Prom Night, that night you have been waiting for since the first day of college. You have it all to go hit the dance floor with that new dress and heels on. But, Wait! That same old hairstyle? Why not try something new?Why not do something new to your hair?

Below we have listed for you hairstyles that you could try the next time you attend a Prom Night.

Vanessa Hudgens Prom Hair Updo

vanessa hudgens prom hair updo

Braids as well as curls both go together like peas in a shell so if you are looking out for an unusual prom updo hairstyles then go for Vanessa Hudgens Prom Hair Updo like the pic above. The asymmetric hairstyle will make you look graceful. Set your hair with some hairspray and the look is complete!

Cara Delevingne Side Twist Braid

cara delevingne side twist braid

We know that prom hairstyles are all about updos and bringing out the lady in you. If you want to look cute and at the same time stylish then Cara delevingne side braid hairstyle is the way for you to go. It will work superbly with long hair.

kristen stewart messy braid Hairdo

kristen stewart messy braid hairdo

Flirty, undone and attractive the above Kristen Stewart messy braid Hairdo is the perfect way to put an impression on anyone at prom. The look has the best balance between formal and casual. So girls, get ready to rock at any dance party with this style.

Jessica Alba Rope Braid Bun

jessica alba rope braid bun

So girls if you have thick, long hair, then you can select this rope braid bun. The style is incredibly easy and cute to replicate with pins and straightening machine. Its trendy and vintage.

Selena Gomez curly Hair Updo


Prom updo hairstyle can anytime come and go, but Selena Gomez’s curly Hair Updo is always around for good. Selena Gomez has a round face shape, so here she also includes long side bangs. So rock your hair by giving a natural-looking with a good quality shine spray.

Miley Cyrus Prom Ponytail

miley cyrus prom ponytail

A messy prom ponytail is effortless to do and a trendy solution to finish your spontaneous looks. If you have long hair,then go with this hairstyle. Miley Cyrus has an amazing hair color idea for brunettes.

Taylor Swift Curly Bun

taylor swift curly bun

If you have curly and naturally looking thick hair then this is surely made for you!Go with this stylish and effortless look by curling your hair at the front side at the same time embrace your natural waves with a curly bun.

Rita Ora Prom Hair Updo

rita ora prom hair updo

Rita Ora Prom Hair Updo has always been out of this world. Just take the look at that style and volume. To have a wonderful hairstyle like this you just have to backcomb and braid it with beautiful beads on. You can also get it little loose for a gentle and smooth style.

Prom Hairstyle for Curly Hair

prom hairstyle for curly hair


Get inspired by these romantic, trendy, and classic Prom Hairstyle for Curly Hair And look stylish for your big night. This hairstyle is definitely amazing for round and long faces as well. A good prom dress and excellent makeup that’s all it is!

Prom Braided Hairstyle

prom braided hairstyle


Being a personification of tenderness and softness. This beautiful prom braided Hairstyle where every curl and curve go at the right place. This is the best hairstyle for special events, wedding or even parties.

Prom Side Braided Ponytail

prom side braids and curls hair


Prom Double French Updo Idea

prom double french updo idea


Prom Half up Half down Hairstyle

prom half up half down hairstyles


Side Swept Curly Hairs

side swept curly hairs


Bridal Updo Hairstyle Idea

braidal updo hairstyle idea


Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

prom hairstyles for short hair


Prom Makeup and Hairstyle

prom makeup and hairstyle


Prom Hairdo for Curly Hair

prom hairdo for curly hair


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