Don’t we all love styling our hair in different ways. The hair speaks for your outfit so you need to get it right. The wrong hair-do can always mess up your look over all. We love a lot of styles but our favourite has got to be the French look. The neat and clean French hair do’s hit out top list and here are 10 beautiful hair do’s that we absolutely loved.

Katy Perry Twisted Bun

katy perry twisted bun

The puffy front and back look makes the beautiful Katy Perry stand out. Her French bun gives her a retro and very neat look. This hair do is recommended when you wear a dress or when you go for a daytime event.

Emma Watson Simple Hair Updo

emma watson simple hair updo

The gorgeous Emma Watson would look good in any hair do but this simple hair up do has got to be the best. Tie all your hair back into a simple bun and your good to go for any event and look stunning as Emma Watson.

Julianne Hough Sleek Updo

julianne hough sleek updo

Push all your hair to one side and stuff it right into a bun, that’s exactly how I would describe Julianne Hough’s hair do. Want to go looking different at work? Your outfit is standing out, but maybe your hair should too. This look is vibrant and you will have all eyes on you at work today.

Nikki Reed Messy Short Hair Twist

nikki reed messy short hair twist

When ever has messy hair not looked good? Mess hair has and will always be in fashion. Have you deliberately ever walked outside your house will the hair you just woke up in? Well, Nikki Reed just managed to put all her hair back with two strings dangling on her face. Doesn’t it look messy but yet classy?

Victoria Justice Simple French Twist Updo

victoria justice simple french twist updo

Ah, don’t sweat it with keeping it very neat. You have got to make it look a little messy for it to stand out. Gather all your hair and tie it in a high bun. Leave a few loose strings and give yourself that perfect look.

Carrie underwood Classy Hair Updo

carrie underwood classy hair updo

Going out for a party and want to look elegant, this has got to be the perfect look for you. Push that hair into a high bun and comb it neatly on the side in front. The dangling hair just makes it look chic.

Hayden Panettiere Vintage Hairdo

hayden panettiere vintage hairdo

Most of the French hair dos have been there since ages. Our mothers have probably carried this about and looked fantastic and guess what this is still in fashion and would look good even with your perfectly fitted jeans.

Gwen Stefani Blonde French Twist Hair

gwen stefani blonde french twist hair

STUNNING is the only word I have for her look. Her hair is in a messy bun and this look is what would go with your everyday wear. The twist will make you look stunningly gorgeous too.

Demi Lovato Messy Mohawk Bun

demi lovato messy mohawk bun

Who says Mohawk is only for the boys. Demi Lovato managed to carry it out perfectly with her amazing long hair. This is the perfect messy and stylish look. All eyes are definitely going to be on you.

Toned French Twist Pony

toned french twist pony


If you have long hair and love leaving it, this look is plain, simple and easy to do. This is a French twisty pony where it would go with anything you wear, mostly your long gowns and pretty dresses.

Twist Blond Short Hair Updo

twist blond short hair updo


French Twist Wedding Hair

french twist wedding hair


Easy French Twist Hairstyle

easy french twist hairstyle


Twisted Curly Hair Updo

twisted curly hair updo


French Twist Prom Updo

french twist prom updo


French Mohawak Hairstyle

french mohawak hairstyle


Classy French Twist Hair Updo

classy french twist hair updo


French Twist for Long Hair

french twist for long hair


Well, these are definitely our favourites and we are going to try them for sure. This time have a hair do planned for every event.

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