Long hair has a length that is a favorite to many women as it gives endless styling options. When it comes to trendy hairstyles for long hair, the updo is fresh, classic and can be styled in any design. Long hairstyles give you the freedom to showcase your long healthy hair as well as your femininity. Whether for a wedding, prom or meeting friends, in this article there is an updo hairstyle that will make you elegant. You may also See Wedding Hairstyle Designs

Anna Kendrick Prom Updos For Long Hair

High school prom is the ideal time for a girl to dress up and what better way to how off your long hair than with an updo hairstyle. Long hair makes it more fun to include subtle French braids or to make voluminous chignons.

anna kendrick prom updos for long hair

Heidi Klum Wedding Updos For Long Hair

During your wedding day you need to take center stage, and if you have long hair, an updo will ensure you make a lasting first impression. For a chic look, add an elegant tiara or hair pins with sparkly rhinestones.

heidi klum wedding updos for long hair

Emmy Rossum Casual Updos For Long Hair

Casual updos for long hair is all about looking natural and your best at all times. Styling your hair into a messy updo and incorporating braided hairstyles like a fishtail or a side French braid will give a fun look to your whole casual vibe.

emmy rossum casual updos for long hair

Jennifer Lawrence Braided Updos For Long Hair

Do you want to give your long hair a fresh look? If yes, then braided updos for long hair is what you need. From a waterfall braid, double French braid, boho braid to a mesmerizing side braid, braided hairstyles are ageless.

jennifer lawrence braided updos for long hair

Taylor Swift Curly Updos For Long Hair

Whether you have curly hair are using a curling iron to get those beautiful beach curls, curly updos for long hair are romantic. You can even go for sock bun curls and tie your hair into a top knot.

taylor swift curly updos for long hair

Julianne Hough Half Updos For Long Hair

If you are worried your hair is not that long to style top updos, then half updos for long hair will make you look beautiful. These hairstyles are great for giving you a fancy look without adding a strict formal vibe.

julianne hough half updos for long hair

Nina Dobrev Messy Updos For Long Hair

You can instantly manage your bad hair day by opting for messy updos for long hair. For an easy updo tie your hair into a messy bun and add a floral turban headband which will put more focus on you and result in a charming look.

nina dobrev messy updos for long hair

Olga Kurylenko Side Updos For Long Hair

Side updos are a trend that suits ladies of all ages and all hair lengths. Side updos for long hair are perfect for showing off curly hairstyles. Adding a loose side lace braid will ensure look like a lady and also give an edge to your long hair.

olga kurylenko side updos for long hair

Selena Gomez Formal Updos For Long Hair

Formal updos for long hair are perfect for attending work parties, prom, weddings and charity galas. A simple ponytail will ensure you look elegant. Angle bangs or a chic updo where you put your hair into a smooth bun are perfect as prom hairstyles. You may also See Hippie Hairstyle Designs

selena gomez formal updos for long hair

Anne Hathaway Loose Updos For Long Hair

Loose updos for long hair are one of the hairstyles that will show your funky attitude. These updos are suitable for busy moms or ladies who have less time to spend in a salon. You can even wear loose curly hairstyles to work.

anne hathaway loose updos for long hair

Amy Childs Bridesmaids Updos For Long Hair

Bridesmaid updos for long hair should complement their dresses and flatter their face shapes while highlighting their character. For summer weddings integrating milkmaid or Katniss braids will ensure you remain cool and still look elegant.

amy childs bridesmaids updos for long hair

Dianna Agron Vintage Updos For Long Hair

Vintage updos for long hair get their inspiration from past eras. A beehive updo is a favorite vintage choice for most ladies. A retro twist on a simple ponytail can help spice up your long hair.

dianna agron vintage updos for long hair

Lucy Hale Sleek Updos For Long Hair

Gone are the days when long hair used to be tied into stiff hairstyles! Nowadays sleek updos for long hair will have you looking sophisticated in no time. A low roll updo is convenient for those days when you need a simple, sleek updo.

lucy hale sleek updos for long hair

Nicole Richie Long Hair Evening Updos

Evening updos, especially on long hair, tend to be romantic, feminine and styled to impress. Tying your long hair into a simple loose twist is the effortless way to looking stunning on an evening date. For a glamorous look, go for classic updos like chignon hairstyle.

nicole richie long hair evening updos

Rihanna Twist Updos For Long Hair

Do you want your long hair to look elegant this holiday season? Then go for twist updos for long hair. Asymmetrical French twist with a few strands framing the face is also an ideal choice. You may also See Updo Hairstyle Designs

rihanna twist updos for long hair

Long hair gives you endless ways to style your hair and ensure each time you look stunning. Tying your hair into a ponytail is simple and the easiest updo hairstyle for long hair. For an everyday casual look incorporating braided hair designs or a simple loose bun will enhance your beauty.

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