From frizzy to curly to straight, braids is one hairstyle that goes well with every hair type. Whether it is fishtail or French or Dutch or twist all styles can be rocked with any outfit on any occasion. You can choose to pin it up, turn it into a bun or just fluff it for more volume – the braids will still be the safe and fashionable choice of the season. Today we are going to help you rock the classic French ponytail with 10 stylish designs.

Maria Menounos Side Twisted French Pony

maria menounos side twisted french pony

If you find yourself conscious of the broad forehead or want to hide that early onset of forehead lines, side twisted French ponytail is the style you should go for. Side twist is easy to achieve, requires minimal assistance and you can personally decide how low you want it on your forehead. Side twist ponytail acts as a hair crown to your head, try and you will see it yourself.

Amanda Seyfried Braided Ponytail

amanda seyfried braided ponytail

Planning to go for a neat look, Amanda Seyfried side braided hairstyle can be the best suitable option. This braided look is easy to achieve just part your hair in the direction you like and instead of simple French just Dutch braid your hair. No need to get worked up, Dutch is as simple as French, all you need to do is instead of taking strands on top like French take the strands down and you are set. The braided look helps to highlight the shape of your face and with all your hair back, there is a lot more possibility of experimenting with makeup and accessories.

Chrissy Taigen French Braid Ponytail

chrissy taigen french braid ponytail

If you don’t wish to braid your hair till the end, go for a half braided ponytail. French braid your hair till the middle length of your head and tie the remaining into a ponytail. You can even wrap a strand of hair around the ponytail to hide the elastic. This chic look is apt for giving an extra edge to your normal everyday ponytail.

Jennifer Morrison French Ponytail

jennifer morrison french ponytail

Jennifer Morrison’s Frech ponytail is very similar to Chrissy , the only difference being instead of braiding the front section to mid length you braid it to the end. Now, leave the braided strand on the side and tie the remaining hair with the elastic. If you like the look leave it as it is or pin the braided strand around the elastic. This simple detail  up the entire look.

French Ponytail for Toddler

french ponytail for toddlers


Who says braids are just meant for adults, they look equally good on kids. The trick is too simple french braid your daughter’s hair and adds a colorful ribbon or a bow to the end and your daughter’s look will be complete for her next play date or cultural events in school.

French Side Ponytail Idea

french side ponytail ideas


French side ponytail is the playful braid you can have for your next afternoon outing with friends. This might look tricky but it is as simple as the normal French braid, all you need to do is instead of braiding the top of your head just start braiding from the side either till the end or you can stop near the nape of your neck and tie an elastic. The look works well will curly as well as straight hair.

If you are among the lucky few and have a thick head of hair then French braiding can help you style and manage your thick hair.

Side Swept Ponytail for Kids

side swept ponytail for kids


No need to cut the lustrous hair of your kids, just because they are difficult to manage. Side swept ponytails are neat and will keep the hair all combed and back from the face. You can make the braid tight or loose depending on the sensitivity of your daughter’s head.

French Ponytail for Kids

french ponytail for kids


You can also try the nonstandard French braid on your toddler’s hair by sectioning off the hair and tie multicolored elastic to each section. This look helps to keep the hair at the back while the kids dirty themselves in all the other activities.

Center Braid Ponytail

center braid ponytail


Center braid is another unusual braid to try for your hair. Braid a thin midsection of your hair and gather the rest into a ponytail. The look works well with any length of hair.

Side French Ponytail For Long Hair

side french ponytail for long hair


Double Braided Ponytail Idea

double braided ponytail idea


Side Braided Ponytail Idea

side braided ponytail idea


Elegant Prom Hairdo Idea

elegant prom hairdo idea


Two Tone French Ponytail

two tone french ponytail


Side Twisted French Hairdo

side twisted french hairdo


Blonde French Braided Ponytail

blonde french braided ponytail


Side Twisted Braid Pony

side twisted braid pony


Braids might look difficult to start with, but trust us, you will find yourself addicted once you get used to it. Start with the easy ones and build your way into the more detailed one. Hair styling is just like all other platforms of art, one small strand at a time for achieving mastery.

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