Do you like trying new hairstyles? Then this would fit your hunt perfectly. We love French braids in general but a double French braid will make you hair stand out even more. This style can be done by anyone with any kind of hair; it will give you a neat and fashionable look so we suggest you give one of these a try.

Rita Ora Double French Braids

rita ora double french braids

Rita Ora looks gorgeous with the double French braids. She has not only done her hair perfectly but also made it look absolutely stunning by adding few hair accessories onto it. The white pearl hair accessory compliments her hair colour and overall her hair looks simple and to the point.

Leona Lewis Long French Braid Hairstyle

leona lewis long french braid hairstyle

Leona Lewis’ hair looks very neat and is perfectly done. She has colored her hair golden and silver which gives it an extra glamorous look apart from the braids themselves.

Karlie Kloss French Braided Pigtails

karlie kloss french braided pigtails

She has nailed the look so perfectly. She has tied her double French braided hair into one and let the two strands out in the front. If you have straight hair which is moderately short then this look will definitely suit you. You will look neat and chic and stand out among the rest.

Amanda Seyfried Braided Hairstyle

amanda seyfried braided hairstyle

If you have a party or brunch to go to, we suggest you try this look. Tie your hair at the back and take a bunch of hair in front and French braid it. Make sure you braid only some part of the hair and not all because the other part has to be left loose like in this picture. You could carry this look out with any brunch dress and you will look stunning.

Asia Dee French Dutch Braid

asia dee french dutch braid

Well, this look nails it from every angle. It is perfectly braided till the end and the top braided hair is so perfectly done that it looks like a hair band. You will fall in love with your hair after you get this done.

Olivia Munn Simple French Braid

olivia munn simple french braid

This look will be good even if you are stepping out for a party. The two braids have been pinned back neatly and left in front. The hair in front is also done so well that there is no extra hair lying around. It gives out a very elegant look and feel.

Kim Kardashian’s French Braid Hairstyle

kim kardashians french braid hairstyle

You can also carry it off the way Kim K is by just being patient. Her hair is done to perfection, there is not a single strand falling apart. She’s put it together tightly and is carrying this look out very nicely. You can do your hair like this when you are working out, that way there won’t be hair all on your face.

Amy Adams Double French Braid Updo

amy adams double french braid updo

The simplest way to carry it out if you are going out to a party would be to French braid it and tie it in a neat bun. This look is very chic and will make you look very eccentric.

Rihanna Red French Braided Hair

rihanna red french braided hair

This is kept very simple and to the point. This will make you look like a complete diva and people will not stop complimenting you.

Kylie Jenner Braided Hair

kylie jenner braided hair

This look is perfect for your casual wear. It gives out a very comfortable and yet fashionable look. You will look extremely pretty with this look even if your outfit is not outstanding.

Long Braid French Hairstyle

long braid french hairstyle


Gold Shaded Short Braid Style

gold shaded short braid style


Trendy Look Double Braid Hairstyle

trendy look double braid hairstyle


Modern Long Braid Double Style

modern long braid double style


Simple Double French Braid

simple double french braid


Kids Double French Braid Hairstyle

kids double french braid hairstyle


These are some cute, stylish and chic hairstyles that we think you have to try!

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