One of the most popular and raging trends of the season- Braids are for sure every girls’ must-try hairstyle for any occasion. Braids not just save you from constant heat styling but also come with the infinite number of options to suit almost all hair types. From a basic three-strand to the ones more experimental, the look comes out perfect and pretty in all styles.In order to complement the ongoing trend, we have listed 20 best-braided hairdos to try for yourself this season.

Berenice Bejo Braided Updo Hairstyle

berenice bejo braided updo hairstyle

If you have slightly rough and natural curly texture to your hair this braided updo is a perfect option to try. All you need to do is French braid the front from one side to other much like a band. Tie the remaining hair into a bun. You can pull out the loops for a more voluminous effect. The braid band helps to give your wavy hair a more put together look.

Amy Adams Creative Braided Hair

amy adams creative braided hair

Amy Adams twisted look is another easy braided updo to try at home. Just middle part your hair and do two simple twist or normal braid by taking thin strands of hair. Do the twist on both sides and tie the remaining hair in a messy bun. The look is fun and at the same time sleek and beautiful.

Kristen Stewart Messy Braid Updo

kristen stewart messy braid updo

For a flirty and chic braided updo, loosely French braid the front by leaving some strands on the front and near the ear. The look comes out to be soft and requires minimal styling. This braided updo is a must try if you have bangs in your hair.

Hayden Panettiere Updo Hairstyle Idea

hayden panettiere updo hairstyle idea

If you love the look of the bun, you can turn your normal braid into a bun. Do a simple three-strand braid on the back, loose the loops and tie it in into a bun. This braided bun gives a slight edge to the otherwise plain hair.

Sara Rue Braided Hairstyle

sara rue braided hairstyle

For a crown look, take the hair from the side preferably from behind the ear and start a normal French braid by taking the hair on top. You can leave the front section of the hair loose and straighten it for a defined look. After the braid reaches the other side pin it beneath your hair and tie the remaining into a bun.

Scarlett Johansson Front Braid Updo

scarlett johansson front braid updo

For faking a voluminous look, French braid the front and pull out the strands as loosely as possible. Just a simple tip for this particular look, instead of opting for a traditional French go for the Dutch braid, for giving a further 3-D appearance.

Emma Roberts With Halo Braid Bun

emma roberts with halo braid bun

Go for a neat and sleek braided updo with this Emma Roberts halo braid bun. You can simply French braid the mid top section of the head like the Sara Rue braid and keep the remaining look neatly combed and tied back in a bun.

Margot Robbie Classy Braided Hairstyle

margot robbie classy braided hairstyle

Another experimental look to try is the Margot Robbie classic braid hairstyle. Side part your hair and add two normal braids in the side front section and tie the remaining in a bun. The look comes out pretty in all types and texture of hair.

Skyler Samuels Messy Braided Bun

skyler samuels messy braided bun

You can go for a messy look by middle parting your hair and loosely braiding the front section on both the sides. After you reach the mid length of your head tie the remaining into a low messy bun.

Kate Bosworth’s Braided Updo Hair

kate bosworths braided updo hair

For a Kate Bosworth look, braid the front by making it loop slightly towards your forehead. The look will help to frame your face and make the entire appearance soft.

Braid Prom Updo

braid prom updo


Messy Curly Braid Hairstyle

messy curly braid hairstyle


Easy Twisted Braid Hairstyle

easy twisted braid hairstyle


Double Braided Updo for Wedding

double braided updo for wedding


Spring Wedding Updo Hairstyle

spring wedding updo hairstyle


Vintage Fashion Hair Updo

vintage fashion hair updo


Elegant Wedding Hair Updo

elegant wedding hair updo


From chic to sexy to sleek and elegant the versatility of braids helps to make your ordinary hairstyle edgy and fashionable. Enjoy the heat with the rocking braided hairstyles.

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