your hairs a nice waterfall look which falls down through the spaces between the braids. Create and slanted cross strand on the back and then thread it with the thin group of hairs to make it look like a waterfall.

68. Twisted Ponytail is Unique

twisted ponytail3


It is really quick and simple way to make your simple pony look unique and with lesser effort. Just part your hairs in two parts and then hold each part and simply wrap them around each other to get a nice twisted hairstyle.

69. Summer Scarf Updo

summer scarf updo


You will need a normal scarf which you have tie around your head with its front half covering the crown like a hair band. Next you need to pick small strands of hairs and start curling them around the scarf neatly until all hairs and done.

70. The Low Knot is Beautiful

low knot


It is an elegant looking extremely quick hairstyle for any occasion. Simply hold your hairs backwards and split into two parts. Hold the two together knot them together at the shoulder height. Roll the left over ponytail back into the knot.

71. The Side Knot Look Of Selena Gomez

selena side knot

This is again a variation to the knot hairstyles. Instead of taking the hairs backward, hold them one any one side of your head above the shoulders. Split them into two and create a knot just over the shoulder and put the hanging ponytail back into the knot.

Give your hairs a very little curling with your fingers and then let them hang on the back. Pick two thin strands from the corners and tie them together like a shoe lace lying above the hairs on the back.

First create a normal Bun on top of your head and then split it from between and tie them in a way like boys tie their show laces to create a bow shape. This makes the bun look different with a little modification.

74. The Tease and Tie is Simple

tease and tie e1458820303121


The tease and tie make your hairs look bouncy and also ensure that they are held together and not easily disturbed. All you have to do is tease them from the roots to push them upwards and then select thin strands from the corners to wrap it around the tease.

75. The Over The Shoulder Pony

over the shoulder pony

by-Lauren Keller

Push all your hairs except those around the face on one side on the back. Now hold them together and create a pony which is tied with a thin strand of hairs itself and allow this pony to fall over the shoulder.

76. The Two Bobby Pin Front Twist

two bobby pin front twist e1458820786164


Roll your hairs first of all to make them look bouncy and messy. Now make a braid with half of hairs above and other half held by the braid. Use two bobby pins to manage the twists of unbounded hairs by placing one pin vertical and another in slated horizontal position.

77. A Symmetrical Chignon Twist

symmetrical chignon e1458820964503


Try a chignon that is more on the sides instead of lying in the centre. Push your hairs on one side above the shoulders and then twist them right upto the end and then roll it upward to get a asymmetrical chignon.

78. Cute Bangs Top Bun Knot

fake bangs top knots


Pull all your hairs above the crown and put a band to get them together. Now separate a small strand and bend it from middle and tie it from the ends at the same point where band exist. Continue the same procedure until all hairs are tied up.

79. The Single Twist Black Hairstyle

the single twist e1458825822572


Nicely comb your hairs on let them fall on the back. Now take a small portion of hairs from the right and pin it to the left from over the hairs. Now take a small portion from the left and tuck it on the right taking it from over abd pin it.

80. Two Minute Tuck Hairdo

two minute tuck hair style e1458821494422


You will need two elastic head bands one going over the crown on the front and under the hairs on the back. Place the second band like a usual head band after putting the first band. Roll small portions of your hanging hairs upwards and curl them around the second band.
Create a simple bun anywhere in just four simple steps. Hold your hairs above the crown and put a band to hold them together. Now divide the falling hairs in two halves and use one part to create the bun and second part to hold the bun in place.

82. Mermaid Tail Braid Hairstyle

mermaid tail braid


Part your hairs from the left and create two simple braids from each of the halves separately and tuck the ends with rubber band. Bring both of them in front of shoulder and wrap them around each other and you are done.

Give your hairs a simple twist and see how it shapes out. Comb all your hairs on the back. Hold all the hairs from one side and roll them inwards and tuck them with a pin. Now the repeat the same with the hairs on other half and put them along with the other half.

84. The Knotted Pullback

knotted pullback


Pull back your hairs gently on the back and let them fall straight down vertically. Select two small portions of hairs from both the sides and knot them together gently. Again hold them from the ends to make a second knot but keep it loose and leave a circle between the two knots.

