If you’re a hairstyle enthusiast and don’t know who Margaret Vinci Heldt is, you need to brush up your history: she is famous for being the inventor of the beehive. The beehive is descendent of the pompadour, and a cousin of the bouffant – it involves combing the hair away from the head and shaping it upwards into a conical form resembling a beehive.

Heldt won an award for her creation, and the hairstyle was a cultural symbol of beauty during the 50’s and 60’s, later varied upon and made even more popular by different celebrities, notably Amy Winehouse.

Margaret Vinci Heldt died at the age of 98 on June 10th, 2016.

Here are some ideas on how to adapt this hairstyle for yourself:

Penelope Cruz Beehive Hairstyle

penelope cruz beehive hairstyle

Cruz makes the hairstyle less slickly structured, and slightly easier to work with – she leaves tendrils out, while retaining the height of the updo.

Jessica Simpson Beehive Hairstyle

beehive hairstyle of jessica simpson

Simpson’s entire look is very 60’s, and her beehive is fully reminiscent of that era. She even brings a little of Heldt’s original work with that side bang tucked up and away.

Jennifer Lopez’s Beehive Hair

jennifer lopez%e2%80%99s beehive hair

Lopez incorporates the elements of a beehive by the book: hair tucked away behind the ears and away from the forehead, ending in a soft yet structured dome over the head.

Lana Del Ray Beehive Hairdo

lana del ray beehive hairdo

Del Ray is a real 60’s junkie with her dressing, but her hive resembles Amy Winehouse’s hive. A little tuft atop the hair (you can secure this with hair pins, unlike Simpson’s and Lopez’s) before letting it cascade down your back.

Dita Von Teese Beehive Hairdo

dita von teese beehive hairdo

Dita Von Teese brings forth a futuristic vibe by cutting down the three-part hive to two parts. Hair slickly combed fully away from the face. Her look is made more striking by her eye and lip makeup.

Marion Cotillard With Vintage Hairstyle

marion cotillard with vintage hairstyle

Cotillard’s hairstyle is superbly high – a requisite for the perfect beehive, and actually quite perfect for the workplace as well.

Gizzie Erksine Beehive Hairstyle

gizzie erksine beehive hairstyle

Erskine’s hairdo is work-appropriate and at the same time, her bangs add a sense of quirkiness to her otherwise professional appearance.

Rose Byrne Beehive

rose byrne beehive

Byrne’s hairstyle may resemble a bun more than a beehive, but it’s definitely quite practical, while retaining a bit of the original flair. Notice that it’s most of her hair at the back teased into the ‘hive, while the front and sides are a more 21st century.

Janelle Monae Hairstyle

janelle monae hairstyle

Monae’s hairstyle is quite easy to replicate. Straighten your hair, and tuck it back upwards with the help of bobby pins. Secure with some hairspray and add a headband for extra chic.

Fearne Cotton Hairstyle

fearne cotton hairstyle

Cotton’s ‘hive involves a lot of pulling up and pulling out. Tuck the hair into a beehive, but leave a couple of long strands out, and don’t be afraid of a few sticking upwards either. This look is both super chill for a house party, and fashionable for that very busy day at work.

Black Beehive Long Hairstyle

black beehive long hairstyle


Cute Beehive Short Hair

cute beehive short hair


Trendy Beehive Hair with Bangs

trendy beehive hair with bangs


Braided Beehive Hairstyle

braided beehive hairstyle


Long Beehive Hair for Kids

long beehive hair for kids


Silky and Long Hairstyle

silky and long hairstyle


Princes Beehive Hair Design

princes beehive hair design


Colored Beehive Hairstyle

colored beehive hairstyle


Side Bangs Beehive Hairstyle

side bangs beehive hairstyle


And that’s that for beehive hairdo tips. Honour the legacy of Margaret Vinci Heldt’s – she definitely deserves a more spacious place in history for this creation by experimenting with her hairstyle in various ways. Sure, you may need some hairspray if you’re going for really structured hair, but there’s no shame in carrying off a bit of unkemptness either. Bobby pins are very handy indeed in this case. Don’t forget to send us your ideas and pictures!

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