85. The Knot So Braided Bun

knot so braided bun


Pull back your hairs and tie them with a rubber band at the base to make a ponytail. Turn the loose end of the pony into a braid. Roll the braid back over and turn it around centre over the crown and make a knot.

86. The Brisk Braid Wrap

brisk braid wrap e1458822541695


Pull your hairs on the back tightly and put a rubber band on the base. Now create a simple braid out of the hanging portion of the hairs. Insert your fingers just beneath the rubber band to create some pace between hairs and roll the tip of the braid into this space.

87. The Prettiest Pompadour Look

the prettiest pompadour


Separate your hairs into three parts: top, right and left. Tease the hairs on the top on the base to make them bouncy and then let them fall on the back loosely and tuck it. Now pick the other two parts and tie them over the first part.

88. The Half-Up Half-Down Twist

half up half down twist1


Let all your hairs fall down gently on the back and comb them neatly. Now pick two small portions: one from the right and other from the left. Tie the two parts together over the remaining hairs and let the pony tail fall along all together.

89. Twisted Ponytail Variation

twisted ponytail variation


Try out a different looking ponytail for the change. It is quick and simple. Part your hairs from the left side. Roll the right side of hairs all the way down to the tail and twist it inwards and use then create a ponytail.

90. Quadruple Twist

quadruple twist e1458823137493


Create three partitions: one on the middle and two symmetrically on either side. This will divide the hairs in four parts. Twist the mid two sections into itself to create thin braids and then tie all the four portions on the back together.

91. The Flip Tail is Simple

flip tail e1458823344891


Roll down all the hairs on the back nicely combed. Hold them into two separate parts and roll each part individually inwards with the help of the hands. Bring both the ponytails together and then tuck them together with the help of a rubber band.

92. French Braid Headband Style

french braid headband1


You can create great hairstyles with French Braid. Part your hairs on the left side. Pick a thin portion of the hair from the front of the hairs parted on the right and create a French Braid and run it over like a headband.

93. Double Twist Hairdo

double twist hairstyle


Part your hairs from the middle into two equal halves. Select two small section from the either sides and roll them inwards and over the crown till the end. Put a hair clip to hold them in place and let the ends fall back.

94. Ponytail Veil Simple Cool Like Selena Gomez

selena gomez1

Comb back your hairs neatly without any parting. Separate a thin layer of hairs from over the crown and make four ponytails. The last stage is the real beauty where you tie them in a zigzag manner with the help of rubber bands to give a veil look.

95. The Heart Braid Style

heart braid e1458823868270


This is again a beautiful variation of a simple Braid to get a lovely heart shaped hairstyle. Part your hairs from the middle and create two separate braids on either side. Now use the two braids to create a neat heart shape over the crown.

96. The Same Side Dutch Braid

same side dutch braid e1458824110519


Start creating a simple Dutch Braid on one of the sides say right. Continue making the right strands into the Dutch Braid but let the left strands come down over the head to be just mingled with the Dutch Braid.

97. Side Ponytail Combo

side ponytail combo e1458824301442


Create a simple ponytail on the by holding the hairs loosely on the side just above the shoulders and wrap it with a thin strand of hairs. Part the hanging hairs like a fish tail and then again wrap them on the tip with another strand.

Start with creating a partition in the middle. Separate a small layer from the upper portion of hairs and make three braids. Now run a French Braid across the crown diagonally and let each of three braids fall through the French Braid.

99. The Twist, Pin and Braid

the twist and pin e1458824807767


Select a thin strand of hair from one side and take it across on the other side of the face. Tuck it with the help of a Bobby pin put together with another pin in the X shape to get this special look for your long hairs.

100. The Reversed French Twist Ponytail

the reversed french twist ponytail e1458824987177


It is the modern hair style which comes from the combination of low pony and modern chignon. Get a pony tucked just at the shoulder height. Split the loose hanging hairs into two ponytails and then carefully twist them into a chignon.


Getting trendy hairstyle ideas for long hairs is easy task. Only you have to give your time and analyze aforementioned ideas to come up with trendy and stylish hairstyles.

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